Warrior Nation X.F.A. VIII “Preview”

| February 16, 2014 | 18 Comments

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Warrior Nation X.F.A. VIII

Holiday Inn, Boxborough


BOXBOROUGH,MA- Warrior Nation makes their move closer to the east coast for the first time when they bring the ever popular Western Mass promotion to Boxborough, Ma. and the Holiday Inn. Promoter Jesse Camp earlier released a press release that Warrior Nation hasn’t left the comfort of their home venue the Hu Ke Lau for long but are eager to expand to the east coast and bring their product closer to Boston. Warrior Nation has always supported their events with post event full fight videos available for the fighters in terrific HD quality available on youtube. Most recently, Warrior Nation released a hype video that has caught the eye of the fans and media alike that is a perfect way to excite just about anyone looking for a reason to attend the fights.

Mostly known for all amateur bouts with a pro main event, warrior Nation with the move to Boxborough have also expanded to three professional bouts with a highly anticipated main event between two hot prospects in the featherweight division looking to make some noise in the featherweight rankings. Taylor Trayhan (3-1 Pro, 10-5 Am) makes his return to Warrior nation where he last defeated Addison O’Niel. Trayhan suffered his first loss recently at BoneMMA to Boxer Phil Parrish of CNYMMA. Coming off his first professional loss and first loss in 3 years Trayhan is sure to write his ship as he hasn’t lost two in a row in more than six years. His opponent, Hard hitting Joe Pingatore (4-0-1 pro, 4-2 Am) has yet to be defeated as a professional, only suffering a tie to  Sergio Cabrera one year ago. Trayhan will be Pingatore’s biggest test to date in his professional career but Pingatore has gone the distance with some of New England’s best fighters as an amateur (Rob Font, Brandon Fleming).

Trayhan being a jiu jitsu specialist and trainer at his own school will surely be looking to take advantage on the ground. Pingatore though, has some of the areas best takedown defense and can hit like a truck. styles will clash for sure as Trayhan’s more finesse approach with his jiu jitsu faces a more rugged and backyard approach from Pingatore.

The Co-Main event is another interesting bout between Veteran Wai Kru fighter Dominic “Hawk” Warr (5-3) and Connors MMA stand out RusoKhubejashvili (1-0). Ruso was a top ranked amateur featherweight until he ran into Peter Barrett and suffered his first and only loss to date. Ruso hasnt tested himself other than fighting Barrett in the amateur ranks yet so a bout with Dominic Warr will give us an inclination as to what Ruso really has. Ruso’s only pro bout was a unanimous decision win over 1-4 Tom Evans. Dominic Warr is on a two fight win streak and winner of four of his last five bouts. things have looked up for him lately. Warr also holds a win over Tom Evans via decision. What makes this bout interesting is that both fighters love to stand and throw. This bout has all the makings of stealing the fight of the night if these two decide to take center and just land bombs on each other. Warr is a sucker for a right hand and if Ruso wants a fight all he needs to do is introduce his right to Warr and he’s in for one. This is a tough one to call but sure to be exciting.

Other fighters in action Saturday night will be Submission of the year winner Nick Mancinone as he battles Rivera Athletics Kris Moutinho in a flyweight bout. Youngs MMA standout heavyweight takes no time off from his last bout and battles new comer Dan Randle of Fighting Arts Academy. lastly Carlos Correia fights Connor Barry in a battle of undefeated welterweights!

For tickets to Warrior Nation XFA visit warriornationxfa.com


135 lbs Brett Kerpa (Ultimate MMA 0-0) vs. Steve Karr (GFV 0-2)

125 lbs Nate Russell (FAA Spfld 2-0) vs. Jesse Gutierrez (Connors MMA 2-2)

135 lbs Jesus Santiago (Strike Zone MMA 0-2) vs. Jecksan Rosado (NE Combat 0-1)

155 lbs Cody McMahon (CT United 0-0) vs. Dan Bardellini (Rivera Athletics 0-4)

145 lbs Shawn O’Dou (Team Ravenous 1-0) vs. Nick Valentino (Sitmangpong 0-0)

170 lbs Connor Barry (DHT/DE 2-0) vs. Carlos Correia (DCNU 1-0)

135 lbs Ali Zebian (FAA Spfld 1-0) vs. Alex Vinarsky (GFV 1-0)

155 lbs Myles Lynch (Connors MMA 0-0) vs. Kevin Rey (NE Combat 1-0)

