He walks the walk and never has to fake the funk. my interview with Steve “sandman” Dunn

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12985580_1309138769100866_6810214420126297686_nLast week I interviewed Steve “Sandman” Dunn as he has been preparing to step in the cage for the 9th time as a pro. You might say that this fight camp isn’t the typical fight camp hat you’re used to hearing about since Steve’s fight camp actually started while he was serving his 30 month sentence for conspiring to sell OxyContin. Steve spent most his free time either reading or training on the rec. deck. His training regimen consisted of push-ups, crunches, pull-ups, and shadow boxing. For obvious reasons he wasn’t able to get any sparring in but he has now been out for 9 months and has been getting plenty of training in.
Not everything to do with Steve’s prison sentence was surrounded by negativity. He told me that the minute you can admit that you’re guilty is the minute you can start moving on. While inside Steve decided to also give back and volunteered as a part of the “Scared straight program” helping troubled youth Turn their ways around by showing them what it would be like to live in prison.

It may come as a surprise that in this day in age that Prisons are still racially segregated. Steve only got into one altercation while in prison. He explained that there was a white TV, black TV, and a Hispanic TV.
Steve only got into 1 altercation while inside and it came down to one of those TV’s. Not the racial aspect but one Sunday when one of the football games came on, the cell block bully announced that they were going to be watching a car show instead of the game. Steve stood up for all of the guys sitting there patiently waiting for the game to come on. So the bully told Steve to “lace up” (throw your shoes on to fight). He followed Steve back to his cell and waited for him to throw his shoes on. Steve was pretty much cornered and his only move was forward so that’s what he did. He saidn he threw the first punch and then about the next 30. All along the while with the bully begging “Steve stop Steve please.” He said it was well worth his time in the hole for throwing the first punch because he gained even more respect and he actually got on the guards good side too because the bully was such an asshole. The CO’s were watching Steve’s fights on YouTube and actually one of the COs was actually on the same fight cards as Steve early in his career. I asked Steve if his “Irish Power” tattoo had gotten him in any trouble. He said it had gotten some remarks but once explained that he is just very proud to be Irish the chatter ceased. I had to ask if he had gotten any new ink while inside and said he was too afraid of hepatitis which was smart with  the blood tests that are performed now for your license.
One reason why you have to love this guy and the reason why I titled this article the way I did is because he is one of the realest dudes around. I asked him if there were any questions he wouldn’t answer. He said Hell NO. He also won’t make any excuses for what he did. In his words he was just trying to provide for family and wasn’t doing anything that CVS doesn’t do. I also asked if there was anything that he wanted to clear the air about. He said he didn’t care what people thought of him but also that he felt bad he was giving the sport a bad name and I truly could hear the concern of guilt in his voice. I could also tell how hungry he is for this next fight and wants a KO bad. He always used his wrestling and always puts on a show but this time he wants to let his hands fly and give his fans the KO that they would love to see. At the age of 50 Steve hopes to enter the cage 3 or 4 more times before retiring and if anyone has the heart to do it it’s certainly this guy.
Not that his life was a mess but he has certainly made a 180. Steve now has a full-time job at route 106 motors, He still reads and spends the rest of his free time with his daughter or at Capiello’s boxing gym. He is looking for that KO and wants to add boxing to his wrestling skills. He also told me that when he does retire he would like to begin the belt process in Gi Jui jitsu, possibly working with John Clarke at Broadway Jui Jitsu.
I asked Steve besides his daughter what did he miss the most while being locked up. He said his dog Bugsy and I am sorry to say that Bugsy has recently passed away. Steve said his girl knew where he was and his daughter knew where he was but he felt bad that his dog never knew the only thing she knew was her best friend was gone. He did say though that on his Facebook and YouTube page there is a video of Bugsy greeting him the day he came home from serving his time.
Steve’s fight for Blockbuster MMA has been moved to June 25th outside @ the Brockton Rox stadium. He also wanted to say thanks to Suckerpunch Athletics. one of his longtime sponsors. I gave him the opportunity to call out anyone he wants and he declined. He said he’s bigger than that and that it’s not his style.



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I was a professional MMA fighter from 2004 to 2010. In 2010 I dislocated my kneecap and ended up having it replaced. I was never able to fully recover from the injury no matter how hard I tried. I was ordered by more than one Dr. to quit MMA and never return. I was devastated. The sport was such a big part of my life so i contacted Dan and asked if I could write for him. He was more than happy to let me try and I have been writing for mass-mma ever since.

