CES 45: John Douma Goes Pro

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CrossFace Productions. Cage Titans 31: Douma VS Rossi FULL ALBUM. 2016. Cage Titans Facebook. November 2016.

Lincoln, RI- Set for his professional MMA debut on Friday, August 11th at CES 45, Rhode Island’s John Douma of Tri-Force MMA is ready for a fight. With an impressive amateur career (5-2), Douma currently holds two amateur featherweight belts, one for Cage Titans MMA and one for Combat Zone MMA. When asked if his accomplished amateur career had earned him a nickname, the ever-blunt Douma simply stated, “Fuck nicknames. I’m all business.”

His highly anticipated debut will place him against Jason “Renegade” Rine (0-2) of Black Dragon MMA in Columbus, Ohio. Fans can expect Rine to show up ready to fight and hungry for the win in an effort of redemption after coming off a first round loss by TKO in CES 41 earlier this year.

Officially just days from the cage door closing, Douma says he is ready for whatever Rine throws at him. “I’ve been training hard with talented training partners and staying focused on my fight game. Lots of cardio and staying conditioned,” explains Douma. “My last two fights were five rounds and I wasn’t tired. I’m young and I’m only getting better.”

Douma says he has been more focused than ever while preparing for his professional debut. “I’ve been working with Greg Rebello and “Diamond” Dave (Keefe) training for longer rounds of the fight. I’m at Tri-Force every day and have been training at Sityodtong with Greg a few times a week whenever possible.”

Because of his fighting style, Douma was brought into Sityodtong earlier this summer to train with Rob Font twice a week. Douma says that these opportunities to diversify his training partners will keep him a step above others at his stage in the game.

“There is talent in the featherweight division but it doesn’t overwhelm me,” says Douma. “I am training with some of the best guys. I know where I stand and I know where those guys are. I could easily be top ten within a year.”

The bright lights and larger crowds of a professional production are not expected to be daunting factors says Douma. “Once you’re in the cage, you’re in the cage. It doesn’t matter if there are ten people or a thousand people watching. I’ll only be focused on my opponent across from me.”

Douma says that he does have a message for his opponent but will leave that for when the cage door locks. Until then, Douma leaves us with just a brief insight on thoughts going into the matchup: “I just know that I’m not going to lose a fight to anybody out of fucking Black Dragon MMA.”

For tickets to CES 45 Douma vs Rine, visit Cagetix.com/ces or CESMMA.com




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