CES 44 Live Results

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CES 44 Preview and Predictions

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Bout 1 – Middleweight –  Adam Quitt (1-4) vs. Reginaldo Felix (0-3)

R1 – Felix lands some cleans straights and drops Quitt within seconds.

Result – Felix via TKO

Bout 2 – Bantamweight –  “Scary” Kerri Kenneson (pro debut) vs. Jennifer Norris (3-0)
R1 – Scary tries for the kick but Norris backs her into the cage and into the clinch.  Scary gets the takedown but gets caught in an arm bar attempt.  Scary works into full mount and away from the threat.  Norris tries again but against can’t get it.  Scary lands some clean elbows.  Norris is opened and bleeding from her eye.

R1 – Scary Kenneson

R2 – Scary gets the takedown right away.  Norris tries for a triangle, then an arm bar, but Scary breaks lose and lands some ground and pound that further cuts Norris.  The two go to neutral.  Scary lands some nice combos.  The two look weary as they exchange.

R2 – Scary Kenneson

R3 – Scary is losing control of the cage to Norris but she is counter striking well.  She landing good straights on Norris even as she is back pedaling.  Norris keeps moving forward and walking down Scary but she’s firing back.

R3 – Norris

Result – “Scary” Kenneson via UD

Bout 3 – Welterweight – Tony “TNT” Oden (2-1) vs. Paul Sims (Pro debut)

R1 – Oden lands a solid overhand and shakes Sims.  He regroups and tries for the takedown.  Oden tosses in a guillotine.  Sims reverses and tries for an arm bar.  They transition up and Sims tries for his own guillotine.  He uses it to get Oden’s back.  Oden stands up but Sims still has his back.  He brings him back down into half guard but transitions to the back.  He tries for an armbar but can’t get it and Oden moves on top.

R1 – Sims

R2 – Oden tries to land some kicks and again Sims reaction is the takedown  He gets it and moves into full guard.  An illegal hit by Oden stands the fighters up for a break and then back into neutral.  The two exchange and Oden gets the better of it.  Sims shoots but Oden gets the take down and moves into side mount.  Sims reverses when Oden tries for the back mount.  Sims finishes the round on top after a questionable call to restart them in neutral.

R2 – Sims

R3 – Oden tries to open with kick again and Sims charges in.  Sims tries to return a kick himself and falls short.  Oden gets into full guard.  Sims reverses and stuffs Oden against the cage.  The referee stands them up again.  Sims lands a big head kick, tries a front kick, and falls again.  Oden gets on top and finishes the round there.

R3 – Oden

Result – Sims via UD

Bout 4 – Middleweight – Brian “Checkmate” Sparrow (2-0) vs. Justin “The Fort” Sumter (3-1)

R1 – Sumter comes out in a southpaw stance.  Sparrows tries a front kick.  Sumter catches him in the exchange.  Sumter lunges in and Sparrow slips for the takedown but Sumter ends up on top.  They stands up and Sparrow latches onto Sumter.  Sumter shucks him off and gets on top.  Sparrow gets back to his feet.  Sumter lands a nice combo.  The ref stops the fighter to speak to the fighters about groin shots, probably not needed. Sparrow tries for the takedown but Sumter stuffs it.  They end up in the clinch.

R1 – Sumter

R2 -Sparrow slips in an exchange but Sumter lets him back up.  Sumter lands a nice kick to the head.  Sparrows tries for another takedown but can’t get it.  Sumter catches him with a nice looping right.  Sumter is picking Sparrow apart but pacing his strikes.

R2 – Sumter

R3 – Same pace as the second round with Sumter controlling the pace and picking his shots.

Result – Sumter via UD

Bout 5 – Bantamweight – Carlos Candelario (5-0) vs. Timothy “Rambo” Wheeler (2-2)

R1 – Candelario is the hometown favorite.  The two get busy right after the bell.  Candelario gets the take down and starts to ground and pound with hammer fists.  He gets Wheeler’s back and sinks the rear-naked choke for the win.

Result – Candelario via rear-naked choke

Bout 6 – Light Heavyweight – Mike Rodriguez (6-2) vs. Alec Hooben (5-2)

R1 – Both fighters start exchanging right off the bell.  Hooben lands some nice knees that shake Rodriguez.  Hooben gets the take down and takes Rodriguez’s back with a figure four to the body. He can’t get the rear naked and lets go of the figure four.  Rodriguez reverses and lets him stand up.  He lands a nice front kick to the body and Hooben clinches into the cage.  Hooben tries for a leg lock and ends up in full guard.  He tries for an ankle lock and rolls through several times but can’t get it. Rodriguez gets on top and in full mount and finishes the fight via stoppage.

