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From the fighters themselves, what to expect Friday night for CES 42


Lincoln, RI — Thank Christ for AXS TV! In liew of a planned vacation, I wont be able to attend CES MMA’s most stacked card of the year. (Joe Zarella will cover for MassMMA, tune in here for updates) It is with great gratitude, I thank CES each event for setting the bar for MMA in our region. This event is nothing short of greatness. I hate to call it, but the “bottom Fight” is a main event on any card locally. A true testament to the CES crew. Please excuse my verbal gratification, as its unlike me to express a visual BJ in words but this is a good fuckin card.

Lets be professional….

I reached out to many of the fighters featured on this weekends card and here’s what they had to say about what we can expect Friday night!


Pat Walsh- “I’m going to impose my will on my opponent (Broenstrup). I dont like to set game plans, It’s a fight. If he wants to stand and bang. I’ll beat him. If he wants to grapple, I’ll beat him there too. Let’s just make sure to put on a show!”

Saul Almeida- “I have no idea whats gonna happen but thats why its intriguing. I’ll be firing at all times, This will be a high paced fight and im sure he will be able to keep up.”

Joe Pingatore – “The fans will be on their feet because this will be a war. Win lose or draw, I’m the most exciting guy on the card.”

Kenny Foster “There’s gonna be action from bell to bell. Whether it stays standing on the feet or goes to the ground. I guarantee, this is’nt going the distance.”

Will Santiago- “We ready to put on a show. Best words, Cant wait!”

Chris Curtis- “We are going t go in there and try and beat the hell out of each other until only one of us comes out. It will be me!”

Luis Felix“It’s been way too long. I’m fired up! I cant wait to go out there and be great!”

Kody Nordby – “Someone’s going out on their feet! I’m dropping bombs”

David Baxter –“I’m going to win. On my feet or on the ground.I’m ready to turn heads tomorrow!”

Jimmy Birchfield“The best card top to bottom yet. Dont miss it!”



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