Combat Zone 62 *Live Review*

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Combat Zone 62

Live Review

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Manchester, NH —The hard work is over, weeks of training, dieting, cardio…It’s all for what could be seconds or minutes in the cage tonight.









One half of the main event [Ray Shawdee] has set the tone for what he hopes to be a stand-up battle against one of the most feared strikers in the welterweight division, Will “The Brown Bomber” Santiago. At 7-4 Santiago credits 6 wins via KO. His counterpart, Shawdee has only 1 win via TKO stoppage. A strong statement by the challenger but one that makes this fight so interesting.


*Live Results for Combat Zone 62 by Drew Kane

*** Amateur Kickboxing ***

155lbs David Foss 2-0 (Natnapa Muay Thai) vs Alexey Soroka 2-0 (Young’s MMA)

Crowd is packed in for the first fight of the night.

Round 1:  Soroka comes out firing in the first round.  Foss looked a bit hesitant to pull the trigger as Soroka’s speed looks to be an issue for Foss.  10-9 Sorka

Round 2: A couple of good exchanges mixed in with a knockdown (or possible slip) by Soroka on Foss and a low blow by Foss on Soroka.  The low blow didn’t slow Soroka down as Foss is clearly a tough kid, but seems just a tad slower than Soroka.  10-9 Soroka

Round 3:  Foss pushes the action as Soroka looks to avoid exchanges and take his win.  If Foss fought like this the first two rounds, it could be a different fight.  10-9 Foss

OFFICIAL RESULT:  30-27 unanimous decision for Soroka to improve to 3-0

125lbs Crystal Demers 2-0 (Team Fury) vs Lisa DellaRusso 0-0(PMA)

Ladies up next in what looks to be an excited matchup.

Round 1:  AWESOME first round jammed packed with these two kicking and punching non-stop!  DellaRusso kept connecting with a solid left a few rights to get the better of the exchanges.  These two are getting after it.  10-9 DellaRusso

Round 2:  Crowd goes nuts to close out the round.  Both girls giving it everything they have.  Great exchanges with most of the round fought against the cage.  Demers pushed the action, but DellArusso seemed to get the power punches in.  10-9 DellaRusso

Round 3:  These two ladies are giving it everything they’ve got.  Clearly getting tired, but the action is still non stop.  Demers really pushed hard as DellaRusso tired more than Demers.  Great fight. Crowd goes nuts!!  RESPECT to these two ladies.  10-9 Demers.

OFFICIAL RESULTS:  Demers by Split Decision:  29-28 Demers, 29-27 Demers, 29-27 Demers

155lbs Andrew Kamakas 0-1 (Fusion Training Academy) vs Matt Cruz 0-0 (NETT)

Crowd BOOING THE SH!T out of Kamakas as he walks to the cage.  NETT obviously in the house tonight with huge representation!

Round 1:  Some good exchanges in round 1.  Matt Cruz throwing with PURPOSE on every punch.  Cruz kept Kamakas working off his heels.  10-9 Cruz

Round 2:  An action packed round.  Kamakas landed a couple of solid shots, but Cruz isn’t slowing down as he throws BOMBS with every punch.  Kamakas was slowed in that round.  10-9 Cruz

Round 3:  Kamakas coming on strong in the last round.  Both fighters throwing power shots throughout the round.  Kamakas may have got that round, but not enough to win the bout overall.  Both fighters showing toughness and power throughout the round.  10-9 Kamakas

OFFICIAL RESULTS:  MATT CRUZ via unanimous decision 29-28, 29-28, 30-27

*** Amateur MMA ***

130lbs Fouad Shahin 0-0 (F5 Fight Team) vs Carlos Vespaziano 1-0 (Juniko)

Round 1:  Shahin comes out like the guy from the NOS commercial!  Kicks and spinning shit and all types of energy!!!  Vespaziano follows with some solid technique as he seems more relaxed in the cage.  Round finishes with a Vespaziano takedown.  10-9 Vespaziano

Round 2:  Most of the action taking place on the ground.  Vespaziano controlling most of the round, but Shahin managed to make the most out of a Vespaziano armbar attempt, switching to top position/control to finish the round.  Still, Vespaziano seemed to get the better of the round.  10-9 Vespaziano

Round 3:  That energy Shahin had to start DID NOT STOP as he peppered Vespaziano throughout the round.  Vespaziano tired and took some HEAVY shots that results in a stoppage against the cage.  TKO: Shahin

OFFICIAL RESULTS:  Shahin via TKO 3rd round

110lbs Linda Selima 0-0 (Triumph) vs Allison Blackwell 0-1 (Tri-Force)

Round 1: Great action overall.  Also a quick beer and bathroom break.  10-9 Selima

Round 2:  Selima controls the action on the ground fighting inside Blackwell’s guard for most of the round.  10-9 Selima

Round 3:  about a minute and a half of this round was Selima inside a failed guillotine attempt by Blackwell.  Selima escaped and ended up on top smashing Blackwell repeatedly.  10-9 Selima

OFFICIAL RESULTS:  Selima via Unanimous Decision 29-28, 30-27, 30-27

170lbs Jordan Boisvert 2-2 (Triumph) vs Rondel Clark 0-0 (Integrated)

Round 1:  Clark brings the heat as he is just too much to handle in the opening round.  Boisvert has no answer for a barrage of punches after he falls to the canvas.  Fight is stopped.  Clark via TKO

OFFICIAL RESULTS:  Clark via TKO, 25 seconds, 1st round

125lbs Alyssa Marini 0-0 (Woo Kickboxing Academy) vs Anna Brown 0-1 (PMA)

Round 1:  ACTION PACKED round as the girls exchange heavy heat.  Unfortunately for Anna Brown, Marini lands a flurry of punches resulting in Brown being knocked out cold to the canvas.


