CES 45 *Live Review*

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CES 45. August 11, 2017.

*Periodically refresh your browser for live updates*

1902: Two undercard bouts have been canceled due to injuries; Douma vs. Rine to go on at 8:00pm

1908: Lockard vs. Abdullah canceled earlier today- Abdullah pulled out fight for reasons unknown at this time

1915: Bedard vs. Allen canceled yesterday- Allen pulled out due to injury

1935: Douma vs. Rine introductions starting now

1940: Round One- Even and quick exchanges Douma coming out with pressure, pressing forward and landing a knee to the head.  Douma scores trip from the clinch. Sharp elbows from Douma on the top. Douma takes Rine’s back, gets hooks in and continues ground and pound. Douma continues to work from the back for the choke. Rine fights the hands. Douma transitions to take the arm bar. Rine skillfully fights the submission. Douma continues with strikes to the face while attempting to lock the arm bar in. Rine rolls out of the arm bar with incredible perseverance and into Douma’s guard. Both get back to feet. Douma lands two solid overhand rights. Shoots in for a takedown and gets it. Rine has Douma in his guard. Douma escapes guillotine attempt. Douma passes to side control. Rine rolls the turtle guard. Douma unloads ground and pound. Douma takes the back, gets hooks in and gets the tap by rear naked choke at 4:48 in the first round. Douma takes  his first professional MMA win by submission.

*According to Mass MMA polls, majority favored Douma for the win: Douma (65.71%) vs. Rine (34.29%)

2008: Davis vs. Osborne introductions starting now

2013: Round One- The round opens with exchange of kicks from both sides- nothing landed. Davis shoots for the double leg but Osborne sprawls. Davis continues to go for the double and gets it, working into side control. Osborne rolls to turtle guard and Davis takes his back. Osborne breaks away and stands up from takedown. Davis throws head kick as soon as Osborne is back to his feet and lands it for a brutal KO at 1:31 in Round One. Davis earns the win by KO.

*According to Mass MMA polls, majority favored Davis for the win: Davis (68.42%) vs. Osborne (31.58%)

2100: Santiago vs. Restrepo introductions starting momentarily. About to go live on AXS TV.

*According to Mass MMA polls, majority favors Santiago for the win; Santiago (62.5%) vs Restrepo (37.5%)

2106: Santiago vs. Restrepo introductions happening now

2110: Round One- Santiago pressing forward with quick exchanges. Connects on three inside leg kick. Restrepo returns with counter strikes. Santiago continues to press forward with 1-2 and inside leg kick. Santiago continues to press forward circling the cage. Connects with hard elbow in brief clinch against the cage. Restrepo connects with straight left. Ref calls time due to Restrepo hitting Santiago with a groin shot. Coming off of brief break, Restrepo landing significant strikes. Santiago lands hard right. Restrepo smiling. Fight stays on the feet with even exchange of strikes. Restrepo with a hard right and body  kick. Restrepo with another hard right. Santiago shoots for the double leg but cant take him down. Restrepo seems to be loosening up. Fight stays on the feet. Restrepo puts Santiago against the fence, landing a hard right, jab and another hard right to the body. Round ends with Restrepo in control.

2115: Round Two: Santiago opens round with big kicks but can’t connect. Restrepo landing two hard rights to the body and a hard kick to the body. Even exchange of striking continues. Hard right hook drops Santiago briefly but he immediately returns to his feet. Hard knee by Restrepo and he maintains control of the clinch on the fence. Santiago shoots for takedown, but Restrepo steps away. Santiago looks tired and possibly rocked. Restrepo continues to deliver hard strikes to the head and body. Santiago shooting for takedowns but not landing them. Restrepo in control and delivers hard shots to the body. Restrepo lands a hard left. Santiago proves a strong chin. Santiago lands a huge knee from the clinch and ties him up, then lands huge hip toss. Santiago immediately takes his back, locks in the rear naked and Restrepo taps. Unbelievable finish! The crowd loves it. Santiago takes the win at 3:41 in the second round by rear naked choke.