150 lbs Kenny Peralta (Ultimate MMA 0-1) vs. Kevin Aurelien (Calasanz MMA 0-2)

125 lbs Nick Mancinone (FAA Spfld 2-1) vs. Kris Moutinho (Rivera Athletics 1-1)

155 lbs Don Walton (Saratoga Kyokushin 0-0) vs. Joe Duong (GFV 0-0)

145 lbs McLynn Cadiente (CT United 1-1) vs. Grant Mosley (Florian MMA 1-1)

HVYW Dan Randall (FAA Spfld 0-0) vs. Kevin Smith (Young’s MMA 2-1)



155 lbs Steve Carr (Strike Zone 1-2) vs. Addison O’Neil (DCNU 0-1)


CO-MAIN EVENT (150 lbs)

Ruso Khubejashvili 1-0 (Connors MMA) vs. Dominic Warr 5-3 (Wai Kru)


MAIN EVENT (145 lbs)

Taylor Trahan 3-1 (Team Link) vs. Joe Pingitore 4-0-1 (NE Combat)






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  1. Thomas Evans says:

    First Mr. Bonnell, Tom Evans is 2-3, so just like your “Rankings” you are wrong again. Maybe more research on Mass-MMA site may be needed. Second, Ruso and I went the distance unlike you and you last 3 Fights. 3rd- I went the distance with both Warr loosing in a SPLIT DECISION and Ruso who both are in the Co-Main Event of this upcoming show. Against Warr I shattered my hand which required major hand surgery in the fist round and still continued. Against Ruso I tore my hamstring in the first round and still continued. So to say he has not had any major test is an inaccuracy once again on your part . Let me show you a pitcher of Ruso’s face after our fight and you tell me if that was not any inclination of a very tough fight. I refuse to sit hear and let you once again take personal shots at people, which has nothing to do with journalism. You might take this as me being a “Baby” however this is not the case at all. I really don’t have time to sit here and read your bashing about people on a daily basis. This due to the fact I am an academic advisor, business owner and educator. I spend my time doing other things as well like becoming a certified referee, instructing martial arts students and furthering my education. Also I would like to know how many MMA events of mine have you actually attended of mine? Because he funny thing I have only seen you at 1 show this year. So you can order the fights online, you can read others reviews, however if you are not at the event live you actually know nothing.

    Read your article again-and maybe you should know the facts first! Ruso hasnt tested himself other than fighting Barrett in the amateur ranks yet so a bout with Dominic Warr will give us an inclination as to what Ruso really has. Ruso’s only pro bout was a unanimous decision win over 1-4 Tom Evans. Dominic Warr is on a two fight win streak and winner of four of his last five bouts. things have looked up for him lately. Warr also holds a win over Tom Evans via decision. What makes this bout interesting is that both fighters love to stand and throw.

  2. Dan Bonnell says:

    does it drive you nuts that i mentioned you on my site? you mad bro? lol
    Listen, no one asked you to come here, but if you want to see how to drive people to a website, ill show you in about an hour when im done shoveling my driveway. In the meantime, think of somemthing great and witty to say back to me.

    • Thomas Evans says:

      Na, Dan you got me played all wrong that’s your problem, I am not a “Keyboard Warrior”, not my style. I don’t bash people. I was drawn to your site because of your inaccuracies that’s all. You have a good one though.

  3. Rick says:

    Not sure why, but bad grammar is always something that gets me to break balls. A pitcher is something you use to pour water, and losing only has 1 o in it…and do I even need to comment on this sentence: Also I would like to know how many MMA events of mine have you actually attended of mine?

    You seem like an educated man, Thomas. Don’t allow Bonnell to annoy you to the point that you allow your grammar to resemble his.

  4. Mike says:

    Dan instead of shoveling why don’t you just throw all the hot merchandise out of your house and melt the snow. See what I did there. I didn’t really say ur a thief but I insinuated it. Kind of like you, for no reason, insinuated Tom is a bum. But noone expects any less from someone who throws fights and steals. It’s understandable

  5. McGreevey says:

    You know Dan, you are always trying to cause trouble. Someone pointed out me that Mr. Evans questioned your credentials in a post on Facebook. He wanted to know if you had a degree and if you were qualified to run a blog and/or website. He has a point. A degree is important in running any kind of business. I mean look at Mark Zuckerberg. He created Facebook and he has……..oh wait, he dropped out of school. No degree. No worries, look at Bill Gates. Look what he did with Microsoft and he has……..oh darn, he dropped out too. No degree. Hmmmm, let me get back to you on that.

