LIVE Round by Round Coverage of NEF 28: Invincible

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NEF 28: Invincible begins at 7:00 pm EST. Stay tuned for round-by-round results throughout the event.


Middleweight (185 lbs.)

Josh Jones (First Class MMA) (0-0-0)
Sean Worcester (Independent) (0-2-0)

Round 1: Worcester’s defenses are almost non existent, and Jones tees off on his opponent at will, bloodying him within the first ten seconds. Worcester instinctively wraps Jones in a waistlock, but loses his balance, allowing Jones to mount and finish the fight emphatically with strikes.

Winner by TKO in 0:41 of Round 1: Josh Jones

Flyweight (125 lbs.)

James Ploss (Team Kaze) (0-0-0)
Caleb Austin (Central Maine Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) (0-0-0)

Round 1: Kick to the midsection by Austin, but when Ploss attempts a kick of his own, Austin takes the single leg. Ploss manages to grab a guillotine, sinks it in deep, and Austin taps out… but the referee does not see the tap. Ploss breaks the hold, and after realizing the fight was still happening, Austin immediately takes Ploss’s back. Ploss gets to his feet and tries falling backward to crush Austin and break the hold, but Austin keeps the choke intact. Unable to finish Ploss from this position, Austin takes the mount and ends the fight with punches. Heartbreaker for Ploss… expect a rematch soon.

Winner by TKO in 2:57 of Round 1: Caleb Austin


Jacob Deppmeyer (First Class MMA) (0-1-0)
Glenn Kasabian (Nostos MMA) (1-1-0)

Round 1: Clinch in the middle, and an exchange of knees and punches sees no one take the advantage. Deppmeyer scores with a hook, but Kasabian takes the clinch and forces against the cage. After they break, Deppmeyer lands a cross, and as Kasabian starts backing off, Deppmeyer chases, throwing and connecting. Kasabian tries a clinch and eats a knee to the sternum, falling back against the cage. Unable to mount a defense or counterattack, he drops to one of Deppmeyer’s crushing strikes.

Winner by TKO in 1:17 of Round 1: Jacob Deppmeyer

Welterweight (170 lbs.)

Mason Travers (Huard’s Martial Arts) (0-0-0)
Nigel Moye (Independent) (0-0-0)

Round 1: Travers with a thunderous takedown, but ends up in Moyes guillotine. Travers maneuvers out of it and into north-south position, eventually getting a mount. Moyes tries rolling, alternating prone and supine, but can’t get out of his predicament, and eventually the ref steps in after too many unanswered strikes.

Winner by TKO in 1:10 of Round 1: Mason Travers



Dominic Jones (First Class MMA) (0-0-0)
Tollison Lewis (Central Maine Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) (1-5-0)

Round 1: Feeling out process. Lewis tries to keep distance but Jones rushes him against the cage. Lewis circles off the cage, but Jones lifts him and slams him near the fence. Jones postures up, almost gets caught in Lewis’ armbar, but lifts and drops Lewis on his head, dazing him long enough to land more shots. Lewis almost gets a belly down armbar, but up against the cage, Jones is able to squirm out. Lewis gets guard and does a good job of defending himself for a minute before Jones starts landing within the guard. Several unanswered shots, but Lewis is able to survive, and almost gets a triangle. Jones passes to half guard. Lewis is pretty bloody, and after some hammerfists against the cage, stops defending himself.

Winner by TKO in 4:30 of Round 1: Dominic Jones

Featherweight (145 lbs.)

Andre Belcarris (Northeast Assassins) (0-0-0)
Walter Smith-Cotito (Team Link) (4-5-0)

Round 1: Vicious leg kick by Belcarris to start, and Smith-Cotito answers with a roundhouse. Belcarris tries to place a strike here and there. Smith-Cotito gets the waist and charges Belcarris across the cage with a beautiful slam. After struggling for an ankle, Smith-Cotito settles into Belcarris’s guard, gets him against the cage, passes to half guard, and sinks in a guillotine. They roll to the center of the cage, where Smith-Cotito relinquishes the choke and mounts to throw elbows. They end up on their feet, where Smith-Cotito hits a flying knee, but does not connect flush. Belcarris finds himself on the bottom again, where the round ends.

Round 2: Smith-Cotito misses a kick, and Belcarris misses a hook. Smith-Cotito keeps shooting but Belcarris is staying out of range. Smith-Cotito lands a hook, leaving a mouse under Belcarris’s left eye, before getting a slam against the cage and ending up in half guard. Smith-Cotito starts throwing, Belcarris rolls to avoid the strikes and is caught in a rear naked choke for the win.

Winner by Rear Naked Choke in 2:05 of Round 2: Walter Smith-Cotito


Josh Parker (Ruthless MMA & Boxing) (5-8-0)
Matt Denning (Central Maine Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) (3-6-0)

Round 1: Parker comes out fast with vicious strikes that graze but don’t hit flush, then goes for a takedown but gets caught in Denning’s triangle. Parker won’t tap, and Denning tries to adjust, allowing Parker the space to escape. The men trade footlock attempts until Parker postures up and gets some nice elbows and backfists to try to break the hold. Denning is like a pitbull, holding onto the foot. The fighters roll, ending up near the cage with Parker inside Denning’s guard. Denning goes for a kimura, but Parker forces himself against the cage and the men stand. Denning manages to sink in a guillotine choke and gets the standing tap. Great, exciting back and forth contest.

Winner by Guillotine Choke in 3:34 of Round 1: Matt Denning

Featherweight (145 lbs.)

Josh Harvey (Young’s MMA) (3-0-0)
Derek Shorey (Shatterproof Combat Club) (4-8-0)

Round 1: Shorey lands some leg kicks, but when he goes high, Harvey takes him down. Harvey gets high in the guard, as Shorey tries to strike from the bottom and gets an arm. Harvey attempts to slam Shorey out of the armbar and almost ends up belly down, but wiggles out, gets side mount, and ends this one quickly with some brutal elbows. Shorey has a hard time realizing that the fight is over and needs attention afterward, but is okay and shows great sportsmanship.

Winner by TKO in 0:50 of Round 1: Josh Harvey


Ryan Sanders (Young’s MMA) (13-8-0)
Jon Lemke (Team Irish) (6-7-0)

Round 1: Lemke starts off with strike combos, and Sanders covers up but eats some anyway. Lemke takes the center of the cage, with Sanders circling him throughout the round. Leg kicks by Sanders, Lemke with hooks, and both are landing, but not damaging enough. Sanders keeps finding the leg kicks and starts trying for roundhouses, then a jumping knee. Sanders starts to combo his punches and kicks. Anout 30 seconds from the end of the round, Lemke gets a nice takedown, but Sanders immediately starts working for a triangle before the round ends.

Round 2: Some great striking from Sanders, who catches Lemke in a guillotine when he shoots for a takedown. A tap later, and Sanders is inviting his wife into the cage to celebrate, strapping the belt around her waist.

Winner and NEW NEF LIGHTWEIGHT CHAMPION by Guillotine Choke in 0:22 of Round 2: Ryan Sanders



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