Combat Zone 61 Results and Review

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Rhode Island’s Douma grinds out impressive win to stop Marotte

Manchester NH — A rough week from the matchmaking standpoint spilled over to fight night as not one but two “No-show’s” occurred in the 11th hour leaving two top ranked fighters in Josh Meehan (4-0) 125lbs and Shawn Melanson (3-1) 145lbs unable to showcase their skills in front of the packed crowd Saturday night.

The main event stole the fight of the night award as the two 20-year-old featherweights battered and bruised each other for five rounds in the “champion vs champion” bout. The arena reached deafening heights with every blow landed by the pro Brendan Marotte (5-2) crowd as you could hear a pin drop each time John Douma (5-2) completed one of his many takedowns to silence the partisan Marotte fans. A fight that didnt disappoint as Douma was able to impose his wrestling on Marotte for the better portion of 5 rounds. Albeit, not without taking a serious pounding to his face, neck, ears, legs, chest and head as it seamed Marotte landed everything he could throw at Douma. In terminator fashion, Douma powered through Marotte’s strikes with a brazen assurance that his takedowns would bring him to victory. After five exciting, awesome rounds both fighters with enough energy to go five more, Douma came out on top with a unanimous decision victory taking his second local title at featherweight and erasing any doubt that he is the top featherweight in New England.

Martin Thompson was victorious and remained undefeated (3-0) as he took a split decision win over Juniko fighter Tommy Lee Davis in a stand- up war. Thompson becomes Combat Zones first welterweight amateur champion with the win.

The final professional bout of the night was won by team Triumph brown belt Vovka “KGB” Clay as he defeated Ohio native and 30 fight veteran Brandon Odom in the first round via TKO improving his record to 5-2 and 3 straight victories.


*** Amateur Kickboxing ***

Fight 1

155 lbs. – David Foss (1-0) Natnapa Muay Thai vs. Demetri Photis (0-0) NETT

Winner: David Foss via Split Decision (29-28; 28-29; 29-28)

Fight 2

200 lbs. – Kristian Lombari (2-1) Team Fury vs. David Jamie (0-0) NETT

Winner: Lombari via Unanimous decision

Fight 3

170 lbs. – Duncan Smith (0-0) Team Irish vs. Isaiah Ocasio (0-0) Ocasio’s Martial Arts

Winner: Ocasio via UD

Fight 4

140 lbs. – John Bourget (1-3) Natnapa Muay Thai vs. Steve Perry (1-1) Broadway

Winner: Perry via TKO Rnd 3

Fight 5

130 lbs. – Crystal Demers (1-0) Team Fury vs. Rachel Reinheimer (0-1) Sityodtong

Winner: Demers via UD


*** Amateur MMA ***


135 lbs. – Max Casa (0-0) F5 Fight Team vs. Carlos Vespaziano (0-0) Juniko

Winner: Vespasiano via decision


125 lbs. – James Palmer (2-1) F5 Fight Team vs. Josh Meehan 4-0 (Juniko)


155 lbs. – Kevin Sopha (0-0) SLS vs. Peter Moscone (0-0) Chang’s TKD

Winner: Moscone via UD

122 lbs. – Alex Walker (2-1) Kaze Dojo vs. Anna Brown (0-0) PMA

Winner: Alex Walker via Arbar (inverted) :23

145 lbs. Nick Toressi (0-2) Ind. vs. Shawn Melanson (3-1) Gate City

*** Professional MMA ***

Fight 13

135 lbs.- Andy Aiello (3-2) Lauzon’s MMA vs. Chris Caterino (0-1) Gate City

Winner: Caterino via Cut stoppage 4:08 rnd 2

160 lbs. – Brandon Odom 14-15 (All out Assault) vs. Vovka Clay (4-2) Triumph

Winner: Vovka Clay via TKO 3:11 rnd 1


160lbs George Sheppard 15-12 (MMA Institute) vs Lucas Cruz 8-5 (Sityodtong)

Winner: Lucas Cruz via RNC 1:42 rnd 2

*** CZ 61 C0-Main Event ***

Amateur MMA Welterweight Title Fight

Fight 15

170 lbs. – Martin Thompson (2-0) FAA vs. Tommy Lee Davis (3-0) Juniko

Winner: Martin Thompson via Split dec.

*Thompson becomes new welterweight champion


*** CZ 61 Main Event ***

Amateur MMA Featherweight Title Fight

Fight 16

145 lbs. – John Douma (4-2) Tri-Force MMA vs. Brendon Marotte (5-1) PMA

Winner: John Douma via UD

*Douma becomes the new Combat Zone Featherweight Champion



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