LIVE Round by Round Coverage of NEF 31: The Old Port

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NEF 31: The Old Port emanates from the Aura in downtown Portland, and begins at 7:00 pm EST. Stay tuned for round-by-round results throughout the event.


Female Bantamweight (135 lbs.)

Danae Dostie (Kenney’s MMA) (0-0-0)
Jayda Bailey (Young’s MMA) (0-0-0)

Round 1: Dostie throws a shot off the glove touch, but doesn’t land. A bit of posturing and the women lock up and end up on the mat. Bailey gets the mount easily, right in the center of the cage. She maintains control until she can posture up and start throwing bombs. Dostie is just covering up, moving her hips, trying to escape, but she is unable to shake Bailey. The referee stops the bout when the unanswered shots pile up.

Winner by TKO (Unanswered Strikes) in 1:33 of Round 1: Jayda Bailey

Female Bantamweight (135 lbs.)

Chelsea Elizabeth (First Class MMA) (0-0-0)
Sarah Matulis (The Outlet) (0-0-0)

Round 1: Matulis with a leg kick. Elizabeth gets a headlock but Matulis pushes her to the cage and works some uppercuts to the ribs. It looks as though Elizabeth is throwing an elbow here and there, but the ref doesn’t see it. Against the cage again, Matulis keeps working the ribs. As soon as she gets the double underhook, she sweeps the leg and easily mounts. Elizabeth can’t answer the strikes, and ends up covering and rolling to her side. Matulis is throwing down at will, and may have a chance to work a submission game but chooses to continue striking, eventually forcing the stoppage.

Winner by TKO (Unanswered Strikes) in 2:35 of Round 1: Sarah Matulis

Middleweight (175 lbs.)

Mark Gardner (The Academy) (0-0-0)
Carlton Charles (Charles Family Fighting) (1-0-0)

Round 1: Gardner charges in and gets hold of a leg. Charles is fighting the takedown; Gardner is not giving up and Charles a run for his money, but soon Charles falls on top. He tries to posture up for strikes but ends up in a scary triangle. Gardner manages to mount with the triangle in tact, but Charles sneaks out the back. Gardner looks tired off the break, but manages a waistlock. Charles is counter punching now, and lands a decent hook. Gardner pushes the fight to the cage but Charles keeps picking his shots. Gardner is holding the waist to protect himself, and gets a takedown against the cage. Gardner stays on top but Charles has his arms hooked so he can’t posture up.

Round 2: An attempt at a takedown by Gardner and Charles has none of it. Charles with strikes, but a Gardner roundhouse kick gets oohs from the crowd. A leg kick to follow. Charles lands a hook. Gardner gets underhooks and charges to the cage. He drives Charles down with side control and easily manages to get a mount. Gardner gets Charles against the cage and continues to strike. Charles is throwing his legs and eventually the ref stops it.

Winner by TKO (Unanswered Strikes) in 2:30 of Round 2: Mark Gardner

Lightweight (155 lbs.)

David Hart (Kenney’s MMA) (0-1-0)
Gary Carr (CMBJJ) (0-0-0)

Round 1: Hart with weak leg kicks, and Carr returns weak leg kicks. Hart with a 1-2 combo, keeps working the leg kicks to no effect. Carr keeps dropping his hands and looks to be tentative. Hart takes Carr down easily, ending up in Carr’s guard. Hart stands to throw punches down, but Carr manages to roll backwards and into mount. Hart pushes his feet off the cage and ends up on his stomach. Carr with hooks in, pounding, working for the choke. He sneaks an arm in and gets the tap. The building explodes, celebrating the oldest man to ever win an NEF fight.

Winner by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in 2:21 of Round 1: Gary Carr

Catchweight (160 lbs.)

Bill Cole (Fusion Fighting Academy) (0-0-0)
Nathan Pete (Boyington’s Taekwondo) (0-0-0)

Round 1: Pete with a leg kick, but misses a high kick and Cole gets the waistlock. Cole gets the takedown, and is on top in side control until Pete gets guard. Cole aggressively strikes to the ribs, gets side control and works knees to the ribs. Cole gets mount. He works Pete toward the cage but doesn’t seem to be landing anything flush. Pete manages to get half guard and scrambles up, but Cole takes his back. Pete manages to roll to his back and Cole ends the round in mount.

