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Bonjour suckas. I got here a bit late but who’s counting? Three fights down so far and the main card is starting soon.

Shane Decristoforo vs Noel Arcibal – Arcibal wins via UD.

Matt Tullos vs Shan Bachok – Tullos via RNC Rd 1. Who’s next for this grappling machine?

Gary Balletto Jr. vs Cruz Johnson – Balletto Jr. via ankle lock Rd 1.

Taylor Trahan vs Joe Pingatore – This should be a good one. A lot of people thought Joe Ping should easily beat Trahan the first time around but that didn’t happen. Let’s see if he can even up the score card.

Rd 1 – Looping rights by Ping followed up by a good flurry as Trahan circles away taking a little damage. A standing body-body head combo by Ping just before he nut shots Trahan. Trahan recovers quickly and comes out firing with a vicious left hook. Pressure from Trahan seems to slow Ping’s attack a bit. Both guys bomb back and forth and Trahan gets a take down. A scramble leads to Ping on top with some heavy blows to end the round. 10-9 Ping but pretty close.

Rd 2 – Trahan lands first this round. Ping is taunting him a bit almost luring him into striking. A groin strike to Ping stops the action. Both guys are looking for big strikes but not willing to over engage to get their shot. Body punches and lead uppercuts by Ping are met with a nasty right hook by Trahan. Trahan takes him down, lets him up and lands a few knees just to take him down again. Trahan on the back looking to choke. Ping rolls out and gets back to his feet. Wow. A lot of action in this one. 10-9 Trahan.

Rd 3 – Not much action for the first few minutes and Ping lands a nasty knee to make Trahan curl up after a beautiful flurry. Damn that landed flush.

Winner- Pingatore by TKO.

Nate Andrews vs Julian Lane

Rd 1 – Lane starts out active but missing regularly. Andrews lands a few solid shots to the jaw and has Lane back peddling. Lane gets the takedown but gets reversed and taken down himself by Andrews. A nasty d’arce choke by Nate has Lane is serious trouble. Lane gets on top however and starts to get control. Now in mount Lane is on top striking. He goes for a front guillotine and Andrews defends. Andrews pops his head out and goes ape-shit on Lane’s face. The round ends with a knee to Lane’s body. 10-9 Andrews.

Rd 2 – Lane with a body shot lead right but doesn’t continue. A heavy left straight drops Lane backwards but not down ad he circles out and presses forward. Lane seems to be running backwards quite  a bit. Lane get some slick take down with a body lock and almost puts Andrews out with a a few RNC attempts. Andrews somehow finds his way back to standing and nails Lane with a straight left and a series of uppercuts that no-man can recover from.

Winner- Nate Andrews via TKO

This is a huge win and definitely  propels Andrews way up the rankings. Nasty damage right after being in serious trouble. Congrats my man.

Greg Rebello vs Keith Bell

Rd 1 – Ribz starts the feel out process and slips on the mat a bit. Bell gets a glancing blow in a switch kick and Ribz flurries back into him. A clean left hook lands for Ribz but Bell eats it for lunch and returns with a front jump-kick? Bell appears much bigger but Ribz has the speed here. Ribz cleans Bell’s clock a few times in a row and finishes with some heavy-heavy GNP. In the flurry Kevin McDonald ate a shot himself. I’ll bet quite a few people wish they could do that to him. The speed and power combo is just too much for most heavyweights.

Winner- Greg Rebello via TKO Rd 1.

If you looked at the records, Bell looked to be an easy win but he was tough as nails and was a very good opponent for Ribz.

Juliano Coutinho vs Chaz Morgan

Rd 1 – A long feeling out from both guys. A couple inside leg kicks from each guy has been most of the action here. A good amount of respect from each guy is keeping this slow. 10 -9 Coutinho

Rd 2 – A lot more of nothing until the last minute. Banana lands a few nasty shots and has started to breakdown the outside of Morgan’s leg. Very close round. 10-9 Coutinho

Rd 3 – More of the same with a few missed punches. Chaz walking Banana down but not much damage. A nice body kick lands for Coutinho. Banana appears to slip and now sms a bit slower after taking a few shots. A couple lunging jabs from Banana land clean to rack up a few points. Morgan lands a solid right and is staying very active. He’s going to steal this round. 10-9 Morgan.

Winner- Banana via split decision

A lot of the people around me felt that Morgan won. Doesn’t really matter though, I had it with the judges for Banana.

