LIVE Round by Round Coverage of NEF 27: Resurgence

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NEF 27: Resurgence begins at 7:00 pm EST. Stay tuned for round-by-round results throughout the event.

NEWS: Due to weather conditions, Chris Jacobs will not be present for his fight with Aaron Lacey. Though this is a heartbreaking turn of events, both fighters were primed and ready to go, and both should be commended for their commitment to the sport.



Angela Young (Young’s MMA) (1-2)
Christine Brothwell (Bucket Brigade) (0-2)

Round 1: A brief bit of stand up, until Young gets the clinch against the cage. Knees, and a takedown later, Young gets Brothwell’s back and nearly takes the fight, and definitely takes the round.

Round 2: Brothwell starts aggressively, moving forward but not landing anything substantial. She tries a takedown, but Young breaks off and dominates with striking for the last 30 seconds.

Round 3: The fighters clinch and trade knee shots against the cage, Brothwell with uppercuts to the midsection. Young attempts a takedown but ends up on the bottom. Brothwell breaks from Young’s half guard and takes her back, striking. Young manages to sweep and ends up in Brothwell’s guard just before the bell. Exciting round!

WINNER by Unanimous Decision: Angela Young (29-27), (29-27), (29-27)


155 lbs.

Phil Chason (Academy of MMA) (0-0)
Ross Dannar (Nosotos MMA) (0-1)

Round 1: Dannar gets an easy takedown, and strikes from the guard in impressive fashion, but gets caught in an armbar. He does get free, and the fighters wrestle on the ground until the bell.

Round 2: Another easy takedown by Dannar, who pounds Chason viciously from inside his guard. They stand and clinch against the cage, and Chason manages to survive the round.

Round 3: Easy takedown, pound inside the guard, and it looks like Dannar is going to finish until Chason gets a heel hook out of nowhere. Dannar survives and gets in more strikes on the ground until the end.

WINNER by Unanimous Decision: Ross Dannar (30-27), (30-27), (30-26)


145 lbs.

Frank Johansen (Central Maine BJJ) (1-2)
Jacob Deppmeyer (First Class MMA) (0-0)

Round 1: Deppmeyer comes out AGGRESSIVE, landing tons of hooks and uppercuts. Johansen is on the defensive until he loses his mouthguard, and after regaining it, floors Deppmeyer with a front kick, then lands solid knees from the clinch. Deppmeyer has one final flurry before the bell.

Round 2: Johansen weathers another storm of shots and takes Deppmeyer down into side control, before proceeding to mount. The mount is high and Deppmeyer uses his legs to hook around Johansen’s shoulders to prevent the finish.

Round 3: Johansen takes Deppmeyer down, and gets mount again, but Deppmeyer goes for a leg and eventually sweeps. Johansen manages a triangle defense, rolling it over into a mount, and maintaining the choke for the late tap.

WINNER at 2:59 of the 3rd Round by Submission (Triangle Choke): Frank Johansen


205 lbs.

Zeal McGrew (Redline Fight Sports) (1-1)
Pete Grinnell (Team Lawton Martial Arts) (0-0)

Round 1: They keep distance and feel each other out until McGrew starts landing 1-2 punch combos. With Grinnell on the defensive, McGrew gets the takedown, mounts, and ends it with strikes.

WINNER at 1:58 of the 1st Round by TKO (Punches): Zeal McGrew


155 lbs.

Devin Corson (Shatterproof Combat Club) (0-0)
Winston Cortez (S Tampa Jiu-Jitsu & MMA) (0-0)

Round 1: Striking, with Corson getting the better, and after a short uppercut knocks Cortez down, he gets up into a HUGE slam by Corson. Half guard against the cage for the remainder of the round.

Round 2: Leg kicks back and forth until Corson gets the takedown. They end up on the feet and Corson legitimately BELLY-TO-BACK SUPLEXES Cortez, pro wrestling style. Cortez lasts until the bell, though.

