LIVE Round by Round Coverage of NEF 29: Stars & Stripes

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Super Middleweight (168 lbs.)

Jason Quirk (Portland Boxing Club) (5-0-0)
Borngod Washington (Independent) (3-19-0)

Round 1: Washington is playing turtle defense for most of the round, with Quirk using mostly uppercuts to get between the guard. Quirk hits a late round uppercut that takes Washington off his feet, but Borngod is able to continue to the next round.

Round 2: Quirk backs Washington into the corner right at the start, and Washington ducks several hooks before Quirk starts to land. Washington crouches in the corner for the ref stoppage. Washington’s right arm seems to have been frozen straight from the shoulder… possible separation or nerve issues.

Winner by TKO in 0:22 of Round 2: Jason Quirk

Junior Middleweight (154 lbs.)

Casey Kramlich (Portland Boxing Club) (7-0-1)
Bryan Goldsby (Jorge Gurgel) (4-3-0)

Round 1: Goldsby initiates the clinch frequently to avoid shots, and the boxers have to be separated over a dozen times. Kramlich lands the most significant strikes.

Round 2: Same strategy as the first round, with frequent clinches.

Round 3: Goldsby actually gets a point deducted for clinching. He gets a nice flurry of hooks, but Kramlich hunts him down, hitting him center-ring with a brutal uppercut. Goldsby is staggered, and after eating a few more strikes, takes a knee and does not answer the referee’s 10 count.

Winner by KO in 2:54 of Round 3: Casey Kramlich

Middleweight (160 lbs.)

Russell Lamour, Jr. (Portland Boxing Club) (15-2-0)
Bruce Boyington (Young’s MMA) (1-0-0)

Round 1: Lamour plays very defensively. Boyington is throwing with abandon, but only landing a few. Lamour measures and keeps popping his jab in Boyington’s face, landing nearly every time. The difference in boxing style versus MMA style is striking (no pun intended).

Round 2: Lamour opens up, landing a lot more, but an accidental headbutt leaves Boyington holding his face on the mat. He comes up bleeding from above the left eye and after an assessment, the fight is called.

No Contest due to Doctor Stoppage at 2:35 of Round 2


Middleweight (185 lbs.)

John Tefft (First Class MMA) (1-0-0)
Mike Williams (Central Maine Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) (2-1-0)

Round 1: Williams with brutal leg kicks until they clinch against the cage. A scramble ends with Williams taking the back and getting the hooks in, but Tefft avoids damage until he can get to his feet. Williams slips off and ends up with Tefft in his guard, but Tefft is able to land significant strikes without Williams being able to mount a decent defense. Williams takes so much damage that, even though he makes it through the round, he is unable to continue.

Winner by TKO in 3:00 of Round 1: John Tefft

Middleweight (185 lbs.)

Josh Jones (First Class MMA) (1-0-0)
Anthony Spires (Independent) (0-2-0)

Round 1: Jones with a right hook. Spires drops like a brick and is completely motionless. Jones has set the record for the shortest NEF fight.

Winner by KO in 0:04 of Round 1: Josh Jones

Women’s Strawweight (115 lbs.)

Alex Walker (Team Kaze) (3-1-0)
Sarah Ziehm (Central Maine Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) (1-0-0)

Round 1: Walker with leg kicks and an attempt at a superman punch, but Ziehm catches a front kick and initiates a clinch. They jockey for position against the cage with Ziehm landing a couple of knees before they break. Against the opposite side of the cage, Ziehm gets the takedown and ends up in Walker’s guard. Ziehm attempts to posture up and gets caught in an armbar. Walker keeps it locked, and with mere seconds left in the round, the referee stops the fight.

Winner by Technical Submission in 2:57 of Round 1: Alex Walker

Featherweight (140 lbs.)

Glenn Kasabian (Nosotos MMA) (1-2-0)
Kam Arnold (Central Maine Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) (0-0-0)

Round 1: Arnold takes the center of the cage with Kasabian circling. Arnold hits a huge overhand right but doesn’t follow up. A minute later he lands another one, and this time he follows Kasabian, throwing a flurry that Kasabian can’t withstand; during the onslaught, Kasabian falls to his knees a couple of times but manages to get to his feet until the strikes overwhelm him.

Winner by TKO in 1:54 of Round 1: Kam Arnold


Rafael Velado (c) (First Class MMA) (4-0-0)
Pat Kelly (Young’s MMA) (3-0-0)

Round 1: Kelly with leg kicks, trying to find the jab. A slip by Kelly that results in a short clinch that the fighters break on their own. Kelly with a one-two combo that lands clean. Velado keeps throwing up a roundhouse kick, and keeps missing. They clinch against the cage, and break at the end of the round, with Kelly landing a grazing right hook before the bell.

Round 2: Kelly lands a right hook, while Velado continues to throw strikes that miss. Kelly throws wild and lands a leg kick. Velado keeps faking a superman punch but doesn’t chain into anything. Kelly is throwing absolutely all of his power into his hooks, but hitting air. They clinch against the cage, and Kelly almost gets a trip, and then a wizard, but Velado stays upright. Kelly with a knee and a flurry of punches, and the round ends with Kelly hitting a solid jab and a left hook that Velado shrugs off.

