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Boxborough, MA— The days of punching your neighbor could come back relatively sooner than you think. A new league is shipping up to Boston. The name is fitting and their moto is serious “Wimps need not apply “617 Boxing “  in conjunction with “Boston’s Toughest Man bring a unique opportunity for those that love MMA and Boxing and always wanted to test themselves but just cant commit to the rigorous training most martial artist must endure to compete at even the regional level.

Boston’s Toughest Man looks to pit your “regular” gentleman against your Average Guy in an old fashioned scrap! Rules and weights are outlined below but limits competitors to amateur status only. The fight will be a competitive boxing match with 16oz. gloves and shorter times to increase the action. Three, one-minute rounds will force a quick pace and ensure an exciting fight. Want to test yourself and see what you’ve got? Boston’s Toughest Man will be accepting entries for just a few more weeks. Sign up to punch your neighbor!


Phone: 9783107685 and 9783107636


Boston’s Toughest Man


Male and Female age 18 through 39
Three (3) one minute rounds
Rest period, one minute between each round
Two day single elimination Boxing Tournament
Three knockdown rule is in effect
Standing eight count is in effect
Scoring is on the 10 point must system
EQUIPMENT (Supplied by promoter except mouth guard)

Boxing Gloves (16 ounce)
Groin Protection
Mouth Guard
WEIGHT CLASSES (For Men and Women)

Lightweight: up to 139 lbs
Middleweight: 140 to 159 lbs
Light Heavyweight: 160 to 184 lbs
Heavyweight: 185 to 400 lbs

No pro’s allowed
If you have EVER had more than TWO (2) amateur boxing, Kick Boxing, MMA fights or any combination totaling more than TWO (2) fights you are NOT eligible. BTM bouts do not count.
All male fighters must live within approximately 100 miles of the event city
There is NO mileage requirement for Women fighters
The promoter reserves the right to accept or reject any fighter
Must be in good health, you will need a fit to fight physical
Wimps need not apply!



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  1. Eric says:

    If it ain’t raw it ain’t real, or tough! There’s no horns in an Irish band!

  2. Eric says:

    dropkick murphy’s aka blackwatch

  3. Eric says:

    /w\ = horns down

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