New England’s Most Avoided Team (Poll)

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Many teams in New England carry a reputation. Those being hi-lighted today are those that other fighters may avoid all together when matchmakers begin putting a fight card together. Avoiding certain fighters is normal for some competitors but avoiding entire teams in general has become for a lack of a better word, popular?

Some well developed teams over the years begin to build a stable of fighters. Iron sharpens iron as the saying goes. The right team and the right system implemented, coupled with talented athletes is a recipe for building great mixed martial artists. It’s common for teams to be flooded with several of the same weights and thus brings up the topic of “dodging” an entire team due to its core of systematically sound fighters.
MMA teams are traditionally well rounded but some teams showcase their “core” discipline more than some others and may become labeled as one dimensional due to the heavy load of a certain attack. This can become a reason fighters avoid a team like this due to their own lack in a certain area.
As not to sound to vague here, an example will be the Gracie family in the world of MMA as our “region”. The Gracie’s are terrific fighters BUT, absolutely one dimensional as they heavily favor the ground game, specifically Jiu Jitsu. As a striker by trade with maybe just an average ground game, this fight may be avoided.
We have many teams in New England that boast a specific discipline, like the Gracie’s. Some even including the art within the name of the team. Others are just known to be certain discipline heavy due to their reputation without any indication in the name of the team at all.
Today’s poll asks you, What team is the most dangerous, the most avoided fight team in the region due to its history, tradition, and stacked list of incredible fighters? What team do you NOT want to fight?

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