Josh Diekmann: In for a Penny, in for a Pound *Uncut Version*

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Josh Diekmann: In for a Penny in for a Pound!

New England MMA’s most scariest man.

Josh Deikmann

Josh Deikmann

I was fortunate enough to interview top Heavyweight fighter Josh Diekmann. I was floored by the interview and have to say its one of the better interviews I’ve ever been a part of in my ten years. I have always been a very big fan of Diekmann. He brings everything you’d want in a fight. A heavy-handed , no bullshit fighter that will walk you down and take your head off. The persona of Stone cold Steve Austin as a beer chugging, ass kicking mans man describes him best, what we didn’t know about Diekmann is that his sensitive side is just as strong. To read him like a book and judge his cover is the most common thing we do. He appears to be a big biker dude that swigs his beer and spits his dip in your face. Covered in tattoos, his muscular build, packing over 235lbs can be intimidating but Josh is just a simple martial artist like us all looking to find his niche. The thing i admire the most about him is his inability to worry about what anyone thinks of him. Everything about Josh is real. what he says, what he does, its all sincere. Despite his intimidating outer shell and his creative demeanor, Josh Diekmann is one of New England’s finest most respected athletes. Enjoy the interview.

Josh Diekmann: My 2 favorite sayings

” In for a penny, in for a pound” ” and ” Don’t tell me -show me”

MassMMA: Your peers and the fans of MMA here in New England voted you on a recent poll the Scariest fighter of all time. What do you say about that?

Diekmann: I didn’t think i was that ugly, homely yes,  but not that ugly.

MassMMA:How did you get into MMA?

Diekmann: I actually started training at Brennan’s (Ward) dads gym, Whaling city boxing in early 2002. ( 367 bank st. New london ct) It is the home of ” heavy hitters” which is a program designed to help overweight kids loose weight and build confidence, along with an assortment of other non profit organizations ie,… youth wrestling, boxing, etc. It’s also home to a number of professional and amature fighters.
Kent Ward a.k.a. ” the iron man ” is an excellent boxing coach. He’s also a kind, generous, and intelligent man, who gives tirelessly to the youth in new london and the surrounding area. He was my first ever striking coach and directly attribute the thunder in my punches to his patience and wiilingness to constantly monitor my progress. I love him and Brennan like family, and Kent has been like a father figure and Brennan is the little brother i always wanted as a child.

MassMMA: what has always been a goal of yours that you havent yet accomplished?

Diekmann: I never really had any goals. Looking back i should have layed out some short and ling term goals. I started fighting to prove to everyone else i could do it. 20 some pro fights later, i do it to prove it to myself. But i tell you what, if i die with I out fighting Tyler again, my life will be incomplete. It’s definitely on my bucket list.

MassMMA: What do you do for work?

Diekmann: Im a mason i build concrete foundations, walls, shit like that.

MassMMA: Your how old? 37…How do you stay in the shape you’re in?

Diekmann: 38, I drink a lot of beer. body by pop tarts and Budweiser buddy.

MassMMA: Do you eat healthy? to me you look like a bike biker dude that eat whatever he wants, drinks beer and beats the hell out of people. How many deer can you put down in a week?

Diekmann: pretty much. Friends will often ask me, how many beers did we drink last night? Which my reply is always… ” how many did we buy?”

MassMMA: Tell us about your tattoos, your covered in them. do they have meaning?

Diekmann: none what so ever

MassMMA: Tell us about your upcomming fight in Bellator:

Diekmann: I’m fighting Rapheal Butler. Hes a fomer pro boxer with a very respectable 8-1 mma record. My game plan? I’m going to do what i do everytime the bullets start flying. I’m going to drop my hands, close my eyes , and swing lol.

MassMMA: Recently on social media you and your friends have been rallying for a fight between you and Kimbo Slice: can you tell us more about that?

Diekmann: I just know he made a name for himself beating up fat tattooed white boys. I could definitely plagy that roll. He’s a big name with alot of fans. Its a win win situation fof me. A no brainer.

MassMMA: If i bring up one persons name, say, Tyler King. what is the first word that comes to mind?

Diekmann: Pussy, Politician, soft porn underwear model.

MassMMA: What is the story behind you and Tyler?