Round 3: Leg kicks from Cortez, until he gets caught in another gigantic slam by Corson. Against the cage, Corson mounts, but cannot finish. They end up on their feet with a few strikes before the bell.

WINNER by Unanimous Decision: Devin Corson (30-27), (30-27), (30-27)



Fred Lear (Young’s MMA) (4-2)
Michael Crespo (First Class MMA) (3-2)

Round 1: Brutal hook by Crespo, followed by a major slam by Lear. Some back and forth grappling and wild kicks by Lear. The fighters end up against the cage until Lear gets another takedown, but cannot finish.

Round 2: Stand up and strikes until Lear rocks Crespo, gets the takedown, and takes the back with hooks. Crespo turtles up as Lear strikes to end it.

WINNER at 1:23 of the 2nd Round by TKO (Punches): Fred Lear


115 lbs.

Sarah Ziehm (Central Maine BJJ) (0-0)
Nicole Burgess (Berserkers MMA) (0-1)

Round 1: Burgess is the aggressor, getting most of the strikes and takedowns, and nearly finishing with a guillotine. Ziehm lasts and ends up on the bottom, but Burgess turns and Ziehm ends up taking her back. Burgess gets out and almost finishes with strikes before time is called.

Round 2: A bit of feeling out, and then both fighters start throwing wild haymakers to the delight of the crowd. Burgess gets the takedown, but is swept. Ziehm almost cinches an arm triangle from the mount, but Burgess defends it well.

Round 3: More crazy haymakers until Burgess slips and falls from the force behind her own punch. She ends up in top position. Standing, and Burgess gets a trip, but Ziehm takes the back and gets her hooks in. After fighting it, Burgess finally taps to a rear naked choke.

WINNER at 2:38 of the 3rd Round by Rear Naked Choke: Sarah Ziehm


185 lbs.

Sean Worcester (Independent) (0-1)
John Tefft (First Class MMA) (0-0)

Round 1: They tumble for control like scuffling cartoon characters until Worcester lands on top. Tefft gets to his feet and scores the takedown, hitting body shots and nearly finishing it with strikes before time is called.

Round 2: Tefft rushes Worcester to the cage and just throws. Worcester is spent, eating punches until his nose is bloody and the ref steps in.

WINNER at 0:32 of the 2nd Round by TKO (Punches): John Tefft


140 lbs.

Alex Clark (Young’s MMA) (3-2)
Henry Clark (The Choi Institute) (3-2)

Round 1: Alex with a grazing head kick, and a lot of footwork and positioning. They trade strategic strikes for the remainder of the round with Alex getting the better of the exchanges.

Round 2: Alex mixes it up with punches and kicks, rocking Henry. Henry gets a takedown but during the scramble, Alex ends up in Henry’s rubber guard until the end of the round.

Round 3: Alex with strikes against the cage until Henry gets a single leg, but Alex sweeps and gets side control. He secures an arm and works his way into position, nearly getting the tap before time expires.

WINNER by Unanimous Decision: Alex Clark (30-27), (30-27), (30-26)


125 lbs.

Justin Witham (Shatterproof Combat Club) (2-4)
Ryan Burgess (Berserkers MMA) (2-1)

Round 1: The story is Burgess’s kicks… he slips while trying to deliver one, and Witham catches two more of them. To his credit, Burgess has one hell of a chin, and weathers several stiff shots before pulling guard and almost getting Witham’s back. Witham finishes the round with a flurry from side mount.

Round 2: These guys absolutely throw down until Burgess goes for a takedown that Witham stuffs. Witham snakes an arm under and secures a choke for the win.

WINNER at 1:50 of the 2nd Round by Submission (Anaconda Choke): Justin Witham


135 lbs.

Walt Shea (First Class MMA) (1-0)
Alan Bustamante (S Tampa Jiu-Jitsu & MMA) (0-0)

Round 1: Shea puts Bustamante against the cage and muscles him around until Bustamente hits an inadvertant low knee. Upon resuming the contest, Shea is hurt by a strike but retaliates with a spinning backfist and a side kick to the ribs.