Round 3: Wild swings, and a clinch ends on the mat with Kelly on top, but after a few grazing strikes, Kelly lets his opponent up. A strike moments later knocks Velado’s mouth guard out. Kelly with alternating hooks, and Velado goes for a leg and ends up in the guillotine position. Kelly lets Velado up, and Velado nearly lands a roundhouse kick; sweat can be seen flying from Kelly’s cheek from the impact. Time runs out with Kelly landing a few more strikes against the cage, and Velado hugs Kelly after the final bell.

Winner and NEW AMATEUR LIGHTWEIGHT CHAMPION by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27): Pat Kelly



Featherweight (145 lbs.)

Josh Parker (Ruthless MMA & Boxing) (5-9-0)
Andre Belcarris (Northeast Assassins) (0-1-0)

Round 1: Belcarris very aggressive, throwing leg kicks and overhand rights without landing much clean. The fighters circle, feeling each other out, until Parker lunges with a right cross. Belcarris is throwing his jab out. Parker with a roundhouse to the ribs, Belcarris with a leg kick. The fighters respect each other. Parker is dodging most of Belcarris’s offense, but Belcarris keeps landing the leg kick. Now Belcarris hits a roundhouse to the ribs, and shoots for the takedown. He gets it, but ends up in Parker’s guillotine, which Parker uses to roll into side control. Belcarris gets half guard very quickly. Parker is able to move against the cage and posture up, throwing down until Belcarris attempts an upkick. Both men end the round on their feet.

Round 2: Belcarris really working the leg kick, and starts chaining high kicks together, but missing. It appears that a leg kick hurts Parker, and he falls, visibly grimacing. In a moment Belcarris dives down on top with a strike and ends up in Parker’s guard. Belcarris manages to pass to Parker’s half guard, landing body shots, and leaving welts on Parker’s back. Parker is able to sweep, and has his opponent against the cage, posturing up but remaining in the guard. He begins striking down with short elbows, cutting Belcarris. Parker passes to half guard and stays busy enough to end the round on top.

Round 3: Belcarris immediately works leg kicks and roundhouse kicks. Parker with a single leg, carrying Belcarris to the cage and taking him down, but ending up in half guard again. Belcarris does not seem to have an answer on the mat, though he does get full guard for a moment. Parker passes to the other side, still in half guard, and eventually passes to side control. He tries to mount but ends up back in the guard. Belcarris doing a good job of stalemating Parker on the ground, but can’t mount any offense. The round ends with Parker landing body shots in the guard.

Winner by Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-27): Josh Parker


Dominic Jones (First Class MMA) (1-0-0)
Matt Denning (Central Maine Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) (4-6-0)

Round 1: Denning working the leg kick. Both fighters are very active with their footwork. Jones strikes and gets Denning against the cage in a clinch. Denning with knees until Jones breaks. Jones with a superman punch, and Denning falls against the cage, getting the clinch again. He manages to drive Jones down to his back, and when Jones scrambles, Denning takes his back. Jones gets to his feet, but Denning has the hooks in and cinches the rear naked choke. Jones taps while standing.

Winner by Submission due to Rear Naked Choke in 2:05 of Round 1: Matt Denning

Heavyweight (265 lbs.)

Ras Hylton (First Class MMA/Dragon Fire) (1-0-0)
Eric Ramsey (Trinity Combat Club) (0-1-0)

Round 1: Ramsey looks for leg kicks, but when Hylton throws strikes, Ramsey clinches. Hylton with knees, and Ramsey keeps trying to catch them but ends up taking them instead. The fighters break and Hylton takes the center of the cage, landing shots at will. Ramsey stays standing for a bit, but eventually drops against the cage.

Winner by TKO in 2:01 of Round 1: Ras Hylton

Featherweight (145 lbs.)

Ray Wood (Nick’s Fight Club) (8-3-0)
Alexandre Bezerra (Daddis Fight Camps) (19-5-0)

Round 1: Bezerra takes the center of the cage. They trade leg kicks. Wood’s roundhouse is blocked but he lands a stiff jab immediately afterward. Bezerra takes Wood down, and when Wood scrambles to his feet, Bezerra gets his back. Bezerra can’t get the hooks however, and Wood turns and gets to his feet. Bezerra fights hard for the takedown, but Wood manages to get against the cage and stay standing. Wood hits a side kick, pushing Bezerra away, then a roundhouse to the sternum. Bezerra runs Wood against the cage and takes him down, mounting him. Wood turns and Bezerra takes his back but can’t get anything. Wood valiantly keeps trying to stand but Bezerra won’t allow it. Back to the center of the cage. Neither man lands anything and the round ends.

Round 2: Bezerra almost catches a kick for a takedown. More striking until Bezerra gets a single leg and takes Wood down, ending up in his guard. Wood pushes Bezerra up and lands an elbow to cut Bezerra’s forehead. Bezerra is bleeding all over Wood, but is still trying to throw shots. Bezerra is very active, but can never land anything significant. Wood pushes him away to get separation, but Bezerra gets the immediate takedown and stays in Wood’s guard until the end.

Round 3: Wood tries to throw a kick and once again gets caught in a takedown. Bezerra tries to posture up from the guard, and Wood tries to work the elbows from beneath. Bezerra slowly works Wood toward the cage, and Wood attempts to push off but can’t stand. Wood tries for a kimura but can’t get it. Bezerra keeps working, and eventually passes into side control. They end up against the cage again, Wood stands, and Bezerra with another takedown. The fighters end the round the way that they spent the majority of it; Wood on the mat against the cage with Bezerra keeping him down.

Winner by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28): Alexandre Bezerra



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