Matt Bessette vs Taurean Bogguess

Rd 1 – Bessette ends up on his back early but stays calm and looks to reverse. A slick rubber-guard version of the triangle gets Bogguess to tap.

Winner- Bessette vis triangle Rd 1.

Bessette walked through this guy.

Chuck O’Neil vs Dennis Olsen

Rd 1 – O’Neil gets Olsen to the mat early with a body lock. Stuck in half-guard O’Neil lands a few to the body. Olsen works out to standing and keeps the pressure on against the cage. O’Neil gets  a full mount on Olsen and continues a slow onslaught.10-9 O’Neil

Rd 2 – This round has been a grind with O’Neil controlling the pace throughout with peppered strikes. He opens up Olsen with a few heavy elbows. Olsen gets to the top and goes to work himself. Body-body-head shots are working for Olsen as he hopes to even the round up here. O’Neil gets back to the top just to be reversed again. 10-9 O’Neil

Rd 3 – Olsen starts with a heavy overhand right and takes O’Neil down immediately. Very nice. Olsen goes to work from top for a few minutes and O’Neil gets back to his feet just to be put on his ass again by a grinding take down by Olsen. O’Neil stands again with 30 seconds left and gets on top just as the round ends. Olsen 10-9

Winner- 29-28×3 Chuck O’Neil

This was a slow grind of a fight but both guys looked good. Olsen could have taken this one with a bit more pressure in the first or second round.

Andre Soukhamthath vs Kody Nordby

The crowd is roaring for this one.

Rd 1 – Nordby shoots a single early and puts Souk on his ass against the cage just 15 seconds in. Strong elbows to the dome from Souk make Nordby cover up a bit. Souk wall walks back up and Nordby shoots back under for a drag-down double. More elbows from Souk. There is a lot of energy being spent early in this 5-rounder. Punches from Souk around the back side of Nordby’s arms as he dangles onto a single. Souk pushes the head down and gets north-south on Nordby and strikes come raining down. It’s hard to see if they are hurting him as Nordby is still hanging onto the legs underneath. Souk once again on top in turtle and is demolishing Nordby’s face. Souk ends the rounf with some serious elbows to the open ribs of Nordby. At the end of the round Nordby stands to show a bloodied face. 10-9 Souk (Maybe 10-8)

Rd 2 – Nordby charges across the cage swinging and asks Souk to engage. He shoots and gets stuffed with a beautiful under hook and sprawl by Souk. Nordby hangs onto the single for life and they get back to standing. Another failed shot by Nordby. Sok’s hips look to weigh a 1000 ponds as Nordby can’t move underneath. Kevin McDonald stands them back up and the fireworks start. After eating a few hard shots Nordby seems to jump half guard? Nordby looking for a heel hook. Good idea as Souk looks a bit lost here. A hand fight ensues in a bit of a 50/50. Souk is heel kicking Nordby from this position to earn a few unneeded points as the round ends. 10-9 Souk

Rd 3 – A spinning elbow lands from Nordby as he shoots again and gets smothered once more from Souk. Nordby pulls guard. More top damage from Souk and they stand again. Both guys tired now. Nordby is trying a deep-half guard pull perhaps for the ankle/ heel options? Souk stuffs him regardless and continues to rearrange Nordby’s face. Another heel hook attempt leads to another standing restart. Another shot from Nordby. Nope. The round ends with Souk punching Nordby in the ribs over and over and over again. 10-9 Souk

Round 4 – Nordby gets on top (finally) and Souk is still sitting up. Souk gets to standing once more and lands more elbows to the head as Nordby relentlessly tries for the take down. Souk stuck in the corner on his ass as Nordby tries for a front guillotine. Nordby takes his back! Souk is tired but still fighting. RNC????? Not yet. Souk breaks the arms free. Souk was in serious danger of getting finished for the last minute and a half. Props to Nordby for still having the heart to push. (10-9??? Toss up)

Round 5 – Nordby shoots before the bell is done ringing to start the round. Souk has side control now. Nordby gets back to half guard.  4 minutes left. A hell hook attempt gets Souk back to his feet. A flying knee puts Nordby to sleep. Mouth guard flying!

Winner- Souk by KO Rd 5

A weird one, but a great battle nonetheless! Very cool finish to the night. I went 6-2 on my predictions tonight. Not too bad.




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