12 Rounds with Cage Titan’s Peter Barrett

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Name: Peter Barrett
Age: 30
Division: 145/155
Hometown: Abington, MA
Home gym: Sityodtong, Juniko

Round 1 – First off, the denim jacket you had on Saturday night…quite the get-up there.  What’s you’re favorite patch on the jacket?

The big DGAF one in the middle.  Which stands for “I don’t give a f***”.

Round 2 -What is your occupation outside of the gym?

I’m a manager at an information marketing company.

Round 3 – Favorite fighter currently active in any organization?

I don’t just have one guy, I think there are alot of fighters that are fun to watch.  Guys like the Diaz brothers and Connor McGregor. I like Demien Maia because he relies on his jujitsu which makes him fun to watch.

Round 4 – Favorite activity outside or training and fighting?

Relax. I don’t have much free time with the way my schedule works, I usually only have a week after my fight when I get in all my cheat meals and try to get caught up on work.  Down time isn’t something I have alot of.

Round 5 – Nickname is Slippery, who gave it to you, and what’s the story behind it?

The slippery Pete nickname actually came from my step dad.  We were at my mom’s house reminiscing about past vacations my family had gone on, and my step sisters were saying “Peter wasn’t there at that one, or Peter wasn’t there at that one, or at that one” and my step-dad chimed in and said “Who wasn’t there slippery Pete? He was always there, he was just off chasing the women”.  I told one of my buddies at the gym that story and the nickname kind of stuck.

Round 6 – Hardest food for you to avoid during a weight cut or leading up to a fight?

It’s not one thing.  The hardest thing is staying consistent to the plan.  I don’t buy foods that I wouldn’t want to be eating.  Just by avoiding and not having certain foods in the house you can avoid that whole situation.  I try to cook all my own food so I don’t have to worry about that.

Round 7 – This was Cage Titans first card since the New Year, what was your New Year resolution, and have you stuck with it so far?

No I didn’t really have one.  I made a decision back in November to start living a life and training as if I was already in the UFC, so when the time comes it’s not a huge change.  The last two camps I was pretty good about eliminating triggers foods and alcohol out of my diet.

Round 8 – Last fight was Saturday against a tough opponent in Vince McGuinness, what were you most proud about after your hand was raised, and what did you think about changing when you left the cage?

I’m most proud about snapping out of it in the 2nd and 3rd round.  It was just a weird night for me, it didn’t feel like it normally does.  I came out a little flat, but I was able to recognize that, make a decision and real time adjustment and went back to my game plan.  So I guess I was most proud of making a change on the fly and implementing it and having it work.

Round 9 – What’s the most important phrase or piece of advice someone has given to you while in the corner?

Those are tough to remember, but let’s start with this, I’ve only been out of the first round 3 times in my professional career.  So I don’t really get much between round advice. One thing from Saturday that stuck out, was Tyson telling me to wrestle and that we were not gonna be standing here in 7 minutes wondering if we did enough.  So that was in between the 2nd and the 3rd round, and that was all I needed to hear.

Round 10 – Where does this win put you in the current ranks of your division within New England?

Well this fight was at 155 so I’m not really sure.  It seems alot of the guys who do the rankings don’t have alot of love for the guys that bounce back and forth from divisions.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I wasn’t on anybody’s list.  But I do think this fight cements that I’m an up and coming prospect, and that any obstacle put in my way I will destroy.

Round 11 – You have a lot of teammates within your division who are ranked, do you think you have the mobility to keep moving up while keeping peace in the family?

Yea I mean to be quite honest with you, I don’t give a f*** about the local rankings.  I train with all the best guys, and all the best guys train with us. I’ve been at Sityodtong since 2011-2012, and we’ve had a slew of top level guys come in and cross train with us.  What’s important is to focus on where we all want to be and where we are all going. The best way to get to the next level is to make your toughest opponents your regular training partners.  If I wanted to be a local champion I would make sure all my local opponents were my top level training partners but it’s no secret, I’m trying to get out of this regional scene.

Round 12 – Who do you have eyes on next for an opponent, and when do you think we will see you back in the cage?  

I was issued a 45 day medical suspension because of the cut over my left eye, so that 6 weeks out of competition.  I’ll be back to training next week with wrestling and jujitsu but stay away from sparring just to make sure my head is kosher.  I wake up every morning waiting for a call from my manager saying “we got the phone call, and we need to be ready in 2-3 weeks “.  I believe with an 8-0 record, and showing more tools in the last fight, will put me higher on that list.  My management is doing alot behind the scenes with the networking and whatnot to have the ability to get that phone call, so it’s not a pipe dream anymore.  I’m at that level I just have to be in the right place at the right time.

That’s 12 rounds with Cage Titan’s Peter Barrett.



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