Bellator MMA “British Invasion” Live Event Review

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Bellator MMA begins at 6:45 pm for prelims, while the SpikeTV broadcast starts at 9pm.  Stay with us here for live up the minutes results & review of each bout.  We began with a quick press conference with Scott Coker, Ken Shamrock, & Kimbo Slice

kimbo, scott, ken

They went over the details of their upcoming fight, their next “tent-pole” event.  It will be held June 20th at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, MO.  They trio answered questions from the media related to this long awaited bout.  Ken Shamrock said at his age he isn’t fighting the young #1 contender, and he has earned the right to take interesting fights.  Kimbo, regarding his future, said, “it if makes dollars, it makes sense”.  Coker was asked the details about getting this fight passed by the commission, which he replied that it will be just like any fight, as they do not get their fights licensed months before the fight.  It will be quite the spectacle one way or another.

Marvin Maldonado (2-3-0) Renzo Gracie vs. Blair Tugman (6-5-0) Ultimate MMA CT


Straight right lands for Blair.  He’s walking Marvin down.  Blair shoots in and gets the takedown. Moves right to side control.  Marvin has Blair’s right arm trapped between his legs.  He gets it free, trying now to land some elbows with his left.  Blair lands a knee to the side of Marvin’s body.  Blair lands a flurry of punches now, Marvin trying to cover up.  Blair moves to north-south, Marvin rolling into him, Blair looking for a d’arce perhaps.  Marvin rolls to his back and Blair in butterfly guard, but lands a ton of punches and gets back to side control.  Blair with a cradle now, and moves to takes the back.  Marvin pushes his back against the cage, and Blair stays on top and keeps throwing a lot of elbows and punches.



Superman punch attempt by Marvin to start the round.  Low kick, superman punch, and then a left high kick by Marvin. The kick lands but Blair eats it and turns it into a take down.  Goes right to side control.  Marvin trying to sit up and Blair could be looking for a choke.  Marvin sits down and is able to get guard, but only briefly as Blair leaps over, and gets to half.  Blair now gets that leg through and passes to side control.  Blair looking for the keylock now.  Marvin gets to his knees, and Blair keeps dominant position around his back.  Landing a couple punches, keeping Marvin from getting to his feet.  Blair with his arms wrapped around Marvin, now has one hook in.  Blair turns Marvin over and gets both hooks in, looking for the choke.  Marvin keeping on his side to prevent from getting flattened out on top.  Blair almost got the choke, so Marvin rolls to his back and Blair is in the mount.  He’s reigning down punches, and Marvin does a good job of deflecting.  Marvin rolls to his knees as the round ends.



Marvin looking the aggressor at the start of the round.  Blair circling.  Marvin gets left hook in, and Blair shoots for a single leg.  Blair has Marvin pressed against the cage. He is able to lift Marvin up with a high crotch and take him down.  Marvin able to stand right back up.  Blair with an ankle pick briefly gets Marvin down and then then on the third takedown he gets a slam from behind.  Blair keeping Marvin locked up from behind, moves to front headlock position.  He doesn’t go for the choke but uses it to get top control.  Marvin’s back is right against the cage.  Blair passes to side control, and is able to move Marvin away from the cage a bit.  Blair now in side control.  Marvin uses the cage to kick off, but takes his back and flattens him out.  He’s landing punches and Marvin quickly goes to his back which lets Blair get the mount.  Blair looking for an arm triangle now, but Marvin is able to his full guard.  Blair passes to side and starts landing some punches.  Marvin desperately tries to get back to his feet, but the round ends.


Winner by Unanimous Decision Blair Tugman (30-26, 30-27 2x)


Bobby Flynn (3-2-0) Pro Elite Training Center vs. Neiman Gracie (2-0-0) Renzo Gracie


Flynn very aggressive moves right toward Gracie, Gracie grabbing a body lock and brings him to the mat right to the mount.  Flynn rolls to his back and Gracie starts landing punches.  Flynn gets to his knees, Gracie working to get both hooks in.  He’s got one so far.  Gracie looks for the choke anyways, and then pulls Flynn on top of him.  He’s got the body triangle locked in now on Flynn.  Gracie gets that forearm against the mouth and looks like he’s going for a neck crank. Flynn taps.


Winner in 2:36 of Round 1 by Neck Crank Neiman Gracie



Jason Butcher (8-1-0) Jorge Gurgel vs. Tamdan McCrory (12-3-0) Central New York MMA



They’re swinging early, McCrory with some strong punches.  He then tosses Butcher to the floor, and he’s trying to get up and McCrory lands some punches.  They both are back up and Butcher slams McCrory to the mat, but McCrory slaps on the guillotine in full guard.  Butcher able to gets out of it.  They are against the cage now and McCrory slaps on an armbar from the guard and Butcher has no choice but to tap.