Round 2: Pete with a high, grazing kick, but Cole follows with a takedown and gets right back into the mount he ended the last round with. Pete rolls to his stomach, and Cole gets the choke. Immobilized, Pete has to tap.

Winner by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in 0:59 of Round 2: Bill Cole


Emmett Huber (The Academy) (0-1-0)
Will McCall (Evolution Athletix) (2-2-0)

Round 1: Huber with some flashy kicks. He closes and gets a clinch. McCall is scrappy, fighting back, and manages to tie up Huber’s arms and take him down. He immediately scrambles to Huber’s back. Huber gets to his feet, throwing McCall to the cage. McCall’s goes low and Huber catches the guillotine, hooking and taking his opponent down. McCall taps.

Winner by Submission (Guillotine Choke) in 1:06 of Round 1: Emmett Huber

Female Bantamweight (135 lbs.)

Francesca Morabito (The Choi Instiutute) (0-0-0)
Carol Linn Powell (Nostos MMA) (0-0-0)

Round 1: Morabito is looking to kick, Powell is looking to punch. Powell with a leg kick. A feeling out process ensues. Powell dodges a cross and hits another leg kick. Both women are being careful and patient. Morabito works levels, but each time she strikes she pays for it by eating a leg kick. They trade roundhouses to the body. Morabito is being smart, moving in and out with her strikes.

Round 2: The story of the fight so far is Morabito coming in with a punch and Powell retaliating with a leg kick. Morabito starts to land, but Powell turns the tide until Morabito backs off. They circle again. Powell misses a spinning backfist. Morabito is putting together some good punch-kick combos, but Powell does a good job of avoiding the heavy strikes.

Round 3: They scrap after a few moments of circling, not landing anything big. Good head movement by Morabito as she keeps working in and out with strikes. Finally Powell comes after her and lands a couple of hooks, but again the women settle back to circling.. Morabito takes the center of the cage, and puts together a leg-kick, cross combo that seems to connect well. Powell is bleeding from above the eye. Powell charges in at the ten second warning but can’t seal the deal. The bell rings, and the ladies hug.

Winner by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28): Francesca Morabito


Isaac Therrien (Berserkers MMA) (0-0-0)
Chad Weymouth (Boyington’s Taekwondo) (0-0-0)

Round 1: Weymouth charges Therrien to the cage but Therrien gets some strikes and takes a guillotine. Weymouth tries to escape, but Therrien doggedly holds on until both get to their feet. Therrien with some good striking, and an uppercut appears to rock Weymouth. Both men throwing haymakers, absolutely no finesse here. Therrien hits a few of his bombs, and Weymouth falls to his knees, covering his head. A few shots later and the ref stops it.

Winner by TKO (Unanswered Strikes) in 1:36 of Round 1: Isaac Therrien

Welterweight (170 lbs.)

Phil Pearson (First Class MMA) (0-1-0)
Mohammad Al Kinani (Evolution Athletix) (1-0-0)

Round 1: Both men seem very calm. Pearson with a waistlock but can’t get the takedown. They lock up and maneuver one another around the cage. Kinani lands but a couple of strikes and Pearson is running away. Kinani gives chase, continuing to throw unanswered shots. Pearson does not seem to want to fight anymore, and drops to the mat after a few more blows.

Winner by TKO (Strikes) in 1:12 of Round 1: Mohammad Al Kinani


Henry Clark (The Choi Institute) (3-3-0)
Carl Langston (Young’s MMA) (6-9-0)

Round 1: Langston with a slapping roundhouse to the chest, and then an inside leg kick, that hits low. Clark looks to be okay, but is taking his time recovering from the groin shot. The men show good sportsmanship upon the restart. Langston is still working nice, sharp leg kicks, taking the center of the octagon. Henry goes for a leg and Langston keeps his balance. Clark loses the leg and falls. Langston gets on top, but allows Clark to get to his feet. The fight slows down with Langston throwing (and missing) an impressive kick here and there.

