New England Pro Rankings 10-1-2014

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New England Pro MMA



Many changes highlight this months pro MMA rankings from top to bottom, so lets go through the weight classes. At Flyweight, Darren Mima still sits atop the rankings but Remo Cardarelli is doing everything he can in preparation to take over. Cardarelli has been cleaning up in Massachusetts while Mima stays busy in Jersey.

Bantamweight has been one of the most active weight classes and makes a great argument for the toughest division in New England. Sadly we never got to see the showdown between #1 Perdo Gonzalez and #2 Joey Gomez at ECFC as Gonzalez suffered a major injury that set him back, as he has been on a combat sports tear. Gomez however, did take home the ECFC title and extended his unbeaten streak to 5-0 as a professional. Locals Rico Discullo and Kin Moy both looked great as Bellator came to Connecticut and they earned themselves a pair of spots in the rankings.

At Featherweight, all the talk was about Ray Wood’s return to the cage after a long recovery from knee surgery. Starting right where he left off, Wood dominated another top prospect en route to a finish in his return fight against a very tough Gabriel Baino at NEF. Wood has all but taken over the featherweight division as he sits just behind #1 ranked Saul Almeida. Charles Rosa debuts at #3 in the featherweight rankings with his most recent win at CES, where he has now made the permanent move down from lightweight in an anticipated move to make it into the UFC’s roster. Former top ranked featherweight Calvin Kattar has fallen off the rankings due to an extended hiatus of over a year. We hope to see Kattar back in action soon!

Ryan Quinn is New England’s new top ranked lightweight as he continues to impress. Quinn last fought a catchweight (165lbs) against dangerous striker Ryan Sanders following a monster win over Marcus Davis and a UD Dec loss to Gil De Frietas. Quinn won that bout and has won 3 in a row now. Quinn’s most impressive stat remains that he is still undefeated in the Bellator cage. Featured at #2 at lightweight is former TUF veteran and CES lightweight champion Julian Lane after he defeated former #1 ranked Luis Felix.

Welterweight has been very quiet the past few months but will begin to rock the boat at CES when UFC veterans Chuck O’Neil and Ricardo Funch meet for the vacant CES MMA Welterweight championship. Undefeated prospect, Joe Cloutier (4-0) inched his way into the top ten with a stunning victory over Mike Hurlburt in the main event of ECFC recently.

The middleweight top spot has once again changed hands as Harley Beekman took the top spot from former #1 Chip Morazza-Pollard.

Finally, Josh Diekmann moves up one spot at heavyweight with a great performance in Bellator where he won yet again by KO. Diekmann has now won 4 fights in a row in under 90 seconds!


Pro Rankings 10-1-14



125lb Pro


  1. DarrenMima 5-2 (Blackhole BJJ)

    #1 Ranked Flyweight in New England Darren Mima

    #1 Ranked Flyweight in
    New England
    Darren Mima

  2. Remo Cardarelli 4-0 (Rivera Athletics)
  3. Billy Giovanella 7-2 (Connors)
  4. Andy Aiello 2-1 (Lauzon MMA)
  5. Chad Kelley 2-1 (FAA)


Honorable Mention

Theo Desjardin 4-7 (TUML)

Evan Velez 6-2 (Bombsquad)

Jimmy Grant 3-1 (Dominance MMA)

Kody Nordby 3-3 (Allaire)



135lb Pro


  1. Pedro Gonzalez 11-5 (Redline)

    #1 Ranked  Bantamweight In New England Pedro Gonzalez

    #1 Ranked
    Bantamweight In
    New England
    Pedro Gonzalez

  2. Joey Gomez 5-0 (Triumph)
  3. Rico Discullo 4-0 (Sityodtong)
  4. Kin Moy 5-1 (Redline)
  5. Paul Gorman 11-10 (Academy)
  6. Andre Soukhamthath 7-2 (Tri-Force)
  7. Dinis Paiva 5-5 (Keith Allen/ CCFA)
  8. Matt Doherty 3-1 (Redline)
  9. Johnny Campbell 7-4 (SSSF)
  10. Joe Cushman 11-6 (Lauzon MMA)

Honorable Mention

Blair Tugman 6-5 (Calandrelli)

Soap Am 3-0 (Redline)

Robbie Leroux 6-5 (Clinch MMA)

Robbie Slade 4-0 (Lauzon’s)




145 lb. Pro


  1. Saul Almeida 16-5 (Carlos NetoBJJ)

    #1 Ranked Featherweight in New England Saul Almeida

    #1 Ranked Featherweight in New England
    Saul Almeida

  2. Ray Wood 5-0 (Youngs MMA)
  3. Charles Rosa 10-0 (ATT)
  4. Rodrigo Almeida 12-2 (Carlos Neto BJJ)
  5. Josh LaBerge 9-4 (Lauzon MMA)
  6. Brandon Fleming 3-3 (SSSF)
  7. Chris Foster 7-3 (DCNU)
  8. Taylor Trayhan 4-1 (Link)
  9. Walter Smith Cotito 3-2 (Triumph BJJ)
  10. Frank Sforza 4-0 (SSSF)

