LIVE Round by Round Coverage of NEF 30: Rumble in Bangor

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NEF 30: Rumble in Bangor begins at 7:00 pm EST. Stay tuned for round-by-round results throughout the event.

Unfortunately, the Aaron Lacey v. Bryan Goldsby Featherweight contest will not be taking place due to injury.


Featherweight (145 lbs.)

Angela Young (Young’s MMA) (2-2-0)
Jessica Borga (Champions MMA) (5-3-0)

Round 1: Some feeling out until Borga goes for a clinch, Young gets Borga against the cage and starts working knees to the legs. Borga with a trip, ends up in Young’s half guard. Borga is able to nearly take mount and lands clean strikes until she is able to free her leg from Young’s half guard. Young twists and turns, trying to avoid the shots, but Borga does not stop striking until the referee calls the contest.

Winner by TKO (strikes) in 2:16 of Round 1: Jessica Borga

Catchweight (160 lbs.)

David Hart (Kenney’s MMA) (0-0-0)
Zachary Faulkner (Titan Athletics) (0-0-0)

Round 1: Hart goes right for the takedown, but Faulkner spins and ends up on top. He has mount in seconds and pounds Hart until he rolls over. Faulkner takes the back but is unable to get the choke, as Hart has his arm. Hart turtles up while holding the arm, and Faulkner works some knees to the body against the cage while looking for a head strike. Faulkner works some vicious body shots until Hart chooses to stand. Faulkner soon looks for a kick and ends up slipping. Hart tackles and gets top position, but Faulkner is able to roll into Hart’s guard as the end of the round comes.

Round 2: Hart’s hands are down and he is breathing heavy to start. After some posturing, Faulkner lifts Hart in a waistlock and plants him right in the center of the cage. A few strikes later and Hart has rolled to his belly. Faulkner gets the hooks in and Hart taps.

Winner by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in 1:42 of Round 2: Zachary Faulkner

Bantamweight (135 lbs.)

Nate Boucher (CMBJJ) (0-0-0)
Jeremiah Barkac (Independent) (0-0-0)

Round 1: Some wild swinging; Boucher goes for a takedown but Barkac does a good job of stuffing it. Clinch against the cage, and the fighters are struggling for arm control. Boucher goest for a leg, and manages to swing his opponent down. Boucher gets the back but is riding high. Barcak pulls out the back and Boucher nearly gets a belly down armbar, but Barcak ends up in Boucher’s guard. Up against the cage and Barcak is landing strikes, but Boucher throws up a triangle and cinches it in. Barcak gets a lift and slam, but it is not strong enough and Boucher tightens further to obtain the tap.

Winner by Submission (Triangle Choke) in 2:23 of Round 1: Nate Boucher

Heavyweight (265 lbs.)

Roger Ewer (Young’s MMA) (0-0-0)
Dustin Freeman (Independent) (0-0-0)

Round 1: Ewer rushes Freeman into the cage and gets a few shots off a break, one takedown later and Ewer is in the guard. A brief scramble and Freeman is turtled up with control of one wrist. Ewer rolls him over, pins one of his arms, and strikes until Freeman gets his wrist free. Ewer in control on the ground, landing strikes here and there for the remainder of the round.

Round 2: Freeman goes for a leg kick and at the same time each a punch that takes him down. Ewer gets on top and lands countless hammerfists but Freeman survives the barrage and end up getting Ewer in half guard. Ewer pins an arm and a few strikes later, the ref calls an end to it as the crowd roars.

Winner by TKO (Strikes) in 2:31 of Round 2: Roger Ewer

Middleweight (185 lbs.)

Carlton Charles (Charles Family Fighting) (0-0-0)
Josh Jones (First Class MMA) (2-0-0)

Round 1: Jones strikes off the glove touch. Charles rushes, lots of heavy striking from both men. Charles gets Jones against the cage and starts teeing off; Jones seems to fall to the side a little and the referee stops the contest. Jones immediately argues the decision to stop the fight, to which the ref replies, “you were out for a second there.”

Winner by TKO (strikes) in 0:23 of Round 1: Carlton Charles

Welterweight (170 lbs.)

Jesse Hutchinson (CMBJJ) (0-0-0)
Anthony Lapointe (Titan Athletics) (0-1-0)

Round 1: Hutchinson with a strong takedown to start off in Lapointe’s half guard. Lapointe gets full guard and tries for a triangle, but Hutchinson avoids it and gets mount. Before he can land anything, Lapointe gets half guard again. After some strikes, Lapointe turns and allows Hutchinson to get mount. Hutchinson throws punch after punch but can’t land anything solid, as Lapointe is rolling from side to side. Hutchinson seems to be tiring, but digs deep and is able to keep the offensive going long enough for the ref to call it.

Winner by TKO (strikes) in 2:33 of Round 1: Jesse Hutchinson

NEF Amateur Bantamweight Championship (135 lbs.)

Fred Lear (Young’s MMA) (5-2-0)
Walt Shea (First Class MMA) (2-0-0)

Round 1: Feeling out until Shea nearly catches one of Lear’s kicks. Lear with a spinning back kick to the thigh of Shea, and a clinch against the cage. Lear gets the takedown and pushes Shea against the cage, but Shea gets to his feat and they end up in the clinch again. Shea looks for the trip but can’t get it. They break and go back to the center. Lear keeps lookin for the roundhouse kick and Shea catches it, but Lear ends up on top in the scramble. Lear lands vicious punches one after another, bloodying Shea, but Shea is able to survive until the end of the round.

Round 2: Lear flies across the cage with a front kick that obliterates Shea, and a few strikes later, Lear takes the gold home.

Winner and NEW NEF Amateur Bantamweight Champion by TKO (Strikes) in 0:13 of Round 2: Fred Lear

After the fight, Lear makes a touching speech about the dedication of his Coach, Chris Young, and even straps the Amateur Bantamweight belt around Young’s waist.

Aaron Lacey is interviewed, speaking about his cancelled fight and his desire to compete, as his last three bouts have been cancelled (inclement weather, injury, opponent ineligible to compete).


Welterweight (170 lbs.)

Ryan Sanders (Young’s MMA) (14-8-0)
Jay Ellis (Team Knockout) (13-69-0)

Round 1: Ellis with a punch and a takedown. Sanders gets him in half guard and they scramble on the mat for a bit. Some more rolling and Ellis gets Sanders’ back. Ellis with a body lock, but Sanders gets wrist control. Sanders nearly gets up and Ellis is on him with a guillotine. Ellis turns it into mount and throws strikes, and Sanders rolls away to avoid the punches. Eventually Sanders gets a triangle out of nowhere, and Ellis, after an aggressive fight, taps out.

Winner by Submission (Triangle Choke) in 2:34 of Round 1: Ryan Sanders

Post fight, Sanders calls on Dana White… “last year you took the wrong guy, you didn’t take me… take me now!”

NEF Middleweight Championship (185 lbs.)

CJ Ewer (Young’s MMA) (2-0-0)
Mike Hansen (Berserkers MMA) (5-5-0)

Round 1: Ewer with a side kick that pushes Hansen away. Hansen with a leg kick. Ewer goes high with a punch and Hansen shoots but gets caught in a guillotine. Hansen lifts and slams and moves to side control. Ewer gets to his stomach and Hansen gets a crucifix position, but Ewer rolls over into his own side control. Hansen gets half guard, but while trying to keep Ewer in it, Ewer locks in a choke and Hansen taps out.

Winner and NEW NEF Middleweight Champion by Submission (Head and Arm Choke) in 1:46 of Round 1: CJ Ewer



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