2130: Balletto vs. Alley introductions starting now

*According to Mass MMA polls, voters have Balletto heavily favored; Balletto (90.8%) vs. Alley (9.2%)

2135: Round One: Round opens with Balleto unloading big combination. Alley lands left hook, Balletto lands hard right and drops him. Balletto jumps on him and goes for the ankle lock. Alley breaks and away and they get back to their feet. Balletto rocks him with big lefts and rights. Alley falls to the ground and Balletto takes his back. Balletto goes back to the arm bar but Alley escapes. Balletto takes side control. Alley rolls to turtle guard, Balletto transitions and ends up with Alley in his guard. Even exchange from the guard. Balletto gets to his feet and lands a 1-2 flush. Balletto connects with another sharp jab. Alley throwing leg kicks. Balletto lands a hard overhand. Alley is tired but doesn’t appear rocked. Balletto continues to check leg kicks well. Alley lands a hard knee from the clinch. Round ends.

2141: Round Two: Round opens with even exchanges. Alley lands a hard right over the top. Balletto returns with a short right hand to the chin that cleanly puts Alley out of it and drops him. Balletto jumps on top and continues with heavy ground and pound. Ref jumps in and calls the fight. Balletto for the win :58 seconds into Round Two by TKO.

2150: Moutinho vs. Seyler introductions starting now

*According to Mass MMA polls, voters exclusively favor Moutinho for the win; Moutinho (100%) vs. Seyler (0%)

2158: Round One: Round opens with even exchange of strikes feeling out range from each opponent. Seyler lands big takedown off exchange from clinch. Moutinho lands with Seyler in guillotine but Seyler defends by rolling over. Back to their feet, consistant exchanges with nothing significant landing. Seyler presses Moutinho into the fence. Seyler takes Moutinho down but Moutinho immediately gets his back to fence and is back up on one knee. Moutinho gets to feet but immediately gets tripped back down. Seyler locks in guillotine from guard. It’s tight. Moutinho taps! Seyler takes the win at 3:08 in round one for the massive upset by submission.

2205: Andrews vs. Boyington introductions starting now

*According to Mass MMA polls, voters favored Andrews for the win; Andrews (82.28%) vs. Boyington (17.72%)

2210: Round One: Round opens with each fighter feeling out their range, hesitant to strike. Boyington attempts spinning back kick to the head and narrowly misses. Andrews feeling out opponent, hits him with a hard outside leg kick. Andrews with another kick to the body. Boyington attempts another spinning back kick to the head, Andrews rushes him, blocking the kick and taking him down into his guard. Boyington stands back up and presses Andrews into the fence. Boyington lands a hard elbow while breaking from the clinch. Andrews returns a kick to the body. Boyington attempts another spinning back kick. Andrews returns body kick and takes him down. Andrews takes his back and sinks in a rear naked choke. Boyington manages an escape and rolls to turtle guard. Andrews takes his back and retains the body triangle. Boyington working to defend the neck as Andrews wears him down with shots. Andrews locks in the rear naked choke. Boyington makes an impressive escape. Round ends with Andrews on top.

Round Two: Round opens with even exchange of strikes. Andrews throw a hard head kick to the head that was partially blocked. Boyington attempts spinning back kick again but was caught with a body kick that drops him. Scramble on the ground results with Boyington in Andrews’s guard against the fence. Exchange of strikes on the ground. Andrews slips one leg over to lock in triangle from guard. Boyington taps! Andrews wins by triangle choke from guard at 2:14 in the second round.

2225: *CO-MAIN EVENT* Almeida vs Gonzalez (Interim Featherweight Title) introductions starting now

*According to Mass MMA polls, voters are evenly split for the bout; Almeida (50%) vs. Gonzalez (50%)

2230: Round One: Round opens with Gonzalez throwing a head kick that is blocked. Aggressive exchange of rangy strikes. Gonzalez lands hard outside leg kick. Gonzalez rushes in and catches him with right and left hook. A few brief exchanges with Gonzalez landing more significant strikes. Almeida rolls under right hook and connect right hook of his own. Gonzalez presses forward with consistant strikes. Almeida gaining momentum but continues to fight at Gonzalez’s range. Fighters continue to feel out their range. Almeida lands a right hand. Brief exchanges of leg kicks and the fight continues on the feet. Almeida attempts a big right hand but ends up in a near miss. Almeida capitalizes of Gonzalez’s slip and jumps on him for a few significant strikes. Gonzalez returns to his feet and the round ends.

