MMA Rewind <<<< Episode 5 The Brown Bros.

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The original Brothers of MMA are this weeks featured episode of MMA Rewind<<<. MMA rewind is to reflect on the old “MassMMA days” before Mass was a commissioned state under the current commission it was commissioned by the promoters and officials themselves. We take a look back into that era at two of the more popular fighters in the region at that time. Brothers, and teammates Eric and Doug Brown were two of the most exciting, likeable and entertaining fighters we had back then.

The first of three videos features younger brother Doug in an exciting battle with long time pioneer and KO extraordinaire Bob Pupa of team Dragon Warrior. A great battle between these two resulted in major controversy at the time. An illegal knee to the head of Doug Brown by Bob Pupa was originally deemed a doctor stoppage win for Pupa, then overturned later to reflect the illegal blow and only score the first round thus giving the win to Doug. This decision caused quite a stir back in the day on the MassMMA threads but at the end of the day all parties agreed with the final decision and moved forward. a rematch never materialized.

Brother Eric “Big Steel” Brown is still around to this day. A guest writer for MassMMA to this day, Eric Brown excelled at the middle weight division and had epic battles with top middleweight’s┬ásuch as Greg Rebello. Eric is featured in this highlight video with fights from WFL,Fullforce and reality fighting.

Lastly, and i save the best for last! A video of a Lauzon annual Pig Roast. I personally attended this one and saw this live. it was awesome. several fighters from the area and a mix of different teams attended. a leg kicking contest ensued and meeting at the end was both Doug and Eric Brown for an unbelievably painful showdown. please watch this and enjoy the good old days.



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