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Tom and Joe from 617 productions put together their 2nd tough man competition here at the Shaw’s center in my hometown of  Brockton. They chose to name this competition The St. Patrick’s Day Massacre. Fitting since the holiday was only  yesterday. This is an all amateur card and it is all boxing so the fights will consist of 3 one minute rounds. If this card is anything like the last it will prove to be a good night of fights. You know it’s going to be  a good night when you have Steve “The Sandman” Dunn on the mic and Vinnie Paz in the audience. There is some serious talent in this building. If you decided not to come you have missed out on your chance to be in the presence of greatness.

The night starts off with Casey Lynn Oddie singing the national anthem and she nailed it. She has some serious talent.

Fight 1: Marcus Wilson vs. Sean Driscoll-

Rnd 1 both fighters came out not wanting to disappoint and landed punches in bunches. I don’t have the advantage.

Rnd 2:Both fighters come out swinging but i think Driscoll takes this one.

RND 3: Driscoll should be the winner of this round and the fight on number of punches and accuracy.

Winner: Sean Driscoll UD

Fight 2: Chad Lencello vs. Anthony Gentile- Gentile

Fight 3: Scraped-

Fight 4:Evan Aubry vs. Mike Buldger-

Rnd 1: This is a pretty even match up. Both landing and blocking.

Rnd  2 Much of the same, this is a very entertaining fight.

Rnd 3: I don’t want to keep repeating myself but these dudes can scrap.

Winner: Mike Buldger

Fight 5:Kevin Walsh vs. Brett Lyton

Rnd !: I am liking these 1:00 min. rounds it’s like constant haymakers for a min. straight it’s too close to call round one and two.

Rnd 3: This fight is awesome. They are trying to take each others heads off and it’s great. The round ends and the crowd stands and goes crazy.


Winner: Kevin Walsh by split decision 2-1

Fight 6:Sam Gauither vs. Anthony Comer-

Rnd 1: These two big boys can swing for the fences for sure.

Rnd 2:The big dogs answer the bell trying to knock each others block off and stay pretty consistent for this round.

Rnd 3: There is not too much dancing in this one and the  fight goes pretty much how’d  you think it would except there was no knock out. This fight went all 3 rounds. Surprisingly neither fighter gassed just on their weight class and persistence alone.

Winner: Anthony Cormer UD


MAIN EVENT: Steve Mahoney vs. Tom Collins-

Rnd1 These guys honestly hate each other and I love it. These two apparently took to the internet to talk shit. That hatred has spilled into the ring and it’s pretty freaking entertaining.

Rnd 2:These guys have plenty of gas in the tank and are keeping this slugfest entertaining.

Rbd 3They answer the bell still hungry for that KO.  Too bad that didn’t happen and it goes to the judges, It is a good thing that these two worked on their conditioning.

Winner: Steve Mahoney split decision.

This was a great night of fights and I can honestly say that all of the fighters and 617 productions came prepared. Not one fighter gassed. Every bell was met with the testicular fortitude that it takes to turn pro if the training stays consistent. My word of advice for the card for these fighters or even any new ones. I know these are only 3 one minute rounds and you want to impress the crowd with a KO but, pay attention to your form. I know how easy it is to get over excited and wildly start throwing. Just keep your composure, concentrate, and get your W. Yeah even a blind squirrel finds a nut and a sloppy haymaker will get the KO but, 99.9% of the time for wins. Form, conditioning, and persistence.

I would definitely go to their next card and if you don’t you better have a pretty damn good excuse. I just want to thank Tom and Joe for making this a great event not only for me but for the crowd as well. Return back here soon for a monthly article with one of the realist dudes you will ever meet, Steve “the Sandman” Dunn. Find out if he is going to be fighting again, if he has still been training, and more. If there is anything you would like Steve to answer you can email me @



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