Combat Zone announces Spero vs Fernandes Lightweight Title fight

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Combat Zone 53 Featured Bout Announcement

Spero vs Fernandez

Amateur Lightweight Title bout


SALEM NH- Combat Zone MMA returns to its home turf at Rockingham park in Salem NH on April 24th. An announcement became clear today that a featured bout between two of Combat Zone’s most popular fighters will be for the vacant Amateur lightweight title. Team Pitbull coach and owner of Spero MMA of Plaistow NH, Dave Spero will drop from welterweight for the first time to challenge team PMA stand-out Lloyd Fernandes of Manchester, NH. Fernandes bumps up a weight class from featherweight to challenge Spero, a former member of now Fernandes’ team in which he leads under the tutelage of BJJ black belt Tim Barchard and Judo Olympian Rick Hawn.

Word of the bout came today via Combat Zone matchmaker Ryan Fennley who was excited to make the announcement.

“It’s an interesting dynamic because Spero isn’t a true welterweight. He has always been on the smaller side for the weight so it will be interesting to see as he should be the bigger, stronger guy in this fight. Fernandes is the more technically sound fighter and used to being the bigger stronger fighter so it will be interesting to see him deal with being the smaller fighter for once. We’re really excited for this fight, both fighters bring a lot of different intangibles to this fight that will make for an interesting outcome.” Says Fennley

Dave Spero currently rides a four fight win streak inside the promotion and sits at a comfortable 5-2 overall as an amateur. When asked if the weight cut will affect his ability in the fight Spero replied “This is my first fight at 155, i think the biggest hurdle will be my cut. I have good coaches behind me watching my weight and keeping me on track.”

The Interesting intangibles that make this fight so exciting is the history behind it. Spero is a former team member of PMA and formerly coached by Barchard in brazilian Jiu jitsu. Spero has since opened his own successful martial arts school and coaches many of Combat Zone’s rising stars including recently crowned light heavyweight champion Xavier Vargas. Spero, now a BJJ brown belt under Daniel Gazoni of BTT feels there is no bad blood between he and Fernandes as they never trained together but Spero did warn Fernandes that taking the fight to the ground would be a bad idea.

“I don’t think Lloyd has ever faced anyone as battle tested as me, but its typical of my opponents to think they are going to just plow right through me. I hope he brings his “A” game because im looking forward to a good fight. His biggest mistake is to take the fight to the ground.”

Fernandes currently stands at 3-1 and ranked in the top ten in New England as a featherweight. Fernandes is gigantic for a 145er and the move to lightweight should be an easy cut for him. His last win was a unanimous decision over Danny Abad who most recently dispatched of CZMMA featherweight champion Jake Pilla. With Pilla, Abad, and Fernandes in a pickle, Fernandes opted to bump up to face Spero when it became an option.

I’m surprised Spero wants this fight, He’s a coward and doesn’t take tough fights normally. Everyone wants to fight this guy, He’s not that well liked. I’m glad i get the chance to beat him for everybody. I want a quick finish. says Fernandes

“The weight isn’t an issue for me, I’m naturally a lightweight. I probably walk around heavier than he does. It’s less weight for me to cut is all. I think Dave’s only chance of winning this fight is on the ground. He has to figure out how to get passed my striking and take me down before he can think about jiu jitsu. He hasn’t fought anyone with jiu jitsu as good as mine either and my wrestling is way better than his.”

Although Spero has been criticized in the past about being an owner of his own academy and still competing as an amateur, Spero states “I match up well with Lloyd, I don’t want an easy fight, I want to feel like i earned this title. I feel like i will be the bigger fighter, not the stronger but im used to being the weaker fighter so i rely on technique. I’m prepared to go 5 rounds but, of course, if i can end the fight sooner, I will take advantage of what Lloyd gives me. I’m sure we will both feel the effects of a five round war should it come to that.”

“Oh, He’ll feel the effects alright, But he doesn’t have to train for five rounds… train to survive. Train your wrestling to man because if your going to win on the ground, you gotta get me there first. I’m looking to finish this fight quickly. I know he stays in fights, if I don’t KO or Sub him in the first couple rounds i want to break his will to come out and fight the next round.” -Lloyd Fernandes

Combat Zone always seems to find a few fights each card with some good entertainment value and this one adds to the list!

Combat Zone presents, Dave Spero VS Lloyd Fernandes on April 24th for the Lightweight title. To purchase tickets, first see your favorite Combat Zone fighter or go to




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  1. Eric says:

    I thought Italians were suppose to fight black people?

  2. McGreevey says:

    4 fight win streak is little misleading. The 4 wins inlcudes a “head scratcher” of how he got the split decision over Nick Berube, a questionable DQ win and a win over a former student with a lot less experience. I think Fernandes will be his toughest oppenent he’s faced to date. Glad to see Spero take this fight. A lot of people, except for the Hammersmith guy, do not think highly of Spero’s skills in the cage. This will be a good opportunity for him to either silence the critics or affirm what they think. I hope this fight happens and there isn’t a “last minute training injury” that prevents it from happening. Where do I buy my ticket?

  3. Gord Zu says:

    Isn’t it a little strange that a gym owner fights as an amateur?

  4. McGreevey says:

    Why are there not more responses on this thread? Come on!!! Fernadez called Spero a Coward. Where are the pot stirrers?

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