Breaking!…Local MMA fighter and rapper sought in connection to local murder

| November 20, 2013 | 9 Comments

(L) Reggie Cummings aka R.E. Clipz, (R) Myles O’Keefe


Breaking!…Former MMA fighter and wanna-be rapper sought in connection to local murder

Haverhill, MA. – Local authorities are in search of Haverhill and Amesbury natives Reggie Cummings and Myles O’Keefe for questioning in the murder of Dennis Ray Jackson. Burned body parts were found in Hyde park,Ma near an industrial building and in Bridgewater next to the state prison property. News Channel 5 reports a rented home in Salisbury, Ma was under investigation with the burned body parts. The home at 19 Liberty st, Salsbury, Ma is currently rented to Reggie Cummings. Cummings, better known as rapper R.E. Clipz shared the rental with the deceased (Jackson). Myles O’Keefe, former MMA fighter for the Global Fight League (GFL) out of Amesbury, Ma according to reports was last seen with Cummings.

The Essex County District Attorneys Office would only confirm a criminal investigation is under way. As of recent reports Reggie “R.E Clipz” Cummings has not been found and authorities are searching for him. It is not confirmed if Myles O’Keefe has been found or is being searched by the authorities in the death of Dennis Ray Jackson.

Cummings, O’Keefe, and Jackson are all close friends and all star in rap video’s together based out of Haverhill and “The Honey Pot” hang out they frequent often. Jackson and Cummings were roomates at the Liberty st address. Authorities commented that the shower curtain and shower rug had been missing from the bathroom in the home.

R.E. Clipz’ Facebook has been inactive from him since early November.

The below “Rap Video” depicts the type of idiot we are dealing with.



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  1. kerrigan says:

    HA! This video would be great to play at the sentencing phase of the trial….See ya!

  2. Snitchnigga says:

    That’s even worse than Valentin Overeem’s “Street Cred”

  3. Dan Bonnell says:

    RE-Clipz was Caught Yesterday. he fled to Mexico. It didnt work out for him there and when he “walked” over the border to California he was arrested by San Diego Police for a Warrent. Detectives flew over to question him.

  4. Just Sayin says:

    Pretty sure RE-Clipz wasn’t in the MMA. Any links to that? And those videos have nothing to do with him or Myles.

  5. Dan Bonnell says:

    ^^ You’re an idiot.
    Myles is the MMA fighter, and RE Clipz is the douche bag wanna-be. the tie to the site is Myles were as he is the mma fighter involved in the article. As far as the video goes, get your eyes checked, RE Clipz is the star of the video, raps in the video, and assisted in editing the video, you friggen clown.

  6. Dan Bonnell says:

    and the comments posted as videos are other readers mocking him.
    get off my site

  7. Just Sayin says:

    Well yeah, except it still has nothing to do with either one of them. But thanks for the update.
    Oh, and kewl site dewwwwd.

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