2237: Round Two: Hard leg kicks exchanged. Fighters continue to respect each other’s range and find their rhythm. Brief exchanges continue in the center of the cage. Hard leg kick landed by Gonzalez followed by a straight left hand. Another hard leg kick by Gonzalez. Ref stops fight for accidental eye poke by Gonzalez. Fight returns with continued exchanges. Almeida lands a good straight left. They exchange continued leg kicks. No one is walking tomorrow. Gonzalez lands a long left hand off of a leg kick counter. More leg kicks from each side. Round ends

2245: Round Three: Rounds opens with quick exchange and more legs kicks. Fighters continue to stay at range, firing off strikes and exercising impressive head movement. Gonzalez delivers another outside leg kick. After a clinch from a brief exchange, Gonzalez lands a hard body kick. Almeida barrels into him, pressing him against the fence. Back to the center of the cage, Almeida lands  stiff jab. A lands big left hook following by a takedown attempt. Gonzalez sprawls well, lands knee to body and both stand up. Back to the center of the cage,  more leg kicks are exchanged. Punches are thrown but little are landing. Almeida lands a right hand. Fight remains on the feet. Brief exchanges continue. Gonzalez narrowly misses head kick. Gonzalez back peddles and Almeida unloads with grazing left head kick that connects with Gonzalez’s chest. Round ends.

2250: Round Four: Round opens with exchange of strikes that leaves Gonzalez against the fence. Great head movement on both sides. More legs kicks from each fighter. Gonzalez lands leg kick followed by left hook and straight right. A rushes forward, pushing Gonzalez backwards. Fighters return to the center of the cage for more brief exchanges respecting each other’s range. More leg kicks from each side. Gonzalez lands the majority of the leg kicks in the exchange. More heavy leg kicks from Gonzalez. Gonzalez caught left kick from Almeida and threw a left kick of his own that landed to the head of Almeida and briefly drops him. Almeida quickly gets back to his feet and continues to exchange. Brief exchanged ensue. Almeida connects a left hook over the top. Almeida shoots for the single leg pinning Gonzalez against the fence. Almeida backs off and round ends with a wild exchange but no significant shots landed.

2257: Round Five: Round opens with Almeida pressing forward. Gonzalez took a groin shot but fired back with a head kick. The exchange drops to the ground. After a brief exchange on the ground, they’re back to their feet. Gonzalez lands a hard right, Almeida shot for double leg and get its, pressuring him against the fence. Almeida holds both legs and pressures Gonzalez against the cage. Gonzalez is landing hard body shots. Almeida progresses to take his back and locks in the body triangle. Both fighters look exhausted. Almeida retains Gonzalez’s back with 90 seconds left in the round. No attempts for the submission yet. Almeida goes for the rear naked choke but Gonzalez fights the hands and defends his neck. Body triangle is still locked. Almeida reattempts the rear naked choke but Gonzalez effectively fights the hands. Round ends. Fight will go to judge’s decision. Winner by unanimous decision Pedro Gonzalez.

2315: *MAIN EVENT* Gooch vs. Coutinho (Heavyweight Title Fight) introductions starting now

*According to Mass MMA polls, voters narrowly favor Gooch for the win; Gooch (51.49%) vs. Coutinho (48.51%)

2320: Round One: Round opens with Coutinho firing off a sharp exchange. Gooch continues to press forward, controlling the center of the cage. Coutinho shoots for the takedown, but Gooch tosses him off and into the fence. Coutinho moves into the clinch, Gooch fires back with knees, Coutinho presses Gooch into the fence working for the takedown attempt. Gooch defends the takedown but stays pressed against the fence while returning short shots to the head. Gooch break out of the clinch and the fight returns to the center of the cage. Gooch controls the center of the cage, walking Coutinho down and into the fence. Gooch begins to unload on Coutinho pressed against the fence but round ends.

2326: Round Two: Round opens with each fighter feeling out their range at a steady pace. Gooch fires off a combination allowing Coutinho to go in for the double leg and he lands it. Gooch gets back to his feet, but Coutinho holds on and gets a single leg off the fence. Coutinho lands in half guard and passes to side control. Coutinho pressures from the top in side control and attempts to isolate the outside arm. Coutinho gives up on the arm but maintains side control then passes back to half mount. Coutinho works to maintain Gooch’s left arm, going for the key lock. Gooch rolls over and Coutinho takes his back, quickly moving to the side to deliver ground and pound. Gooch gets back to his feet but Coutinho pressures him against the cage and get the single leg and takes full mount. Gooch rolls over and gives up the back. Coutinho reigns down heavy ground and pound until the ref steps in and calls the fight. Coutinho for the win! Coutinho for the win AND NEW Heavyweight CES Champion by TKO in the second round!



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