Josh Diekmann: My old titles smell like cat ass, I just wanna go out and fight

| January 4, 2016 | 0 Comments
Josh Deikmann

Josh Deikmann

39-Year-Old Josh Diekmann, The modern day Tank Abbott returns to the cage after a hellish year. Enjoy a candid interview with Josh on Soundcloud with the link below. Josh reflects on a tough 2015, Knee surgeries, loss of a close friend, moving to a new home, and finally getting back on track.

Josh talks about why he fights, his return to CES after two years away. An articulate recollection laden full of obscenities. One of, if not my favorite personality in New England!

“I dont care about titles, I’ve owned every title in the area, they dont mean shit. I just wanna fight man. Those titles are cat beds for my cats man, theyre furry on the underside, they’re full of cat piss man. I just like to fight!” —Josh Diekmann



second of two interviews…..

First Interview is below ….



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