New England Year end Awards “Reporter of the Year”

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Year End Awards


“Reporter of the Year”



This year we have adopted a new award that will honor one reporter from the local scene that has been voted “Reporter of the year” by his fellow writers and peers. The recipient of this award demonstrates the ability to cover the local scene without prejudice and produces well-written content filled information for the New England readers. It is a pleasure of mine to give this award to a well deserving writer and reporter of all things MMA locally here in New England. A thankless job no doubt as we all receive no income for our efforts but write for our respective websites for the love of the sport and an effort to expand and build on the local MMA scene.


Receiving several nominations and certainly not going unnoticed are the following writers. Billy Rondan came to MassMMA mid year and has been a blessing in disguise. A former writer for NortheastMMA Billy has surpassed all expectations as a writer for Massmma, from previews to reviews and entertaining articles, Billy has fulfilled all the expectations of any national MMA website as a host writer. Graduating recently from NECC with an associates in journalism, Billy is currently pursuing his bachelors at Emerson college. An MMA enthusiast and avid BJJ practitioner, Billy is very well woven in the threads that make up MMA and continues to be a valuable asset to an ever growing MassMMA website. Billy is very dedicated to the local community and has a very high MMA IQ in the MMA circle.


Nick Mahmood is MassMMA’s most valuable asset as he manages to find information that no one seems to know about, educates the local community on the upcoming MMA fights for the weekend. An unbelievable knack for writing, Nick is a life long Martial artist and has worked with some of the world’s most prestigious athletes. A former employee for the UFC before and during the Zuffa era, Nick researched the UFC’s history of tournament winners and champions for their website and also contributed to MMAweekly at the time. Nick also helped promote events at Mohegan Sun in his home state of Connecticut for the UFC. MassMMA and the New England MMA scene considers Nick an extreme asset to the community. Nicks value is immeasurable.


Denny Siggins was the owner of one of the largest and most beloved websites in New England. NortheastMMA was the “under new management” version of the old and original MassMMA. The name changed hands under Rick Caldwell and then bought out by Denny. Denny brought an entirely different outlook on MMA and different writing style for sure that stood out and was heavily loved by many. Denny took most of the serious and barbaricness out of MMA and made it more wholesome and enjoyable to read about. His ability to always look at the brightside of everything was refreshing. Also a lifelong martial artist and avid business owner Siggins wrote some of the areas most heartfelt articles and was clearly one of the most dedicated MMA writers in the area.

Travis SinclairLastly, The recipient for “Reporter of the year” goes to non other than the lead Editor and writer for’s Travis Sinclair. Showing incredible dedication and effort to make the leader in MMA news in the area, Travis devotes countless unforgiving hours of writing, driving, and research to make the leader in MMA news in the community. Travis basically runs and operates a website all by himself, not to take away from any other Westernmassmma affiliates, Travis is clearly their MVP. Having never shown a bias bone in his body and always dedicating himself to MMA first, Travis was a unanimous vote for this years “reporter of the year” Travis has driven more miles in the past year to cover events on his own dime than most of us drive in a year. His dedication to local MMA is immeasurable. Travis has easily sacrificed at least 3 weekend per month all year to bring New England readers any and all news he can get his hands on. Travis has set the bar with Westernmassmma with producing every and any video of any fight available for us to enjoy, something no other site has done. In its debut, The “Reporter of the year” Award goes to none other than Travis Sinclair of!



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  1. CityBoy says:

    That guy is a bum!!!!111

    Thanks guys. I love what you guys have been doing as well. Hope to see you all around the cage soon.

  2. Nick Mahmood says:

    I demand a recount lol! Congrats Travis

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