Diekmann: I fought Tyler because he called me out. Against the advice of everyone on my team. He asked every promoter in the area to book that match. I accepted, because frankly… that’s what men do. I was at one of my lowest points, physically and mentally. But i still did it. I suited up on game day and in the eyes of the judges, he won. I basically fought him for commissary and lawyer money.

After my :”vacation” I asked for a re match, which at first he accepted. Then he wasn’t sure. Then he was too good for Bellator. Then he said i wasn’t worthy to fight him. That really fucking pissed me off. Somwhats he do? He waits till john johnson, banana, and myself all have fights booked in a week period. Then he sneaks off to a bingo hall to fight eric bedard. A guy he already had a k.o. win over. What he failed to realize , was eric had been training with us for the previous 6 months and was a totally different fighter. And we all know what happened there. Im surprised no charges were filed against eric for attempted murder. I was in his corner. I could literally see the snot pouring from his nose onto his beard. I kinda felt bad for him. I didn’t like the guy but i was genuinely concerned for his well being.

MassMMA: What message do you have for Tyler King right now?

Diekmann: My only message is…… You’re a fucking poser, you’re also a bully, and after i hear from his training partners that he plans on taking a couple tune ups then calling me out,…. well I’ll reassert my original assessment of him. TYLER KING….. YOU ARE YELLOW…. AND IN MY EYES YOU ARE NOT A MAN. I realize this fight packed way more hype 2 yrs ago. But the fact that he acts cordual to me during his retirement, then resumes his boy band bad ass persona just really fucking pisses me off. I will chew threw that kids fucking adams apple. I will reign down violence upon thee that would rival the apocalypse. That dude hits like a girl…. i have LITERALLY been hit harder for staying out all night with the boys. So bring what you got Tyler Queen. You won’t have to look for me. I’ve alwats been right here, in plain view. I was the # 1 heavyweight in new england in 2004 and it is my opinion i am #1 once again. Ive seen the next greatest thing come and go a dozen times. Often being dethroned by this right hand. Naga, bellator, ces, nef, nwa, nkotb…. what ever , whenever, I’m your huckleberry big boy. There aint nothing standing between you and i but a whole lot of fear. Get over it. Lets do this. Dan, im not the guy who posts my meals, my W.O.D.’s, my daily training schedule. I just train, show up, and i try first and foremost to entertain, while providing good quality violence. I have no disillusions, i am well aware i fight for peoples amusement. And im ok with that. I actually enjoy it. Your opponent is usually the guy you respect most. He is the guy who has agreed to meet you in combat, under agreed upon rules. Without him and all wonderful and loyal mma fans and promoters, there is no platform. I just don’t respect this guy, plain and simple. And i hope he hates me too. I’ve done plenty to ensure he feels that way.
Final thoughts:
I’ve devoted alot of time to this. The better part of the last 12 years. The fight is only the last 1% of what it takes to get there. The people don’t see the 50 miles drive 1 way to train 5-6 days a week. Usually after working a day job. They dont see the daily sacrafices alot of us make. The family outings, the birthday parties you miss. I have a 13 yr old niece, and im ashamed to i barely even know her. Your relationships suffer, until they pretty much become non existant. But hey…. this is the life i chose. I wouldn’t change it. I haven’t made alot of money, but i am rich in friendships. All the great people i have met on this journey. These bonds will last a lifetime. These people are also my family. This is my life.  I have been really blessed. I just hope when I’m done fighting there will still be a place for me. Referreing, coaching, training, writting,. Something to keep me involved. This sport has given me so much, I hope to one day be able to give it back 10 fold. Its my true love.

MassMMA: Last thoughts?

Diekmann: Oh….. and tomato tits Greg RebelloRebello is one of the major reasons i have made a resurgence late in my career. He is an excellent fighter, a great coach, and an even better dad and husband. I live that dude to his core. He believed in me when no one else did….. not even myself. He gets in my face when i want to quit. He comforts me when i am down, he inspires me to be the best i can be. I owe him alot. So after hes beats Mike Mucitelli at CES in April, the soda , skittles, and gummy bears are on me. Cause we’re both fat kids at heart. Its the leat i could do.
And Dan Bonnell…. thanks for always being one of my #1 supporters and thank you for providing this platform for me to open up to the fans and who ever else will read this article.
February 27th. I will be coming home with my shield, or on it…. bet on that.
Thanks again man 😉




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