Round 2: Shea gets a guillotine early and uses it to roll into mount, where he spends most of the round trying to get clean strikes and failing to finish. Bustamente squirms and bucks and ends up nearly caught in an armbar, but lasts out the final seconds.

Round 3: Shea with the eventual takedown. He does not try to improve position, instead working from inside Bustamente’s guard for nearly the entire round. Bustamente tries for a triangle a couple of times but never gets anything.

WINNER by Unanimous Decision: Walt Shea (30-27), (29-27), (29-26)



Ryan Glover (c) (Berserkers MMA) (3-1)
Victor Irwin (Young’s MMA) (2-0)

Round 1: A little feeling out, then Irwin with an aggressive takedown. He takes Glover’s back and starts landing heavy strikes until he gets a rear naked choke for the win and the title.

WINNER and NEW NEF Amateur Light Heavyweight Champion at 1:15 of the 1st Round by Submission (Rear Naked Choke): Victor Irwin



135 lbs.

Nick Santos (Team Fury) (0-0)
Elias Leland (Academy of MMA) (2-2)

Round 1: Santos with wild misses until Leland takes him down. It takes a little while, but Leland gets Santos against the cage and finishes the fight with an arm triangle.

WINNER at 1:41 of the 1st Round by Submission (Arm Triangle): Elias Leland



Josh Harvey (Young’s MMA) (2-0)
Richie Collingham (Lakes Region Vale Tudo) (3-3)

Round 1: A lot of wrestling, with Harvey looking like an octopus as he tries to maintain control. He gets what he’s looking for up against the cage.

WINNER at 2:31 of the 1st Round by Submission (Darse Choke): Josh Harvey



Matt Denning (Central Maine BJJ) (3-5)
Ricky Dexter (Team Irish) (0-0)

Round 1: Dexter uses his range and sprawls to keep the fight standing. Denning attempts to lure him to the ground and almost gets an armbar. Back on the feet, Dexter peppers him with strikes up against the cage until Denning takes a well placed body shot and doesn’t want anymore.

WINNER at 4:18 of the 1st Round by Submission (Body Shot): Ricky Dexter


235 lbs.

Ras Hylton (First Class/Dragon Fire Martial Arts) (0-0)
Mike Hansen (Berserkers MMA) (5-4)

Round 1: The fighters spar until Hansen gets the takedown. He isolates a leg and it looks like he might get a heel hook, but Hylton stands and strikes down to free himself. He hits Hansen flush with a shot, and Hansen shoots, but Hylton connects with a knee to the solar plexus that causes Hansen to crumble and verbally submit.

WINNER at 1:50 of the 1st Round by Verbal Submission (Injury): Ras Hylton



Jesse Erickson (Central Maine BJJ) (9-5)
Jon Lemke (Team Irish) (5-7)

Round 1: Erickson is throwing kicks with abandon, connecting with some and whiffing with others. Lemke drops him with a shot but lets him up, and Erickson lands some strikes of his own, but Erickson’s guard was low, and he gets dropped by a solid punch. Lemke pounces and the ref stops the fight after some ground strikes. Both men emerge bloody, and the stoppage seems controversial, a point which Erickson laments during his postmatch interview.

WINNER at 3:15 of the 1st Round by TKO (Punches): Jon Lemke



Ryan Sanders (Young’s MMA) (12-8)
John Ortolani (S Tampa Jiu-Jitsu & MMA) (8-10)

Round 1: Shuffling. Positioning. Sanders with a roundhouse kick. Ortolani goes down.

WINNER at 0:13 of the 1st Round by KO (Roundhouse Kick): Ryan Sanders


So on April 29, 2017, at the Androscoggin Bank Colisee, at NEF 28: INVINCIBLE, Ryan Sanders will face Jon Lemke for the vacant Lightweight Championship.

UPDATE: Mike Hansen suffered a broken rib during his fight with Ras Hylton. He is in good condition, however.



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