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Last night Memorial Hall in Plymouth filled up early and quickly. For one there were 20 fights on this card so the first fight was slated to start at 6 pm and second, the card had amateur, amateur title, and professional fights alike. The fighters records ranged from 0-0 to veterans with over 20 fights under their belt and some pros still undefeated.

Am- Kenny Champion vs Antoine Caparotta

Rnd 1: They tie up and then Antoine pulls Champion into his guard. They scramble and stand but, right into a body lock again, this time fighting for position against the cage. At the ten second knock Antoine connects with a right that drops Champion quick but the bell rings and Champion is good to go.

Rnd 2: Antoine gets a double leg takedown and they scramble and grapple for position for the entire round

Rnd 3: Again Antoine comes out and gets another double. Round 3 picks up right where round 2 left off.

Winner: Antoine Caparotta  by UD

Am Starvros Batsinelas vs Blaine Waterman

Rnd 1: They come out and clench. Batsinelas gets the takedown and Waterman’s back. Batsinelas is trying to soften up Waterman for the RNC but with no success.

Rnd 2: The entire round is the two clenching, breaking apart, and then tying up again.

Rnd 3: Waterman comes out and scores the takedown and then they fight for position for the end of the round.

Winner: Batsinelas UD

AM- Ryan Dunn v Rondel Clark

Rnd 1: Dunn gets tagged a couple times and pulls guard and that’s where they spend the rest of the round both trying to advance their position.

Rnd 2: Clark catches a quick kick right off of the bell and uses it for the takedown. Again they both try to advance their positions while at the same time Dunn is working to get a submission.

Rnd 3: They answer the bell and it looks like they just drop to the ground but this time Dunn is on top. Dunn is landing punches and it’s hard to tell if they are doing any significant damage but Clark doesn’t look to be defending them either.

Winner: Dunn by TKO Round 3

Am- Ron Marshall vs Jideofor Ojukwu

Rnd 1: Marshall comes out and clinches and they both fight for position while they each land a few knees. This goes on for the whole round.

Rnd 2: Ojukwu lands a couple good punches and they lock up again for the rest of the round again.

Rnd 3: Ojukwu comes out and lands a few more good punches but then the lock up till the end of the round.

Winner: Ojukwu UD

AM- John Lessard vs Carlos Vespaziano

Rnd 1: They answer the bell and try to feel each other out and then quickly tie up and jockey for position for the remainder of the round.

Rnd 2: They come out and quickly tie up still fighting for position they both go to the ground but, that wasn’t for long as they both stand. Then Lessard gets the takedown, takes Vespaziano’s back and sinks in the RNC.

Winner: Lessard by RNC 2nd round.

Am- Rich Szeligowski vs Pat Gilbride

Rnd 1: The fighters come out and lock up. Gilbride gets the trip and transitions to mount quickly and as quick as that transition was he sinks an armbar even quicker.

Winner: Gilbride by armbar 1:32 in the first round.

Am- Rob Knight vs Brian Harrington

Rnd 1: Harrington catches a kick and uses it to score the takedown. Harrington has mount but Knight rolls giving up his back and Harrington sinks in the Rnc

Winner Harrington RNC Rnd 1

Am- Nick Amendola vs Mitch Raposo

Rnd 1:Raposo gets the takedown, they stand, and Roposo gets another takedown. The same exact thing happens in all 3 rounds.

Winner: Roposo UD

Am- Taylor Thompson vs Stephanie McTighe

Rnd 1: They both come out swinging and connecting both punches and kicks for the entire round.

Rnd 2: Didn’t disappoint either these ladies are in a stand up war.

Rnd 3: The doctor steps in and checks out Stephanie’s eyes and stops the fight.

Winner: Taylor Thompson tko via Dr. stoppage.

Am- Quentin Harris vs Chris O’Brien.

Rnd 1: Harris lands a spinning back kick to O’Brien’s chest and it momentarily drops O’Brien. O’Brien takes Harris down and transitions from Harris’ half-guard to side mount and sinks in an arm triangle.

Winner: Chris O’Brien Rnd 1 via arm triangle

Hvy Am title- Rob Brown vs Jeff Soivilien

Rnd 1: Rnd 2 and Rnd 3 are all the same. The two lock up and try to get the better position while peppering each other with close quarter punches not doing any damage.

Winner Soivilien by split decision.  Soivilien wants a rematch in November because he said “I don’t want to win a title by a split decision.”

170 Am Title- Angelo Richardson vs Bobby Gasdia

Rnd 1: Gasdia ties up and gets the takedown. They stand and it looks like Gasdia is getting the better of the stand up. Gasdia gets another takedown. They stand again but right into a body lock and the round ends.

Rnd 2: Gasdia clinches Richardson against the cage and gets another takedown. Again they stand clinch and Gasdia gets he takedown but Richardson then takes Gasdia’s back and the round ends.