Winner by Armbar in 1:06 of Round 1 Tamdan McCrory



Raphael Butler (8-1-1) Alliance MMA vs. Josh Diekmann (15-5-0) Tri Force


Diekmann plays to the crowd during his entrance, rocking the guitar, then waving the American flag to the delight of the crowd.



Josh takes the center immediately.  Butler dodges the hook, and shoots a jab at Josh.  Butler finding his range with the jab.  Repeatedly landing it.  Josh shoots in for the takedown and Raphael lifts him up in the air with a guillotine and then has him pressed against the cage.  Butler gets the tap.


Winner by Guillotine in 1:04 of Round 1 Raphael Butler


Matt Bessette (13-6-0) Underdog BJJ vs. Josh LaBerge (9-4-0) Lauzon MMA


They clinch up, Josh lands a few punches in close.  They trade low kicks.  Matt lands a second one. Josh comes back with a right to the head of Matt.  Right hook now for Matt.  Josh has Matt up against the cage, swinging strong.  Matt reverses the position, and then moves back, looking to work from a distance.  Nice exchange in the center of the cage ending with a left from Matt.  Matt with excellent head movement is gaining some confidence.  He gets Josh against the cage and lands a flurry,.  Matt with a  low kick.  Big exchange, and then Matt gets the sweeping body lock takedown.  He’s in half guard, looking for elbows.  Josh gets to his knees, Matt able to land some rights while holding on to Josh with his left.  Matt not letting Josh able to get to his feet.  Constantly throwing that right.



Matt lands a front kick to start the round that rocks Josh back,  Josh able to recover then comes forward Matt swinging wild right hooks.  Matt catches the high kick attempt from Josh.  Matt moving in on Josh, landing punches.  He gets the Thai plum and works the body.  Josh evades the knees from Matt.  Nice hip toss from Matt he lands in the mount on top of Josh.  Josh rolls to his back and Matt landing his punches, and then goes for the choke attempt, pulling Josh back on top of him.  Josh bloody and battered, able to fight off the attempt.  He rolls back to his stomach and moves to his knees, but Matt is relentless in his striking.  He then attempts the rear naked again.  Not having it he lets go ad has Josh pressed against the cage battering him with rights. Matt lets a hook lose but stays on top of Josh punching and elbowing the body now.  Josh back to his feet, but Matt keeps ahold of his back.  Josh lands a nice back elbow, before being brought back down by Matt as the round ends.



They call it in the corner


Winner by TKO  at 5:00 of Round 2 Matt Bessette



Dean Hancock (0-0-0) ATT vs. Mike Mangan (0-2-0) Team Thunder



Dean lands a nice low kick and but Mike gets a nice toss to get him on the ground, they reverse positions and Mike almost lands an up kick on Dean.  Mike looking for a single leg but Dean Sprawls and lands some punches and elbows to the head of Mike.  Dean takes the back of Mike, and uses his left leg to hold down one arm of Mike and gets the tap out.


Winner by Rear Naked Choke in 1:33 of Round 1 Dean Hancock


Curtis Millender (7-0-0) Reign vs. Brennan Ward (9-3-0)


Ward looking to land that left early. Millender catches him with a right, Ward looks ok though.  Ward shoots in but is brought back to his feet by Millender.  Left lands for Ward.  Low kick by Ward, then a left right combo that drops Millender.  Ward jumps on him and takes his back.  He flattens him out and gets the rear naked choke & tap.


Winner by Rear Naked Choke in 1:37 of Round 1 Brennan Ward


Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou (16-12-0) Team Quest vs. Linton Vassell (15-4-0) Blackzilians


Sok with a strong leg kick, but then Vassell gets the single leg takedown.  Sok back to his feet, but Vassell brings him back down from behind.  Vassell gets the hooks in and working for the guillotine.  Sok gets out from the back door.  He’s got Vassell against the cage looking for knees. Vassell brings Sok back down and is in half guard.  Vassell now has the crucifix position momentarily, before Sok gets his arm free.  Vassell going back to it, while trying to land punches from the top.  He’s still stuck in half guard, but does have the right arm of Sok trapped.  Vassell passes and then Sok gets to his knees during the scramble.  Vassell takes his back, rolling around looking for the choke.  Vassell throwing a couple strikes at the end of the round.



Vassell using his reach to keep Sok at a distance.  Front kick to the body by Vassell.  Sok just misses a big left hook.  Vassell moves for the takedown.  Has Sok against the cage, and brings him down.  Vassell pulls Sok’s legs out from underneath him to get top position.  He’s in half guard, with Sok against the cage.  Now Vassell is looking to take his back again.  He gets it, and has Sok flattened face first.  An elbow lands for Vassell, possibly on the back of Sok’s head.  Vassell just repeatedly landing punches to the side of his head until the referee stops it.