  6. Dan Bonnell says:

    Credentials? What credentials should i have to run this site Tom?

    Would they be anything like….
    Ive been involved in martial arts for 20 years, written for Massmma since 2006 then Northeastmma, and now? Created the amateur rankings? Helped bring unified rules to New Hampshire. Promoted a fight league for 5 years and was a matchmaker for 6. Im also awesome at ring entrances, writing run on sentences and telling the truth, like it is. when i feel like it.

  7. Dan Bonnell says:

    Oh Mike Strazzere, very clever wording! The shit undernieth my shoe strikes back. Mike, I swore at work today, what are you the life police? Are you still butt hurt that i bought the web address to your website and linked it back to mine? I thought that was a riot! You two idiots love my site, you visit it everyday, you think i cant see your ip address? I dont blame you, its the only way you get your “Regional” news.

  8. Mike says:

    You swore Dan??? That’s cool so did I but When I say stealing I’m not talking bout websites although yea u stole that too (no suprise). I go on your site once in awhile. U have some good people on here, in fact everyone in mma is cool to me except you, and im a fan of mma. But you are a scumbag. I’m not sure how you do it. I’m the shit under your shoe? You fucking write about me 5 times year. You can’t even get in half the shows you clown. I have done more for fighters than your thief ass will ever dream of and I’m just getting started. The biggest mistake I ever made was not letting Matt doherty tear your fucking head off when you asked to fight him when he was still amateur. Instead billy and Zech ended you. But at least you only sold two tickets to each, so noone who actually likes you saw it. So now u say something witty about how cool you are and how I’ve done nothing but manage fighters that would smash yours. You should be thsnking me gor making bills last fight. What did u take for commission on the fight i made? cuz they werent naking that fight if not for me. Tom Evans did NOTHING to you, ever. You use a fucking website to take shots at people through previews??? Without mass-mma your life is a meaningless joke. Truth! YOU are irrelevant, not me. So whatever you say just know YOU are a nobody, not just in mma but in life.

  9. Dan Bonnell says:

    Keep them coming, you’re an idiot. I enjoy this read. Dont flatter your self, i wrote about you once in an interview and i asked you if you even knew that your the most hated guy in MMA and you said you knew it… My article on you is the only relevance you have to MMA. Your welcome. Oh, you lined up the Bill Jones/ Vovka fight did ya? do i need to post texts on here to make you look like an asshole or have you already accomplished enough of that for the day.

    Bottom line is your reaching, you have nothing. your trying to stick up for your boy because i mentioned him in a preview. Both of you grow some fuckin balls and suck it up. I will always write how i feel. Denny tried to stop me so i left. What happened then?… People like my honesty, they dont want to be fed shit from your gay spoon. I’ve had shitty previews written about me also, go change it, you control whats written about your career. If i’ve lost a few fights at the end of my career so be it, it was to top tier guys that i couldnt hang with anymore. I had a good run at one point. much more than either of you two retards can attest to.

  10. Nick Mahmood says:

    Lol hey Jesse Camp, the thread about your event is the most popular thread this year on Mass-MMA! Talk about exposure!

  11. Rick says:

    I wish you two were the same weight.

  12. McGreevey says:

    Oh boy, Dan used the word retard. Things are going to get nasty.

  13. mario says:

    Dan vs Tom, someone book it lol

  14. Rick says:

    Maybe you guys do it and donate the proceeds to Tom’s charity? That could be fun.

  15. kerrigan says:

    Tom Evans, does not seem like you were getting bashed, maybe a hint of disrespect for a 1-4 pro record but looks like a bit of over-reaction? Is there a history here between you and Bonnell? Not sure if Dan has another fight left in him but I like Rick’s idea.

    Strazzere did have a thing with Bill Mahoney in addition to issues with Bonnell, that was a great thread! Sorry Mike, but I think Bill won that trash talk by TKO. This one is too close to call, may have to go to a Round 3?

    McGreevey, yes Bonnell used the R word, it always puzzles me how the politically incorrect crowd throws the R word around like its no big deal but are afraid to put the N word out there…seems like the same thing to me.

    Rick, I dont have spell check but feel free to correct my grammar, you grammar Nazi you!

  16. Robby Roberts says:

    Despite what the review states, the fights are tonight.

  17. Hawk says:

    I envisioned myself as a striker and forgot to do more take downs. Oh we’ll he won’t rematch me I tried talking with him already. He ducked his head in agreement that no I will not fight me ever again.
    So I lose. And my new training camp starts today

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