Result – Rodriguez via TKO

Bout 7 – Welterweight – Jon Manley (9-3) vs. Manny Walo (11-2)

R1 – Walo takes center cage and calmly starts walking down Manley.  Manley bounds with energy around the cage but doesn’t do anything with it.  Walo lands some nice combos throughout the round.  He ends with some power shots.

R1 – Walo

R2 – Manley lands somekicks.  Walo comes back with a power combo.  The two exchange.  Manley lands a nice combo of his own.  He backs Walo into the cage and tries for the take down but gets stuffed.  The two finish the round in neutral exchanging albeit briefly.

R2 – Manley

R3 – Both fighters start exchanging.  Manley lands some nice kicks to the leg.  Walo lands a nice high knee to Manley followed up by a combo.  Manley recovers and pushes him into the cage.  He grabs low and they stop the fight due to a grab to the groin.  Manley lands a high knee after the break but Walo counters big.  Walo is teeing off on Manley as he moves in.  He tries for the takedown but Walo stops it.

Result – Walo via UD

Bout 8 – Featherweight – Sean Soriano (9-5) vs. Jacob “The Jaguar” Bohn (5-2)

R1 – Long feeling out process with no one wanting to make a mistake.  Soriano tries to a big right that connects.  He follows up with a nice 1-2 combo.  Bohn tries for a takedown but is stuffed.   Bohn recovers but Soriano lands another combo.  Soriano finishes the round with a nice combo.

R1 – Soriano

R2 – Soriano chants start in the crowd.  He lands a nice inside kick.  Bohn tries for a combo of his own but is countered.  He can’t get anything off without being countered by Soriano.  Bohn gets backed against the cage and tries for a takedown by Soriano breaks free.  Sorianolands a nice punch and ends with kick.  Bohn gives in via verbal tapout.  Looks like he broke his ankle.

Result – Soriano via TKO

Bout 9 – Heavyweight – Greg “Ribz” Rebello (21-7) vs. “King” Kevin Ray Sears (6-3)

R1 – Sears is the first to lunge in. Rebello deflects with ease.  Sears tries for another lunging overhand right and pushes Rebello into the cage where they end in the clinch.  Rebello lands a nice knee to the head. He follows it up with a straight left that connects.  Sears tries to counter with his own but Rebello lands another knee.  Sears lunges in again but to no avail.  Rebello lands another big knee followed by a big left.  Rebello smells blood.  He finishes the round with a high kick and straight left.

R1 – Rebello

R2 – Sears lands a kick to start and paces forward.  Rebello lands another straight left.  Rebello tees off on Sears.  Sears gets the takedown but Rebello quickly reverses.  He ends up on top in half guard.  He moves into full mount and tees off.  Rebello takes his back.  He gets out in front and tries for a guillotine but he can’t finish.

R2 – Rebello

R3 – Rebello lands a nice knee to start.  Sears rushes forward shoving him into the cage.  Sears tries for the take down but Rebello ends up on top in full mount.  He tries for a choke and gets out to the side but can’t finish.  He gets Sears’ back and tees off.  Sears rolls and Rebello ends back up in full mount.  He sits out and re locks the darst choke.

Results – Rebello via submission

Bout 10 – Featherweight championship – Matt “The Mangler” Bessette vs. Rey “The Chosen Warrior” Trujillo (22-18)

R1 – No feeling out process here as Bessette goes right in for it.  He tries for some knees before attempting a throw.  Trujillo shakes it off and gets back to neutral. High pace between both fighters.  Bessette goes for a takedown but cant get it.  He stays in the clinch and lands some knees.  Trujillo lands on the exit. Bessette lands a nice head kick.  They lock up again.  Trujillo lands a nice straight that lands. He almost gets the take down but Bessette gets back to his feet.  Bessette connects with a right.  Neither showing signs of slowing down. Trujillo gets the take down.  Bessette almost sticks a triangle but time expires.

R1 – Bessette

R2 – Bessette  drops Trujillo with a massive right.  He swarms on top and lands more punches.  He gets his back and sinks the rear naked.  Trujillo escapes and works his way back up.  Trujillo looks tired.  Bessette lands a huge head kick.  It opens Trujillo’s eye.  Bessette lands more body punches. Short time and Bessette lands a huge right and tries to finish before the round ends but can’t.

R2 – Bessette

R3 – Trujillo’s cut is too bad.  Doctor’s stoppage.

Result – Bessette’s via doctor’s stoppage.  



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