Winner by TKO in 3:18 of Round 2 Linton Vassell



Paul Daley (35-13-2) Spirit Dojo vs. Andre Santos (37-9-0) Renovacao Fight Team



Santos keeping his hands up high.  Low kick lands for Santos.  Now he’s flicking that jab out there finding his range.  Daley shoots a jab to the body.  Quick jab from Daley pushes Santos across the cage.  Big right lands for Santos, Daley looks a bit stunned but grabs ahold of Santos to prevent a follow up.  They break, but Santos right on Daley.  Landing a couple punches that may have stunned the Brit.  Daley holding on tight to Santos.  Santos breaks the grip, but Daley moves forward now.  He has the Thai plum looking for knees.  Santos breaks free again and has a body lock on Daley against the cage.  Daley reverses the position as they battle for underhooks.  The referee breaks them apart.  Both fighters swinging wildly Daley looks to have the advantage now as Santos falls to the floor, he grabs a leg looking for a takedown but Daley fights it off.  Daley again stuns Santos with punches and they fall to the canvas with Daley on top in half guard.



They’re trading in the center.  Left hook lands for Santos.  Daley pushes Santos against the cage. Santos tried to trip him down but Daley moves away.  Santos gets knocked down during an exchange, and Daley gets on top looking for hammer fists.  Santos able to avoid them, with Daley in half guard.  Santos looking to sweep, and Daley stands up.  Clinched against the cage, Daley gets a knee to the body.  Santos looking for a guillotine while standing but Daley gets his head up.  Santos has Daley against the cage, and then drops down for a single leg and gets the takedown.  He’s in side control.  Daley is close to the cage and is trying to use it to wall walk.  He is successful, and Santos looks for another single leg.  Daley doing his best to fight it off.  Daley gets his hands wrapped around the head of Santos.  HE lands a hook, but then so does Santos that buckles Daley.  Santos shoots in and briefly gets a takedown.  Daley back up, and Santos trying to drag him back down.  Santos eventually gets it and then looks to take the back but the round ends.



Daley with a huge left hand and a second drops Santos.  He’s back on the ground trying to land those hammer fists.  Santos able to block those shots.  Daley in the half guard of Santos .  Looking for an opening to land an elbow.  Daley lands a left hand, but Santos able to stand back up.  Big left thrown by Daley.  Santos ducks under another hook and attempts a takedown.  Daley fights it off and back on his feet.  Thai plum ad a knee lands and drops Santos.  Daley looking to follow it up.  He’s in side control, now knee on belly.  Daley stands up and brings a left down to the canvas.  Santos gets to his knees and Daley lands a knee to the body.  More punches on the bloody Santos, and then he’s able to stand back up.  Santos shoots in for a single leg as Daley swings.  Daley getting back to his feet now. Santos holding on tight and drags him down and then goes for the back. Daley rolls on his back and Santos get the mount.  He starts looking to land punches which gives Daley the room to get back to his feet.  One more takedown from Santos at the end of the round.


Winner by Unanimous Decision Paul Daley (29-27, 29-28 x2)


Cheick Kongo (22-9-2) Wolfslair Academy vs. Muhammed Lawal (14-4-0) ATT



Mo walks right into the straight punch of Kongo at the start of the fight.  Mo light on his feet, circling Kongo.  Kongo keeping a low base, wary of the takedown.  Big right lands for Mo, Kongo takes it well.  Kongo using his reach, flicking out that jab.  Mo catches the high kick from Kongo.  Low kick now by Kongo.  Mo lands a left on Kongo.  Mo shoots in and takes him down and ends up in half guard.  Mo trying to land those short elbows.  They both begin to get up but Mo wraps around Kongo looking to take his back.  Mo with a waistlock, throwing some knees.  Kongo back to his feet, Mo still holding on from behind. Mo drags him back down, forcing him on his back in the guard.  Kongo using his legs from the bottom to stretch Mo’s out.  Mo gets to half guard at the end of the round.



Kongo moving in looking for his own takedown.  He’s pushing Mo around in a circle, until Mo breaks free.  Low kick from Kongo misses, and he slips.  Mo tries to capitalize but Kongo back on his feet.  Mo has Kongo against the cage, now dropping down for a single leg.  He pulls Kongo away and drags him down.  Mo gets to side control immediately.  Mo trying to posture up to land some punches.  It allows Kongo to get full guard.  Kongo tries to stretch him out again, but Mo passes to half guard.  Mo working hard to get elbows and punches through.  Kongo gets his guard back and begins to stand up, then looking for a single leg on Mo.  Kongo has Mo against the cage, just holding on his leg.  Occasionally landing a knee to the thigh.



