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| January 16, 2014 | 11 Comments

TUF Nations

Beyond a surreal moment when I received the call that I would be representing Canada in one of the most elite competitions in athletics today. This became my goal and preferred path into the UFC the second I signed to compete in my first fight. Complete anarchy ensued in my mind soon thereafter on what to expect entering the house. Savagery was the main element I was expecting, because I had only seen most of these guys on their highlight reels or fight tape I had seen floating around the internet and these dudes were vicious and dominant. When I first arrived it was more of a dream like state for me and I’m sure everyone else for the first little while. Until the reality of getting my face smashed in and having my limbs manipulated into painful and damaging positions quickly reminded what I was here to do, which was wreak complete destruction and havoc on this whole tournament.
TUF Nations: Team Canada v Team Australia Media Day Portraits
In meeting these guys I tried to keep my distance for two reasons; I may be competing against these guys and also I wanted to observe the characters of these stranger like people I will be sharing my life with. Most people don’t look at training partners the way I do. These guys have a lot of my career in their hands being if they choose to invest deeply into me by guiding and sharing their very hard-earned knowledge or if they choose to take advantage of situations that could cause damage to my health and well-being so I like to feel out the guys to see whats up. Me and Elias decided to get the ball rolling by engaging in some early morning cardio and  by taking a run around the beautiful countryside to awaken the body and kind of get some accumulate to our new-found lifestyle in this gorgeous cottage country. Both of us avid runners (Elias completing marathons) enjoyed the fresh air and space.

After the coin toss you could for the first time I could really feel the tensions were high with both countries with the burden of keeping control and not letting down your country on such a revealing stage. The first domestic verbal squabble arose within a short period of time. The misinterpretation of Elias’s weekend warriors comment which was in regards to a group of amateur fighters he had met in a shady promotion he had fought for in the states was taken in offense by the Australians in thought that the comment was directed in gossip about them. It didn’t take long for Brendan to appear downstairs in defense for his team being the loyal lad that he is. When this whole controversy was taking place I was in my bed being antisocial trying to sleep laughing my ass off at the situation. It ended off agreeing to disagree and partingseparate ways. I came out of the room after to let the boys know how much I had enjoyed the hilarity of the situation in my bed.

Fight Day went pretty much exactly how I imagined it Brendan would rush in Kajan being a vet would chill out and counter on any mistake given which was exactly what happened. I was so so happy for him after everything he has been through and the road he had walked through to get to this point. The first win of the season couldn’t have went to a more deserved person I was beyond stoked for him. It was as so nice to still have the mind at ease of still being in control of the fights and I was just hoping for it to stay that way.



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Boxing/MMA event correspondent. ABC licensed MMA judge. Went to Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT for Sports Management. Trained in Kickboxing from 2002-2004 & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from 2003-2006.

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  1. Lorna says:

    Hey Matt great write up! Great show! Can’t wait for more.

  2. Luke Harris says:

    Great read. Keep up the good work Matt!

  3. Rhonda says:

    Hey Matt, great story, I wish you all the best and I bet there’s no “Judy’s” Chicken Finger Dinners with poutine there!

  4. Bobby Shields says:

    Awesome start ! Can’t wait for more !!

  5. herb perry says:

    Congratulations and good luck. Everyone here is 100% behind you.

  6. Lisa Fraser says:

    Great first week … of luck….we’re all cheering you on… exciting to have you on the Canadian team representing us…..

  7. Mom says:

    Great write-up Matt….. you’re a great team-player! Always knew you would be!! 😉

  8. Sorry for this post… but I think Brendan has a strange beard. Thanks you mat & good luck!

  9. Keith says:

    Enjoyed your write up, Matt.

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