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  1. Melanie Hutchings says:

    Much respect to you and your beautiful family thank you for being honest and representing Brockton .Brockton made a lot of us stronger and we became family .I wish are children experienced the Brockton we once new ,and we are still family and friends and support each other .I am proud to say I’m from Brockton to have friends like all of you xoxo

  2. Laurie says:

    Very Good article! Steve is my cousin and is a stand up man,Jesus died for us so we can have our sins washed away. Steve has always been a very honest direct person. He is an awesome person and a great cousin!

    • Merlin says:

      Martha Stewart served more time. Who the heck cares if this guy got in a girl fight at a soft little jail? Who the hell is he? It’s sad.

      • Eric D Brown says:

        It was federal prison you keyboard warrior you’ve probably never been in jail or caught pro mma so stfu

          • Eric S says:

            it’s not pro till you make it to the big show(ufc), so it’s semi pro bullshit to me. 4-4? You wouldn’t want to see me in jail or in a cage! Look it up in the encyclopedia!

          • Eric Brown says:

            Listen if you come on this site just to talk shit I’ll ban you. Here’s something to look up you tool bag a professional is someone that gets paid for what the do. Amateurs do not get paid at all. Has nothing to do with the UFC so stfu and research your shit before you come here with your verbal diarrhea. I’ll meet you in jail or the cage you tool bag

          • Eric S says:

            you’ll ban me? That just makes me badder than you, and you a snitch, which wouldn’t be a good thing for you in jail! As far as me being a tool bag, thanks for the compliment, because I’ve been called worse by better, you chump!

  3. Joe dunn says:

    We stand with steve and support him 100%. To watch your brother in a cage fighting athletes half is age is not an easy thing to do, but the family flys from all over the country to be there for him. To me he’s not a fighter not a bad guy he’s a brother and we are happy for and proud of him.

    • Bill Griffiths says:

      Joe I hope you are doing well .I hope you get this msg.My friend Don again is is from Easton and signed with Belator.I never met your brother but he does a great job fighting the youngsters.

    • Eric Brown says:

      see comment below you douche nozzle

  4. Eric Brown says:

    @Eric S. Listen you Douche tip. There is absolutely no way you are badder than me and I am will to prove it. Will you. Banning you because you’re an asshole posting on an article That I Wrote A YEAR AGO doesn’t make me a snitch. It makes you an asshole who Doesn’t know who doesn’t know wtf they are talking about. It’s time to put up or shut up. how many pro fights have you had? How many times have you been in jail Please inform me how you are badder than me let the entire massmma community know because I can guarantee they will disagree ill even emaill you my phone number.

    • Eric S says:

      WTF! you really think you’re making bank with your semi-pro record? You’re a loser, a chump! Have a couple of more, and tell me how you feel!

      • Eric D Brown says:

        I don’t have to run with my jitz, wrestling and ko power. This is not football there is no semi pro MMA I was a professional fighter get it through your thick skull before my hand goes through it you keep making excuses I keep telling you to show up I’ll even leave you my number see you next Tuesday 7814281056

    • Eric S says:

      how many miles did you run today? fitbit it!

    • Eric S says:

      I’ve got 23 logged in today, and i’ll do another 23 tomorrow!

  5. Eric Brown says:

    I’m no junkie get back on your meds I’m guessing lithium or neurontin/aka gabapentin. You have absolutely no clue what you are talking about. How many pro fights have you had? I’ll wait? How much prison time have you done? ‘ll wait again. ere’s the deal. I’LL SHUT your mouth for you 0je pro pro fight you pick which ever production man up or shut up.

    • Eric S says:

      how much have you banked? you remind me of that,”let me bang bro” guy. how many cases of beer do you down in season training?can you make 135?

  6. Eric Brown says:

    I make more a fight than you obviously think I do. 135# are you kidding me I’m 6’3″ and I actually have muscle. I don’t drink and I don’t do drugs but, clearly you’re off your meds. Like I said you’re just a paper gangster.

    • Eric S says:

      so how much you dead-lift/squat/push press?you must not be making too hell of a lot, since you don’t want to say.im not the one tough talking, so idk where you get this paper gangster idea from, probably Dunn. ask Bonnell for the video of my fight, they didn’t want me in their promotion, because of my violent record. go figure?

  7. Eric S says:


  8. Eric S says:


    • Eric Brown says:

      Dude how many guys have you fought? And how many of them have made it to the UFC or at least t.u.f.? Wow you have a violent record you must be proud. I’ve been a top caliber athlete my whole life but, I have done a bid. Can you make 170#?

