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    New England MMA Awards Banquet and Hall of Fame Inductions

    Sunday, November 30, 2014

    New England MMA Awards Banquet Sunday, January 25th 2015 The Inaugural Banquet for the prestigious New England MMA awards has been set for Sunday, January 25th, 2015 from The Boston Ale House  at 617 Arsenal Street Watertown, MA 02472. Time 4pm-8pm. No admission fee! www.millersalehouse.com/location/boston-watertown-ale-house MassMMA is very excited to announce that the inaugural Awards banquet […]


Dec / 18

CFX 26 Review

  As always Gary Foreman and Linda Shields put on an awesome show. 125 pro Anthony Carmenatty (Independant) vs Shane Dicristoforio (Team United) Round 1: Shane starts off with a legkick right to a double leg takedown. Both fighters quickly stand. Anthony scores a take down right to side mount. They scramble into Shane’s guard. […]


Dec / 18

2014 Joe Lauzon “Man of the Year” award

2014 Joe Lauzon “Man of the Year” Award   The Man of the year award, just may be the most prestigious award given out this year to coincide the first inductees into the New England Hall of fame. This will be the first recipient other than Joe himself to receive the award newly named the […]


Dec / 17

2014 Fight of the Year

2014 Fight of the Year Lets face it, we are in the entertainment industry. MMA is a sport, its actually the combination of several of the same type of sport. Entertainment is crucial in our sport to keep consumers buying tickets. What makes a great fight? What entertains you? We had many great fights this […]


Dec / 17

2014 Manager of the Year

2014 Manager of the Year   Does anyone truly know how much a manager does for each particular fighter they have? Depends on the level of the athlete in most cases. At the local level, a manager finds fights, files medicals, helps a fighter get licensed, etc. As a fighter progresses in his career, things […]

Tyler King after winning the NEF Heavyweight Title at NEF VII

Dec / 17

Return of the King

NEF has announced that former #1 ranked Heavyweight Tyler King is stepping out of retirement and back in the cage.  King (7-2-0) will be defending his NEF Heavyweight Championship against Florida native Terry Blackburn (5-2-0). Blackburn made his NEF debut in September of last year defeating Jason Dolloff, and is currently on a two fight […]


Dec / 17

2014 Upset of the Year

2014 Upset of the Year Upsets are like Ko’s in the fact that they are surprising and unexpected when they occur. A good upset starts off like what a bad match-up would look like on paper. Sometimes so obvious that you can always pick the winner. When the fighter who was less likely to win […]

dinis Paiva

Dec / 16

Most Improved Fighter 2014

Most Improved Fighter 2014 Watching a fighter turn his career around from one year to the next is one of the coolest and most rewarding things to watch. In 2014, MMA is still in its infancy at just 20 years young. Fighters are still developing in basements and garages. Independent fighters with no devotion to […]

Josh Deikmann

Dec / 15

2014 Breakthrough Fighter of the Year

2014 Breakthrough Fighter of the Year   The Fighter of the year is a fighter that had the best year of any other fighter, achieved the most, and left us with the thought that they were undoubtably unchallenged for the best fighter in our region. The Breakthrough fighter is in a way similar yet appeared […]


Dec / 14

Toe 2 Toe: Rise 2 The Top Event Review

    Toe 2 Toe fights took over the Portland Expo on Saturday for their debut show, with a roster of local talent, as well as hearty fighters from across the United States filling out the card. The final product was an eleven fight event with plenty of amateur and professional action to be had, […]

kevin the ref

Dec / 13

Referee of the Year

Referee of the Year   A thankless job! The most common saying we hear when speaking about a referee. If not for them, we cant compete safely. One person other than yourself can control whether you safely walk out of the cage. Think about how important that sounds! We honor all our referee’s for a […]


Dec / 13

2014 Submission of the Year

2014 Submission of the Year A Submission is arguably one of the best ways to finish a fight. Making someone quit and subsequently admitting to defeat is a great feeling. Some submission of the year nominees may appear to be a “simple” submission and less flashy but its the high risk in which they were […]


Dec / 12

Best Media Source and Best Journalist of the Year

Best Journalist of the Year   The New England MMA region is a tall task for anyone to cover. Many promotions count on the media to help promote their events, Announce big fights, review events, post hype video’s, post fight highlight video’s and interviews. Covering just a local show is not what we all do. […]


Dec / 11

KO of the Year

KO of the Year   Everyone is a fan of Knock Outs! Although getting Ko’d is one of the more dangerous consequences of competing in a Mixed Martial Arts fight, They do happen and people love to see them. It’s in our DNA and we cant help but look at a train wreck or love […]


Dec / 11

Debacle of the Year

Debacle of the Year   An award introduced just two years ago by Denny Siggins to the New England community and in its second year, he won the award himself! Every year someone is bound to do something so ridiculous it garners special recognition at the end of the year awards. Last years winner went […]