Low kick by Mo to start the round.  Big left hand by Mo.  Kongo moves in, and Mo looks for the takedown.  He throws Kongo to the floor, but Kongo gets up quickly.   Mo pushes him up against the cage.  Kongo breaks free.  They circle the cage and then Mo shoots in and lands a beautiful double leg.  Kongo has his back up against the cage.  Mo looking to drag him away from the cage, as he’s in half guard.  Mo passes to a mount, but Kongo is still in almost a sitting position against the cage.  Mo looking for some lefts to land as Kongo moves to his knees, looking to stand up.  Mo landing some right hands, but Kongo does stand back up.  Mo drops right back down looking for the takedown.  He does drag him back in that sitting position against the cage.  Kongo tries to stand up, but Mo holds him down.  The referee stands them up and Kongo sure takes his time getting to his feet.  He tries for a spinning back fist at the end of the round.  Mo gives the booing crowd a crotch chop after the bell.


Winner by Split Decision Mo Lawal (30-27 & 29-28-Mo, 29-28 – Kongo)


Emanuel Newton (25-7-1) Reign vs. Liam McGeary (9-0-0) Renzo Gracie


Newton comes out swinging, Liam evades his attack. High kicks thrown by Liam that Newton dodges.  Newton switches up his stance already a few times.  Newton shoots in for a single leg and gets it.  Liam looking for an armbar, Newton gets up, but Liam then locks in a triangle.  Newton trying to fight it off.  Liam now going for the armbar inside the triangle.  Newton escapes!  He’s in the full guard of Liam still.  Newton passes to side control.  Liam attempting that inverted triangle he won with before, but Newton avoids it, but he gets his full guard and then has the triangle back in.  Now almost as full extension on an armbar and Newton twists and turns out of it.  Now an inverted triangle again and at the same time goes for the kimura.  He lets go of the triangle and uses the kimura to get on top.  He’s wrenching that kimura but Newton does not tap, and gets out.  Now Newton is on top again in side control.  Liam with his long legs throws them back up for another attempt but Newton does not let him lock it up.  The bell rings ending an exciting round.



A couple of kicks thrown by Newton to start the round. Spinning back kick attempt from the champ.  Liam now fires back a kick of his own.  Newton grabs a single leg and takes down Liam.  Half butterfly guard for Liam.  Now gets full guard.  Newton looking to land punches from there, as Liam is trying to keep Newton close to his chest.  Now Liam lifting up his legs for the triangle.  They stand up and in a scramble Newton ends up back on top of Liam in half guard.  Liam gets his full guard now.  Liam landing some elbows from the bottom.  Newton standing up now, standing over Liam.  He comes down trying to land a punch and avoids the up kick.  Liam gets that triangle again and starts smashing elbows to the top of Newton’s head as the bell sounds.



Big right hand by Newton grazes of Liam.  Spinning back kick pushes Liam across the cage.  Low kick from Newton.  Liam lands a strong left hand, that reach advantage is in his favor.  Newton does keep his hands low. Another left lands for Liam.  Newton again switching back and forth from southpaw to orthodox.  Low kick from Liam actually drops Newton.  He follows him down and attempts a guillotine, but Newton forces himself on top. Liam gets that triangle locked in briefly, and then Newton passes to side control.  Liam sneaks in knee in, and Newton passes to the opposite side.  Newton lands an elbow in side control, but Liam gets his legs back up around Newton’s head.  Again the triangle is locked and Liam gets on top with it on.  He starts punching down on Newton and again he’s saved by the bell.



Newton with a low kick then one to the body to start the round.  Big right hand breezes by Liam.  Nice quick jab lands for Liam.  Newton goes a bit too low with a  kick, but Liam is ok.  Liam throws a high kick that catches Newton in the chest. Spinning back fist attempt by Liam misses.  They trade punches and Newton tries his own spinning back fist that misses.  Newton has Liam clinched against the cage now.  He grabs a front headlock, then spins around and grabs Liam from behind and slams him down.  Newton in the full guard.  Newton passes to half guard.  Newton passes over to side control on the opposite side and looked for an arm triangle.  Liam quickly gets his guard back.



Liam tries to catch a kick from Newton, but Newton pushes him against the cage and takes him down.  Newton in the full guard.  Liam has practically a body triangle on Newton, he then goes for an armbar and Newton lifts him up and slams him down breaking the hold.  Newton gets to side control.  Newton looking to land some elbows.  Liam gets his guard back and then pushes Newton back standing.  Newton hovers over him, kick his leg.  Newton goes back down in the butterfly guard of Liam.  Now full guard from Liam.  Elbows from the top by Newton. He throws a right hand, and Liam tries to lock it up but is unable to.  Newton stacking Liam, Liam gets the triangle but again Newton escapes and is in half guard.  Newton briefly passes to side control.  Liam trying to grab ahold of Newton’s arm, but Newton just passes to side control at the end of the fight


Winner by Unanimous Decision and new Light Heavyweight Champion Liam McGeary (48-46, 48-47 x2)





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