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I walked in just about when the doors were opening and the place was already jumping for this 16 fight card with several undefeated fighters. They had quite the setup for the fighters to walk out from, it looked really professional. They had the fights shown on a projection screen it just would’ve helped if they zoomed in when the fighters were against the cage or on the ground.

I usually like to post the results live even when the venue doesn’t have an open WIFI I use my personal phone as a mobile hot spot. I wasn’t able to do so as the seating I was given as several rows behind fans who get excited when something happens and stand up making my view even worse. I am trying to promote this event on the largest MMA website in New England. It is hard to depict the action for the fans and I can’t accurately describe the event when I am tucked into the back corner.

There were 17 fights slated for this card but, one of the fights  I was really looking forward to was Manny Bermudez vs. Joe Pearson but, Pearson didn’t pass the medicals.

Aaron Hughes vs John Semenuksemenuk wins by RNC in the !st round

Matt Wadell vs Jordan Brown- Brown looked like he had the better takedowns but Wadell had the better jiu jitsu. Wadell took home victory with a unanimous decision.

Pat Crowley vs Brandon Conrad- Crowley came out swinging hard and connecting on quite a few. Brandon shot in on a single and Crowley lands a few more punches to the side of Conrad’s head. The ref must not have been defending himself. Now I could be wrong but they were calling it a KO when I  think it was a TKO. Either way

Crowley wins in 16 seconds of the first round

Chris Sniger vs Antoine CaparottaBoth Fighters come out throwing punches but nothing too damaging. Sniger gets a Takedown but into Caparotta’s guard and the round ends. Round 2 After not much stand up Caparotta takes Sniger down with a authority and the round ends with Cap on top. Round 3  Caparotta scores another takedown into his own guard and that’s where the fight ends.

Winner: Sniger UD

Mike Albert vs Pat Gilbride Gilbride comes out with some serious authority throwing lateral drops and head and  all at the same time landing solid punches too. Sorry I didn’t catch the time on this one but,

Gilbride wins by armbar.

Chris O’Brien vs Josh Halladay Halladay scores a takedown but O’Brien has been on top for most of the round. Round2 O’Brien comes out throwing some serious combinations and landing too. Winner  O’Brien round 2 Guillotine.

Ron Marshall vs Fabio Cherant  Cherant eats a few punches but then gets Marshall against the cage and scores a takedown. After throwing a few punches of his own Cherant then sinks in a RNC for the win. Winner Cherant by RNC at 2:22 in the first.

Marty Navis vs Trevor Gudde Gudde comes out connecting some good punches and the 1st round ends. Round 2 Narvis gets the takedown but, they quickly stand up. Narvis attempts a standing guillotine. They lock up but then the round ends. Round 3 was honestly a little stand up and some failed takedown attemps.

Winner Gudde by split decision

Hilarie Rose vs Laneisha Vinson-They start the round trying to gauge distance and feel each other out until the ten second warning and Rose scores a takedown. Round 2 Rose gets the takedown then the ref stands them up for no action. Again at he 10 second mark Rose gets another takedown but, lets Vinson up quickly and times a good head kick to end round 2. Round 3 Vinson comes out throwing and trying to finish the fight. Eventually they go to the mat with Rose on top and that’s where the fight ends. Winner Hilarie Rose UD

Gerard Meuse vs Zach DEsabatino They clinch on the cage. Desa  picks up Meuse and slams him to the mat.They stand and Desa does the same thing again and the round ends. Round2 They come out and scrap but Meuse accidentaly hits Desa in the groin. Then the round ends. Round 4 is a back and forth battle looking like Meuse is getting the better of the stand up and even stuffing Desa’s takedown attempts. Round ends. Round 5 Meuse definitely got the better of this round landing great kicks and even working the body with knees and punches in the clinch. Desa does score one more takedown to end the fight. Winner now I find this odd in MMA but the judges called this one a majority draw.

Jake Kaperowski vs Josh Meehan- Both fighters came out kicking but, it looks as if Kap is getting the better of the exchanges. Meehan scores a takedown and passes into half guard and that’s where the round ends. Round 2 They come out kicking again but, Kap is putting a beating on Meehan’s left leg. You can see Meehan start to limp a little and his leg is turn a purplish red. Round 3 all that I could see was Meehan jump guard but then they stood. Round 4 Meehan gets another takedown  and they stand again Round 5  I couldn’t see at all.

Winner Kaperowski decision

BMontoyia Swilling vs Jimmy Manning-  It was hard to see if Swilling got the takedown  or Manning pulled Swilling into his guard. Either way Manning made quick work of him.

Winner  Jimmy Manning Round 1 1:27 triangle choke.

Tim Wheeler vs Johnny Campbell- There is not much to write about with this fight except cupcakes continues to impress with Round 1 :45 second RNC

Vince McGuiness vs Joe Gianetti They come out exchanging punches and then clinch against the cage. Gianetti takes it to the ground and attempts a choke. McGuiness defends and then sweeps and finishes the round on top. Round 2  Both fighters come up showing some good stand up and then McGuiness scores a takedown. Round 3  Gianetti comes out landing kick after kick but McGuiness answers with jab after jab. They clinch one more time and McGuiness gets the takedown.

Winner Gianetti by UD

Drew Morales vs Peter Barrett- This was the upset of the night in my opinion. They both came out throwing punches and kicks. Then they clinch against the cage but, when they separate Morales drops Barrett with a punch and then jumps on to finish the fight. After a few unanswered punches the ref stops the fight.

Winner Morales TKO 3:20 in the first round.

Jay Ellis vs Frank Sforza- Frank made quick work of Ellis. They came out and clinched and then Frank got the takedown against the cage. He quickly transitioned to Ellis’ back, got hooks and then sunk in a rear naked choke to finish the fight.

Winner  Frank Sforza RNC round1 the place was so loud  I didn’t catch the time.

I would like to give some advice to some of the fighters. Fighter to fighter, just about a couple things that I had noticed. Throw combinations you will hear people say punches in bunches and it’s because it works. Also when you hear that 10 second bell it is not a time to rest you want to prove to the judges that you won that round so go for it you get a break in 10 seconds anyway.



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