Cage Titans XXXV: Cormier Returns

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Plymouth, MA– Cage Titans XXXV is just two days out from closing the cage door. Going live this Saturday, August 12th at the Plymouth Memorial Hall, professional fighter, Dan “The Hamburglar” Cormier (5-7) of Tri-Force MMA, will step onto the canvas to take part in a night of MMA excellence.

Cormier says he is ready for action, preparing his body and mind for his 13th professional MMA bout within the 125lb Flyweight Division. Cormier is set is to take on Johnny “Cupcakes” Campbell (14-9-1 NC) of South Shore Sportfighting, who will be returning to the cage as a flyweight for the first time since 2015.

Cormier has been training diligently for the bout, working to develop a solid game plan with Tri-Force MMA Head Coach, Pete Jeffrey. “As long as you execute your game plan, it shouldn’t matter what they want to do,” explains Cormier. “I stay focused. I’ve had the proper time to prepare mentally and physically, and I’ve maintained a structured regimen of training.”

Cormier and his camp know that Campbell is experienced and may bring a different challenge to the cage. “Campbell is a very unique striker,” says Cormier. “He’s got a very different style with explosive, unorthodox ability. He’s kind of got a montage of skills and knows how to make it flow and work for himself.”

Moving forward on a clean slate, Cormier says that fans can expect a battle with skills that have been sharpened through hours of relentless training. “I train hard because—well, I just want to throw bombs like Greg Rebello,” Cormier jokes. “But really I’m about the size of one of his legs. Although I can say that we do share the same kind of diet. We’re on that ‘eat whatever you want’ diet. There’s got to be some kind of advantage to that.”

For this bout, there will be no weight-cut necessary for Cormier- hence the nickname. “I maintain a good diet throughout camp to prepare my body and mind. During fight week, I’ll just adjust my diet for about a day and half to make sure I’m ready for the scale,” says Cormier.

“Really, the ideal division for me would be straw-weight, but until that comes to New England I will continue at flyweight,” says Cormier.

Also incorporated into his fight camp is strength and conditioning training through Training for Warriors Rhode Island, owned by Keith Jeffrey in Pawtucket, RI. Cormier says that it has become a staple within each of his fight camps in order to achieve optimal conditioning.

“I’m doing TFW for the conditioning twice a week. I’m mainly doing the circuit training and their weekly ‘hurricane’ workouts,” explains Cormier. “It always helps for every fight camp. I think it’s important to add a different type of training for your body that doesn’t include taking shots but will keep cardio and conditioning up.”

Cage Titans XXXV is sure to offer fans an action-packed evening and when it comes to this bout, “The Hamburglar” has one message for “Cupcakes” Campbell: “Let’s have a food fight.”

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