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We broke the news yesterday that Brennan Ward will now be facing Joe Pacheco instead of Perry Filkins.  We contacted Pacheco’s team to find out a little more about him and his manager Michael Allen responded:

Joe is originally from Queens, New York. He is of Puerto Rican and Belizean descent.  At the age of ten his mother moved him to a small town outside of Charlotte, NC called Gastonia. There he excelled in athletics.  Three time state finalist in wrestling and two time state wrestling champion.  He was a three time High School All-American and a All-State fullback two years.  Joe was supposed to attend University of North Carolina Chapel Hill on a wrestling scholarship, but his first child Javon was born his senior year and he was forced to forego college and enter the workforce.  In 2011 Joe came to Renegade Fighting systems at the suggestion of training partner Ricky “The Sniper” Rainey.  Joe walked into Renegade at 260lbs. Joe ran off a impressive 8-2 amateur record while only training twice a week. One year and ten days from his first ammy fight Joe turned pro and since has ran off seven pro victories in a little over a year while earning a full promotional agreement with Bellator.

 Following is from Joe:
“Bellator is my home. When they came around to scout I was only 4-0 as a pro and was questioning where I WAS GOING and what I WAS DOING with the sport. I knew from being in the gym with some of my teammates Ricky Rainey and Rodney Wallace that I could compete with the best , but really wasn’t sure when or if I would ever get the chance. From the time I was signed with them life has changed for the better and being put into the tourney is a opportunity for me to change my family’s life even more. The opponent doesn’t really matter to me. Rather it is Brennan or whoever at the end of the day the goal is the same. Win and get to the next round. I know Brennan wrestled in college and I know he is a exceptional athlete. I’m sure in his mind he can implement his will and take over. Time will tell”



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