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Full Force Productions brought us the best fights in the early MassMMA days. pre-commission the “Untamed” Shows offered the best fights around. Matchmaker Mike Littlefield and Promoter Mike True we both true martial artists that were always fighters first. Untamed produced many future UFC, bellator, WEC, and other larger promotion stars through out the years.

Featured in this weeks MMA Rewind <<< we have two great videos from the old “Untamed” days that featured four of the areas best fighters. The first video is a great fight between Jay Jack and Rich Moskowitz. Both Jay and Rich have never been in a fight that wasnt main event material or a boring fight. Rich was constantly brought in to fight the areas top local talent, while Jay Jack in his ealy years travelled the world fighting everywhere.

In the second video Untamed 14 and the Plymouth Memorial hall is the host of an epic battle between one of the most feared heavyweights New England ever had in Josh Diekman and future TUF alumni and technical Thai striker Pat Shultz. Pat and Josh both had an extreme distaste for each other and a fight between the two was inevitable. Pat, a natural 185lb fighter moved up to Heavyweight to meet Diekman for a Heavyweight Title bout. Diekman, a natural heavyweight would normally fight at 235lbs. A packed house at the plymouth memorial hall was treated to an exciting bout that left people in shock!



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  1. Mark Hoxie says:

    I’ll never forget that fight between Pat and Josh. The eerie way Pat walked slowly around the ring before the fight stuck with me almost as much as the anger from gassing against a guy I should have beat, but that’s another story for another time… Love these rewinds.

  2. Mark Hoxie says:

    Hahah, and I just watched the video and remembered that Diekman was wearing my shorts! I got them from fighting at a Reality Fighting show a few months before and Kipp bought them off me back stage for $100.

  3. DysqoDave says:

    DIEKMANN / Shultz was a winner take all affair if I remember correctly too… Of course i’m sure Pat sold a fair amount of tickets since it was in his backyard.

  4. Kerrigan says:

    Good stuff…these rewinds are awesome.

  5. Plymouth Memorial Hall was ON FIRE that night. Full Force was a fantastic promotion. Littlefield sure knew how to match a card. I also loved how the ENTIRE Trowe family worked together (just like CZ) to put a show on. Something that I’ve found really cool about family run shows is that they never seem to have the “That no good sonofab*tch screwed me!!!” issues.

    I’d love to have Full Force back on the calendar again!

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