MMA Rewind <<< : Brandao and Bicalho

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mma rewind

Rewind 7 years to the 2006 WFL calloway cup tournament that featured some of the areas future stand-out fighters and a few future UFC fighters. The WFL is best known for holding the only one night tournament in which UFC veteran Joe Lauzon was the victor. Also creating years later the “Calloway Cup”, A tournament designed to enter fighters from several of the local teams in which their wins score team points for their respective team but also each weight class was represented to crown a champion to fight for the WFL belt in the future. In a semi final round two brazilians met for what became the “Fight of the year”. Both fighters went on dominant winning streaks and were ranked in the top three in the featherweight class for years. Now both inactive, we play tribute to the 2006 fight of the year between Henrique Bicalho and Aguilano Brandao!

A little trivia for you. First to answer as a comment below wins a free day pass to the Winning gym.

Q: What Team/Gym won the Calloway Cup that year?



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  1. leezysssf says:

    Dragon Lair?

  2. leezysssf says:

    I know we won it one year, but I think Dragon Lair won the other year?

  3. Bonnell says:

    The Answer is: SSSF
    i’ll give it to you Lee on your second attempt, so you win a free day at your own Gym congrats lol

  4. leezysssf says:

    Haha sorry… Didn’t mean to ruin your game. I knew we won it, but I thought Dagon Lair won it too?

  5. Kerrigan says:

    I think this was Aguilano’s second fight, he had been training jiu jitsu for about 6 months and had no other martial arts experience. Bicahlo was one of the Northeast’s original badasses and even Aguilano’s teammates didn’t think he had much of a chance but he made Bicahlo fight his fight and got the win. How many times would we see that happen again in the next few years?

    I have always thought Bicahlo was UFC material and he is probably still only in his 20’s…anyone know if he is still training/fighting?

  6. Bonnell says:

    I believe last i heard he is just working. good question though. the kid was so talented and def UFC material, he just fell off the map

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