MassMMA Rewind <<<< Episode 6: MMAPHOTOGRAPHY CHRONICLES Vol. 1

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MassMMA Rewind has been a hit for us lately, the video’s are a great way to tell the stories of the good old days for those that weren’t there, but sometimes there are encounters that just didn’t get caught on video. This is one of them!
This weeks episode of MassMMA Rewind is a story brought to us by Derek Constable of MMA Photography that stars the brands owner and photographer Zack Lynch. Enjoy!
Wartown Beatdown Starts
A Night Early in Worcester
By Derek ‘DzNutz’ Constable
When Zack Lynch and I started traveling to fights I didn’t realize how lucky we were to live in New York. Now I know what you’re thinking, zack lynchmixed martial arts is illegal in the Empire State, but when you’re constantly driving to events like Combat Zone in Salem, N.H., Ring of Combat in Atlantic City, N.J. or Reality Fighting in Uncasville, C.T., there’s no better starting point then smack dab in the middle of NYS.
Over the years we’re visited a ton of towns, some inviting and others like Newark, N.J., just looked like warzones. Can’t say I ever felt comfortable leaving the Calloway Cup at Club Lido but I never felt safer then when we used to cover World Championships Fighting inside the Shriners Auditorium.
For the most part, fights never break out in the crowd or parking lots of MMA events because a lot of the people there train themselves or are friends and family of the fighters. Everyone’s blood lust is satisfied by what went down in the cage and no one is looking to start something. The time to watch your back is when you go looking for fun afterwards and wind up a few barstools down from local knuckleheads who are only out looking to get twisted and cause problems.
At its peak, traveled to 30 or more shows a year. If a promoter gave us a hotel room or a fighter would give us a floor to sleep on, if we could get there for $100 or less in gas, then we were there. Back when MMA was still unsanctioned in Massachusetts it seemed like there were two events to attend on any given weekend, and in that time we went to every dive bar and breakfast joint from Springfield to Plymouth Rock.mmaphoto
We hung out with Jon Jones when he was a 0-0 pro, shared beers with Big Dan Miragliotta, shared stories with Kev the Ref, we even smoked a little with Nick Diaz. Not every trip was worthy of an E! True Hollywood Story but there are hundreds to choose from and they’re all entertaining.
This one takes place in 2009, when Rick Hawn was making his pro debut and Mike Littlefield came out of retirement to challenge Rigo Dominicci in one of the best all-out brawls I’ve ever seen.
We showed up in Worcester just a couple of days before my 26th birthday for the first Cage Fighting Xtreme: Wartown Beatdown at the Worcester Paladium. The weigh ins were at a local bar nearby the hotel and after watching 32 fighters make weight I wasn’t looking to get faded on the first night. Besides, most fighters are in their hotel rooms taking it easy the night before the big fight. The night to catch everybody out celebrating or drowning their sorrows in a tall glass is always on fight night.
So on this occasion, Zack went out on his own and found a gang of people to hang out with as he usually does. It was Zack, Jeremiah and Jared from the cage crew and a couple of real nice local girls who just happened to be out that night. After a few rounds of drinks and some laughs, Zack and Jeremiah noticed the time and realized they did have to work the event the next day. Everyone decided to leave together and while they were walking the girls to their car some ass drove past them really fast and nearly clipped one of them with his side mirror. Zack flipped him off and told him about himself as he was driving off – then he stopped.
The car slowly backed up and when it stopped the driver had rolled down his window to say, “WTF,” but as he opened his mouth – Zack punched him in his face. The driver was stunned and sped off once more.
No harm, no foul, except what followed.
As Zack and his group were still in awe over what happened and discussing it amongst themselves, the jerk came back. He must of circled the parking lot and come back for more. This time as he approached everyone Zack made sure he and Jeremiah were on opposite sides of the vehicle and had each door covered. Zack approached the driver side door and saw both windows were down. He and the driver started arguing again and Zack told him to turn around. Like an idiot the guy did, but Jeremiah froze and just stared at him. The driver panicked and pulled out an orange box cutter. He spun back around to his left and slashed Zack’s hand which was resting on the door.
Just then, the driver stepped on the gas and fled once more. This time he was gone for good.
Now mind you, Zack is hours from home, in a town he’s unfamiliar with, no health insurance and the real fights haven’t even happened yet. He still needs to take photos of 16 fights tomorrow! With his bad hand.
The girl from the bar helped Zack back to his hotel as he dripped blood across the parking lot, through the lobby, into the elevator and up to our room. Apparently he was just going to sleep it off, but some cops were already at the hotel, not for him, arresting some drunk with his shirt off after responding to a noise violation next door. The cop asked Zack what had happened and immediately made him go to the hospital.
zacks bloody hand
Zack showed up in our room around 3 A.M. and told me everything I’ve just told you and I didn’t believe him until I saw his hand. The gash was easily two inches from the back of his knuckle and halfway down his hand. He had the stitches and the hospital bracelet to prove it.
Thanks for the memories, Worcester.



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