    • Eric says:

      and if hindsight was 20/20 …

      • Eric Brown says:

        I put in my own words because it’s a rebuttal. Did you eat paint chips as a kid? I’m not trying to make it to the UFC now but I’m sorry I didn’t know I was talking to Dana white. At least I made a name for myself you’re still a nobody.

        • Eric says:

          being pissed on is the same as stepping stone, and you’re a legend in your own mind.

          • Eric Brown says:

            You’re a nobody and never will be somebody. I am at least still relevant. I fought top notch guys and never tried to pad my record. make 170 and I will prove it too you. Or do you think you’re too violent hahahaha you are a joke. Shit I’ll even do this Kimbo Slice Sean Gannon style. So you let me know paper gangster.

  9. Eric says:

    If I go down there how do I know you’ll fight? you’re just another Dave Spero who called the cops on me when I showed up. I’m not going to put on weight, but really don’t care about a weight class. bottom line I want money!

    • Eric Brown says:

      I’ve never turned down a fight and I never will. Bring it don’t sing it pussbag

      • Eric says:

        how much money you gonna give me?or just keep the money and stop kissing dunn’s ass!if you want to keep your nose in there though give me a time, place, and amount of cash…

        • Eric Brown says:

          Don’t worry I’ll do all the leg work I’ll find the place, date, and time. I’ll get some money together but it’s winner take all. Dunn is my brother but, all I did here was interview him so hos is my nose up his ass? Is someone a little jealous nobody gives a shit about him and never got interviewed??? I’ll write an article about you after I beat you how’s that? I’ll title it. This is what happens when a punk bitch runs his mouth and can’t back it up.

          • Eric says:

            How does this qualify as running my mouth when I’m literally typing everything?if anyone is running their mouth its you with words such as, pussbag. This all started because I stated that Dunn isn’t as gangster as his tattoo knuckles will have you think. You are the only person I know that a nick name would be suitable at the end of your last name!

  10. Eric Brown says:

    Oh my bad I forgot your little pansy ass doesn’t have the balls to say it to my face you have to be some keyboard warrior. They will be using my last name to describe your shorts after I knock you out cold and you lose control of your bowels. You’re over there “I want money” you know what IDGAF about money I’ll knock you out or submit you for free anytime any place. Until you know someone personally you should keep your little cock pocket shut.

  11. Eric says:

    you’re so brave come to me!come on tough guy…ufc banging down your door? you’d have to kill me to beat me. end of story. you come to me because im not wasting my time or money on your punk ass. deleting my post because you can’t lift or run. legend in your own mind, there’s not one fucking video of you asshole. you fucking cunt. i said when and where and you give me your number like your my girlfriend…you fucking bitch!you should have stayed your busta ass at school and learned how to read and write, maybe how to swear more correctly too. motherfuckin cunt

    • Eric Brown says:

      Listen you colossal asshat. I am a legend to the northeast mma community just ask around. Ask Dan, or basically anyone you want i’ll even give you references. How about Dave Dinsberg is he a good enough of a reference? Maybe Mike Varner or Mike Littlefield? There are videos you complete tool you obviously didn’t look too hard. How many videos have you produced??? That’s what I thought. I gave you my number to set this up and so we can actually stop typing this shit out you cum guzzler. Tell me where to go and I have no problem coming to you. I didn’t delete shit I am not the only one who can moderate or who writes on this website you cunt rag. I am actually in school and in the national honor society. You call me a punk and a cunt pony up and actually fight me instead of getting off arguing on the internet. I’d do this tonight, tomorrow or whenever you feel like taking an ambulance ride to the hospital. It’s time to put up or shut up ass clown.

  12. Eric says:

    I’m pretty sure Dan was the reason I didn’t get to fight Tad Barber, because Dan had little legs syndrome. Put some money in my hand. I’m not going to fight you and not get paid.

  13. Jordan Faulkner says:

    Eric, youre always welcome to come spar at my boxing gym. or, we can just tell Calvin Kattar to schedule us to dance 😉

    • Eric says:

      as longs as I make money doing it, and don’t give me a winner take all bullshit. i wanna get paid period.

      • Eric Brown says:

        This ain’t going to be sparring you cum dumpster. The only reason you won’t do winner take all is because you know you are going to lose you keyboard warrior paper gangster. Sure I’ll come to your gym and I’ll bring cash but guess what douche nozzle when I beat your ass I am bringing it homw with me. Lets make it 3 weeks you have my number text me the address. My suggestion eat a good solid meal before because after you’ll be eating through a straw.

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