Honorable Mention

Vovka Clay 1-0 (Triumph BJJ)

Bruce Boyington 6-7 (Youngs MMA)

Rodrigo Faria 3-1 (Link)

Peter Barrett 2-0 (Maxx/CCFA)



155lb Pro


  1. Ryan Quinn 11-4-1 (ATT)

    #1 Ranked Lightweight in New England  Ryan Quinn

    #1 Ranked Lightweight in New England
    Ryan Quinn

  2. Julian Lane 8-3-1 (Nighttrain)
  3. Luis Felix 10-8 (RockStar)
  4. Lucas Cruz 8-2 (Carlos Neto BJJ)
  5. Marc Stevens 16-9 (Jiu Jitsu Nation)
  6. Jimmy Davidson 7-0 (Sityodtong)
  7. Lewis Corapi 6-1 (Sityodtong)
  8. Gemiyale Adkins 9-8 (Team Balance)
  9. Bekzod Abdurakhmanov 5-0 (Broadway BJJ/Sityodtong)
  10. Nate Andrews 6-1 (Tri-Force)


Honorable Mention

Leon Davis 5-2 (FAA)

Brent Kinberger 6-4 (Link Hooksett)

Tommy Marcellino 7-2 (NY)

Andres Jeudi 6-3 (Sityodtong)


170lb Pro


  1. Gil DeFrietas 15-5 (Link)

    #1 Ranked Welterweight In  New England  Gil De Freitas

    #1 Ranked Welterweight In
    New England
    Gil De Freitas

  2. Chuck O’Neil 12-6 (Mass BJJ)
  3. Brett Oteri 12-5 (Connors MMA)
  4. Roger Zappata 5-1 (Bruno Tostes)
  5. Jesse Merritt 4-1 (Anubis)
  6. Eric Spicely 4-0 (Triforce)
  7. Ryan Sanders 6-6 (Youngs MMA)
  8. Joe Cloutier 4-0 (Doomsday/Quietman)
  9. Mike Hurlburt 2-2 (Triumph)
  10. Jared Lawton 3-1 (IABJJ)


Honorable Mention


Ryan White 4-1 (SSSF)

Nick Drummond 5-1 (Wai Kru)

John Manley 8-2 (Link)

Mike Winters 7-4 (Bombsquad)



185lb Pro


  1. Harley Beekman 7-2 (Bombsquad)

    #1 Ranked Middleweight in New England Harley Beekman

    #1 Ranked Middleweight
    in New England
    Harley Beekman

  2. Chip Moraza-Pollard 8-7 (CCFA)
  3. Tom Egan 7-5 (SBGMMA)
  4. Dennis Olson 13-8 (Menace)
  5. Mike Zichelle 6-3 (Triumph BJJ)
  6. Shedrick Goodridge 6-8 (Renzo Gracie)
  7. Todd Chattelle 11-9 (Tri-Force)
  8. Jesse Peterson 7-4-1 (SSSF/CMBJJ)
  9. Cheyenne Vazquez 2-0 (Sityodtong North)
  10. Gustavo Kuhn 7-0 (Link)






205lb Pro


  1. MikeMucitelli 7-1 (Tai-Kai)
  2. #1 Ranked Light Heavyweight Mike Mucitelli

    #1 Ranked Light Heavyweight Mike Mucitelli

    Dirlei Broenstrup 10-3 (Link)

  3. Jesse McEligott 5-1 (Connors MMA)
  4. Steve Skrzat 8-7  (Tri-Force)
  5. Mark Griffin 5-4-1
  6. Kevin Haley 3-2 (Anubis)


Honorable Mention

Willie Brown Jr. 2-1 (MSD)

Pat Walsh 4-1 (Wai Kru)


Heavyweight Pro


  1. Juliano “Banana” Coutinho 6-1 (CCFA/Daniel Gracie)

    #1 Ranked Heavyweight in New England Juliano "Banana" Coutinho

    #1 Ranked Heavyweight in New England
    Juliano “Banana” Coutinho

  2. Josh Diekmann 15-5 (Triforce)
  3. John Johnston 6-0 (Sityodtong)
  4. Christian Morecraft 8-3 (CCFA)
  5. Josh Hendricks 19-10 (superior Health Club)


Honorable Mention

  1. Matt Thompson 19-9 (Nexus)
  2. Eric Bedard 6-5 (Triforce)
  3. Greg Rebello 16-5 (Triforce)


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  1. Giovanella says:

    I am 7-2, i will be fighting Carderelli on November 1st at Cage Titans

  2. jarod lawton says:

    My record is 4-1 not 3-1

  3. Mental4911 says:

    The picture you have of Mucitteli is actually Dan Mcguane

  4. Eric Spicely says:

    5-0 these days and officially going to be staying at 185!

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