Cage Titans 33 Review

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Plymouth Memorial hall holds around 1,700 people if I remember correctly and this place was sold out tonight. I am going to be brutally honest for most of this review and some might not like it but that is why I am the one behind the keyboard right now and no I am not just a keyboard warrior either I had 12 professional fights before blowing out my knee, So. yeah there is a good chance I really know what I am talking about. Mike from Cage Titans put on another good show full of both amateur and professionals. With that being said it had to be explained to the crowd who still didn’t like it but, the refs have to be a lot more cautious with the amateurs. For example if an amateur fighter is in armbar and it looks bad but he is refusing to tap. The ref has to stop in and stop the fight. Yeah the fighter usually gets pissed and the crowd does too but, instead of a fighter making his debut walking away with a broken arm he now only has a loss on his amateur record not his pro.

-AM Jordan Brown (0-0 Warrior Warehouse) vs Chris McDonnell (0-0 SSSF)

Winner by unanimous is Jordan Brown

– AM Mrack Kpuih (0-0 Team Phoenix vs Wayne Galvin (0-0 Connors MMA)

Winner :29 of round 3  Wayne Galvin TKO strikes

– AM  Mike Albert (0-0 UFC Gym) vs Collin Donnelly (1-0 SSSF)

 winner 1:00 round 1 vi RNC i Collin Donnelly.

– AM Ryan Dunn (0- Ind) vs Moises Soto (0- Get Right)

 winner by  unanimous decision is Moises Soto

– AM Jose Atiles (0-2 Brazilian Top Team) vs Mike DiNella (1-0 SSSF)

 winner by unanimous  decision is Mike DiNella

– AM Jon Gruber (1-1 Pro Fitness) vs Petros Hologitas (0-0 Team Trifecta)

 winner by tko :20 into round 3 is Jon Gruber

-AM  Quentin Harris (1-0 Indy) vs Antoine Caparotta (2-1 SSSF)

 winner 1:13  into round one by by tko strikes Antoine Caparotta

– AM Rich Szeligowski (0-0 Forge Martial Arts) vs Chris O’Brien (0-0 SSSF)

 winner by knockout Chris O’Brien in just :06 which is a new Cage Titans record

– AM TITLE Laneisha Vinson (Warrior Warehouse 4-1)

0vs. Kylie O’Hearn (Juniko 2-1)

 winner at 1:40 in round 2 by tko is Kylie O’Hearn

 -AM TITLE Zach DiSabatino (3-0SSSF)  vs. Brian Cosco (3-4 BTT) 

 winner at 1:56 of  round 2 via RNC Zach DiSabatino

– PRO Ryan DiBartolomeo (Team Link NH) 0-2 vs. David Espino (Trifecta) 0-1

 winner by unanimous decision is Ryan DiBartolomeo

– PRO Jay Ellis (Team Knockout) 13-63 vs. Joe Giannetti (SSSF) 3-0

Winner 3:28 in round 1 via RNC  Joe Giannetti

– PRO Johnny Campbell (SSSF) 12-9 vs. Raymond Yanez (Lashley Training) 4-9

 winner  round 1 by RNC is Johnny Campbell

– PRO Frank Sforza (SSSF) 5-0 vs. Spencer Higa (Hawaii 5-7) 

winner by unanimous decision is Frank Sforza

– PRO Tony Gravely (Tech MMA 8-3)  vs. Manny Bermudez (SSSF  8-0) 

winner round 1 by armbar is Manny Bermudez




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