CES MMA – Paiva vs Nordby Heats Up

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Lincoln,RI— CES “Featured Bout” Paiva vs Nordby will steal the show! Fact..Not opinion

Two of New England’s most skilled bantamweights will finally get the opportunity to prove to one another, who stands atop the pecking order. Dinis Paiva returns to the CES cage on a 4-0 streak that has been more than impressive. The 27 year old Paiva (7-5) leads New England as the top Bantamweight. A four fight clip of finishes including 3 KO’s has put the Gracie Fitness/Sityodtong fighter on the national radar.

Just under a week away from the fight Nordby eagerly awaits his opportunity to capitalize on what he explains Paiva’s style as “One dimensional”.

Kody Nordby“He excels on his feet. He’s a great striker, a south-paw that has been knocking guys out but he hasnt faced a south-paw wrestler like myself. I can take Dinis down from anywhere the fight goes. He says he has wrestling, which i believe to be at a middle school level. I’m in the room with college wrestlers and judo black belts, there’s nothing Dinis throws at me that will surprise me.” Says Nordby

Nordby, 22 is An All American wrestler out of Cumberland, RI.  A year round wrestler that has made his transision into MMA in the past two years. Compiling a 3-3 professional record, Nordby makes his move up in weight to 135lbs.

“I think he has a chip on his shoulder. Walking around like a puppet, thinking he’s untouchable. He knows what i bring to the table, and he dont like it!” I’m 100% the better wrestler. Kid’s takedowns are basic. I bring a whole different style of wrestling im not even sure he knows exists. I am the better fighter. He may be a better boxer, but i am the better fighter. My ability to take people down nullifies any stand-up he has.”

Dawning the verse of Ezekiel 25:17 across his chest the invigorated Paiva is on a distruction course as of late. Tearing through his last four opponents in dramatic fashion. Paiva claims himself “A family man”.

Dinis-Paiva-hs“To me, the verse means you stand by your family and loved ones, fight for them, protect them….and to any of those who look to poison/harm my brothers and sisters will feel the power of our lord and savior”

Touted a striker, a boxer by Nordby. Paiva too is an accomplished wrestler. A 2x Division 1 state finalist and All-State Champion. Paiva was also an open division All American wrestler.

“I think Kody has been dropped on his head too hard in the wrestling room. I think he forgets this is an MMA fight and not a high school wrestling match. Wrestling, Wrestling, Wrestling…Thats all this kid talks about. This fuckin kid is delusional. I’m gonna hurt this little bastid bad!” —Says Paiva

“I dont know nor do i care who is the better wrestler. This is not wrestling Kody. Get your midget head out of your ass for a moment and remember what sport you are competing in. I predict a KO win! Kody Brotha, You may be a good wrestler, I’ll give you that but i’m the better fighter and definitly way better looking. I’m not going into this fight to hump your leg and try to win on points. I know he’s coming to wrestle, I embrace it, I welcome it. (Laughs) I’m going to be giving this kid the worst beating of his life!

Kody Nordby fights Dinis Paiva October 30th for CES MMA at the Twin River Casino events center Live on AXS TV at 9PM ET Visit CESMMA.com for tickets.





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  1. Sweetbread135 says:

    D1 State Champ and All State Finalist but that’s okay….it’s middle school level at best

  2. Andrew says:

    I’ve witnessed kody’s brutality first hand. He is a fierce warrior who likes to pick fights with people while they’re standing at the urinal. Then when they turn around to look down at him, he tucks tail and runs. Big mouth Kody, too bad everything else is small

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