195lbs John McNeil 2-1 (Triumph) vs Thomas Lee Davis Jr. 3-1 (Juniko)

Round 1:  McNeil pushing the pace early.  Davis throwing some BOMBS that miss, luckily for McNeil.  Overall, McNeil controlled the action and pushed the pace.  10-9 McNeil

Round 2:  Lots of big punches being thrown in round 2. Though most missed, McNeil seemed to control and get the better of the exchanges.  10-9 McNeil

Round 3:  McNeil trying his best for take downs, but with no success.  Davis hit a couple of big shots that landed.  Davis 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULTS:  DAVIS via Split Decision  30-27 Davis, 29-28 McNeil, 30-27 Davis

145lbs Nick Fiore 3-1 (Renzo Gracie NH) vs Carl Langston 6-8 (Young’s MMA)

Round 1:  Nick Fiore with a DOMINATE fight.  Ending with Fiore taking Langston’s back and ending the fight with punches.  Great display of skill for Fiore.

OFFICIAL RESULTS:  Fiore via TKO 1st round

135lbs Jack Greene 2-4 (Cagestrikers) vs Jake Pilla 4-2 (Spero’s/SLS)

***Missed it, but it sounded exciting.  Sorry guys, I owe you one.

160lbs Shawn Melanson 3-1 (Gate City) vs Brendon Marotte 5-2 (PMA)

***FIGHT CANCELLED due to Melanson having difficulties cutting weight.  Everyone tried to make this fight happen on short notice.  Respect to all involved.  Rest up and come back strong.


*** Professional MMA ***

140lbs Kenny Rodriguez 0-1 (Team Fury) vs Jeff Silva 1-3 (PMA)

Round 1:  Rodriguez pushing the pace as both fighters throw haymakers.  Rodriguez brought Silva to his feet a couple of times in the round.  Silva missing with BIG power punches.  Rodriguez with sharper technique to win the round 10-9 Rodriguez

Round 2:  Rodriguez pushing the pace again, but Silva counters a leg kick with a spinning backfist to drop Rodriguez.  Fight goes to the ground.  Silva throws on a triangle choke for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: SIVLA via Submission, Triangle Choke

160lbs Jay Ellis 13-68 (Neutral Ground)  vs Lucas Cruz 9-4 (Sityodtong)

Round 1:  Cruz dominates from the top from the get go.  Cruz’s top control/ground and pound is just too much for Ellis who gives his back for Cruz to sink in a RNC.  Submission victory for Cruz as he displays his BJJ from Juniko

OFFICIAL RESULTS: Cruz via Submission, 2:22 seconds of round 1.

150lbs Brandon Odom 0-1 (WreckRoom) vs Dylan Lockard 2-0 (PMA)

Round 1:  Odom comes out swinging for the fences which allows Lockard an opportunity for the take down.  Lockard finishes from the top with a vicious ground and pound that was too much for Odom who showed heart in the cage.  TKO Stoppage for Lockard.

OFFICIAL RESULTS:  Lockard Via TKO, 2:37 1st round

185lbs Mitch Whitesel 17-27 (WreckRoom) vs Sean Lally 5-2 (Juniko)

Round 1:  Lots of cage work as both fighters were grinding during that round.  Lally with more work and more control.  10-9 Lally

Round 2:  Exciting 2nd round to start with Whitesel attempting a guillotine choke that Lally slipped out of.  With his positioning on top, Lally capitalized and dominated in decisive fashion.  Lally via TKO stoppage.

OFFICIAL RESULTS:  Lally via TKO (Strikes) 2nd Round

***Co-Main Event***

155lbs Vovka Clay 5-2 (Triumph) vs Taylor Trahan 6-7 (Team Link North)

Round 1:  Lots of action in the first round.  Most of it on the ground as Trahan worked some submission attempts that were thwarted by Clay.  Clay with a dominate 2nd half of the round with a couple of take downs and some ground and pound.  10-9 Clay

Round 2:  Trahan tries his best to push the action, but Clay proves to be too much.  As Trahan goes in for a takedown, he leaves his neck sticking out.  Clay, a Brown Belt at Triumph BJJ, submits Trahan via Guillotine Choke.

OFFICIAL RESULTS:  Vovka Clay via submission 3:10 2nd round tapout

***Main Event***

174lbs Wilfredo Santiago 7-4 (Jackson’s MMA/F5) vs Ray Shawdee 5-2 (NETT)

Round 1:  Santiago and Shawdee feel each other out for a few seconds before Santiago lands a big left that drops Shawdee.  Fight was all but over after that as Santiago hits Shawdee with a few more flush shots to the temple ending the fight after just a few moments.

OFFICIAL RESULTS:  SANTIAGO Via TKO Ref Stoppage 44 seconds of the 1st round



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