Rnd 3 Rnd 4 and Rnd 5 are almost identical to 1 and 2 Gasdia getting the takedown they stand clinched and Gasdia scoring another takedown

Winner: Gasdia UD

Pro-Fernando Perez vs Jimmy Manning

Rnd 1: Manning comes out and scores a takedown. They both stand and are landing punches a couple at a time until the round ends.

Rnd 2: Manning gets the takedown and takes Perez’ back. Manning unintentionally hits the back of Perez’ head and the ref stops the fight to give Perez time to recover. They start again by trading punches and Perez throws a leg kick that Manning checks. Perez goes down and can not continue.

Winner: Manning by verbal tap due to injury

Pro- Shawn Rall vs Jeff Perez

Rnd 1: They lock up Perez has Rall against the cage. Perez gets the takedown and is in Rall’s half guard. Perez transitions to Ralls back and sinks in the RNC.

Winner: Perez by RNC 1st rnd

Pro- Dan Cormier vs Johnny Campbell

Rnd 1: They both come out throwing a lot of kicks. Campbell shoots and gets the takedown. They stand then Cormier gets the takedown this time but they stand again and the round ends.

Rnd 2: Campbell gets another takedown but into Cormier’s half guard. Campbell passes to mount and finishes the round strong that way.

Rnd 3: Campbell gets another quick double leg takedown but on the way down Cormier tries to sink in a guillotine but Campbell escapes it. Now Campbell is in Cormier’s guard but passes to side mount and that’s where the fight end.

Winner: Johnny Campbell by UD

Pro-Brianna Smith vs Danielle Hindly 

Rnd 1: If you blinked you probably missed this fight and it wasn’t even a knockout. It was hard to tell what kind of takedown it was but Hindly taps Smith with a side choke in just 15 seconds. Yep you read that right it’s not a typo a submission in :15 seconds setting a new Cage Titans record for fasted sub both women and men’s. If I heard the announcer correctly I believe he said she had beat the old record by a full :30 seconds.

Winner: Hindly by side choke :15 of the 1st.

Pro- Kennan Raymond vs Joe Gianetti

Rnd 1: There was a weird scramble and takedown and Raymond has Gianetti’s back. There is no real damage being done and no real submission attempts. This continues until the round stops.

Rnd 2:Gianetti throws some good kicks which he then adds some punches. Gianetti pulls guard and quickly sinks in a guillotine and gets Raymond to tap.

Winner: Joe Gianetti by guillotine in the 2nd  round.

Pro- Avery McPhatter vs Sean Lally

Rnd 1: They spent the whole first round feeling each other out not landing much of anything.

Rnd 2: Round 2 pretty much mirrored round 1 except there were a few significant punches from each fighter.

Rnd 3: More of the first two rounds. The thing that I could see though Lally had McPhatter backing up a lot and when McPhatter was getting close to the cage if Lally put fast pressure on him to get his back on the cage I think he would’ve had a great chance to not leave it to the judges. A win is a win but judges are only human and don’t always see it the same way that you might.

Winner: Sean Lally UD

Pro- Jeff Anderson vs Frank Sforza 

Rnd 1: Frank picks up Anderson like it was a Cael Sanderson highlight film and slams him to the side. They stand together and Frank gets another takedown right into mount and finishes the round on top.

Rnd 2: Frank gets the takedown and works to mount. Anderson rolls to avoid too much damage and Frank sinks in hooks then an RNC. Anderson is forced to tap.

Winner: Frank Sforza RNC Rnd 2

Pro- Manny Bermudez vs Bendy Casmir

First off I want to say I was really looking forward to watching Manny fight again because last time he was supposed to fight and I was covering the event his opponent didn’t pass the medicals. Let me tell you he did not disappoint last night. Casmir came out and tried to through a headkick with too much power and no balance he slipped on his ass and Manny was like a vulture on roadkill pouncing on Casmir and sinking a triangle.

Winner: Manny Bermudez triangle choke rnd 1.

Us here at mass-mma are sending positive vibes  to Rondell Clark. He was taken out by stretcher last night from what I understood was because of severe breathing problems. I don’t know what had gone on to the fullest extent but he is one of our own. MMA especially in New England is a very tight nit community and although we beat the crap out of each other for 3 or 5 rounds nobody wants to see that and we stick together.

A few things to finish up. At the end of my reviews I like to give a little advice to the fighters who read these. 1st if you hear that 10 second hammer you give it all you got for that 10 seconds you are about to get a break. Try to steal the round. Also it leaves a lasting impression on the judges trust me. Second, especially you big guys but, you lighter guys can listen up too. Countless times last night there were so many opportunities for throws and there are so many more set-ups for throws in MMA than the is in folkstyle, freestyle, and Greco-Roman. If you are not a wrestler or have no wrestling background find a training partner that is. There are plenty of us out there.

Ok one last thing I want to thank Mike Polvere and everyone at Cage Titans. It was a long one but well worth it.









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