Bellator 163: “McGeary vs. Davis” Live Review

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Bellator 163: “McGeary vs. Davis” Live Review

Coming to you live from Mohegan Sun Arena; we have Bellator 163 with a stacked line-up. I’m excited to see a few of my teammates fight tonight. Follow along and keep checking back in for the updates.


James Boran  vs.  Vinicius de Jesus 170 lbs

Winner: Vinicius de Jesus wins via RNC rd2 after an onslaught of GnP.

Ilya Kotau  vs.  Carlos Correia 170 lbs

A nice back and forth fight here. Correia was more dominant on the ground while Kotau was killer standing. Carlos was able to continue attacking submissions throughout this war but Kotau was able to shake off everything somehow. Shaking off submissions just isn’t enough to take the wan however.

Winner: Carlos Correia via split decision (30-27 Correia, 29-28 Kotau, 30-27 Correia)

That was clearly Carlos’s fight tonight. I’m not sure who that judge is but I hope she doesn’t keep that shit up.

Ed Ruth  vs.  Dustin Collins-Miles 185 lbs

Kevin McDonald (referee) calls off the fight just a few minutes in as Ruth swarms Collins-Miles with heavy hands from every angle.

Tyrell Fortune  vs.  Cody Miskell 265 lbs

Winner: Tyrell Fortune via destruction-of-ribs via GnP. Those were some of the most devastating knees to the ribs I’ve ever witnessed.

Josh Diekmann  vs.  Tyler King 265 lbs

Winner: Tyler King Rd2 with a nice takedown, mount, back take and finishing with GnP.

Steve Skrzat  vs.  Tim Caron 185 lbs

A decent rd1 for Caron. Nothing special happening but clearly controlled the striking inside the clinch and on the mat for a few.

Winner: Tim Caron rd2 via GnP. Ground and pound is the story of the night.

Sarah Payant  vs.  Hannah Regina 125 lbs

A very nice display of grappling offense and defense. Regina was constantly attacking but Payant kept coming forward. With about ten seconds left we finally saw a submission stick

Winner: Rd1 via armbar Hannah Regina


Sergei Kharitonov  vs.  Javy Ayala 265 lbs

A KO from Ayala puts Sergei to bed while standing (falling).

Winner via KO at 16 seconds into rd1-Javy Ayala

Nieman Gracie vs. Rudy Bears 175 lbs

Nieman gets Bears back pretty early in the first. Keeping control with a body triangle he decides to peel off the side for a slick armbar.

Winner: Rd1 via armbar Nieman Gracie

Saad Awad  vs.  Brennan Ward 170 lbs

Awad starts the round looking a bit tighter in his game. He’s slipping nicely through Ward’s punches. Shortly into the round Awad finds his back to the cage firing back at Ward and then he eats a nasty one. Awad folded lawn-chair style and that’s that.

Winner: Brennan Ward via KO rd1. That’ll be a top 10 KO on the Bellator highlights.

Liam McGeary  vs.  Phil Davis 205 lbs

Phil Davis controlled almost every minute of this fight but it was always interesting due to McGeary staying active.

Winner: Phil Davis by UD

Tom English  vs.  Chris Foster 145 lbs

Rd1: We start with Foster controlling the pace and backing English up against the cage. A nice slam from Foster into a reversal overhead from English. English is just as strong as Foster to my surprise. A nice back and forth of pummeling has English pulling ahead. Foster is using his signature lead jab now and is starting to find his rhythm. A toss up round here. 10-9 Foster?

Rd2: English landing early with some interesting wide angle shots. Foster now leaning on English against the cage and taking a few shots of his own. The next few minutes is pitter-patter action as Foster chases English around the cage. An eye poke stops the action as Foster recovers. As the action resumes English comes in firing just to be tripped up and landing on his back with Foster in guard. The round ends. 10-9 Foster but another toss up really.

Rd3: Foster drops English early and tries to flurry but English wraps him up in guard and then gets back to his feet. Both guys are still swinging at a fairly active pace but much like the 1st and 2nd rounds, its hard to say who’s ahead. English has a decent cut forming over his eye now. 10-9 Foster

Winner: Chris Foster via UD

Blair Tugman  vs.  W. Smith-Cotito 145 lbs








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