Round 2: Clark slips when he tries a leg kick. Both men keep throwing (and missing) leg kicks. Clark shows off with a jumping front kick that also misses. Langston just follows Clark around, trying to land a kick. Langston finally gets his leg caught and Clark takes him down. Clark goes for a guillotine but Langston stands right up and rushes him to the fence. Langston drags the takedown against the cage, and keeps control until the end of the round.

Round 3: Langston is throwing his kicks with more power at the start of the round, but Clark catches an axe kick and gets the takedown. He lands in side control, getting up with a guillotine. Langston is holding the wrist to prevent the choke, and eventually escapes, getting Clark against the cage. The men just kind of lay there, and neither man can improve his position before the round ends.

Winner by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28): Carl Langston

NEF Amateur Heavyweight Championship (265 lbs.)

Nick Gulliver (c) (First Class MMA) (4-0-0)
Terrance Jean-Jacques (Team Link) (2-0-0)

Round 1: Gulliver throwing out low jabs repeatedly, looking to land the cross. Jean-Jacques ducks under and gets the takedown and side control. The fans are firmly behind Gulliver. Gulliver gets half guard, but Jean-Jacques lands a couple of strikes. Gulliver gets guard, and starts working from the bottom, but opens himself up for more shots from Jean-Jacques, who remains very active in the guard. Gulliver does not seem to have an answer. Jean-Jacques loses his mouthguard and the ref stops the fight for a moment so he can put it back in. Not much else happens until the end of the round.

Round 2: Gulliver charges in, faking a Superman punch, instead going low. His takedown attempt ends with him on the bottom and Jean-Jacques in side control. Gulliver gets half guard again. Not much happens for the next minute or so, with Jean-Jacques laying on Gulliver, occasionally striking (ineffectively). The round ends without much changing.

Round 3: Jean-Jacques with a takedown, and he is in Gulliver’s guard again. Jean-Jacques throws body shots. Eventually he hits a couple of head shots and hammerfists. Jean-Jacques just seems to be laying on him… the safe choice. The round ends with Jean-Jacques on top again.

Winner and NEW NEF Amateur Heavyweight Champion by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27): Terrance Jean-Jacques

NEF Amateur Flyweight Championship (125 lbs.)

Justin Witham (Shatterproof MMA) (3-4-0)
Nate Boucher (CMBJJ) (2-0-0)

Round 1: Witham with leg kicks. Boucher looks to be trying to catch one. Eventually he shoots low, but Witham sprawls and stays on his feet. Boucher does manage to get the takedown and almost gets Witham’s back, but after a quick scramble, Witham ends up pinned against the cage. He gets a wrist and gets to his feet, but falls with Boucher in side control. He muscles Boucher off, but Boucher gets a fireman’s carry and soon mounts Witham. Witham rolls away and ends up belly down, gets flattened out, but holds a wrist and tries to squirt out the back, eventually getting into Boucher’s half guard.

Round 2: Witham tries to measure Boucher, but Boucher goes for a leg. Witham sprawls, but soon Boucher has a leg, and nearly slams Witham onto his head. Boucher gets Witham’s back again, but again is unable to finish the fight. Witham looks to be locked in, but manages to pry a hand away to prevent the choke as the round ends.

Round 3: Boucher immediately shoots, Witham immediately sprawls. Boucher tries again and gets the takedown. Boucher holds him down but doesn’t advance his position. Witham is trying to stand, but Boucher’s strategy is just to hug Witham’s leg and hold him down. Witham tries his best to land strikes, but the round ends before anything else happens.

Winner and NEW NEF Amateur Flyweight Champion by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28): Justin Witham

NEF Women’s Amateur Strawweight Championship (115 lbs.)

Hilarie Rose (USMMA) (4-3-0)
Alex Walker (Team Kaze) (4-1-0)

Round 1: Rose lands a nice front kick. Walker dives for a leg and Rose gets a guillotine, turning it into side control. She is quickly able to get mount but Walker then traps her in half guard. Rose isolates an arm, pinning it to land some strikes, and then gets mount. Walker tries to bridge out but is unsuccessful. Rose is throwing a bunch and landing a few. At first, Walker is able to defend, but Rose continues to strike, punching and hammerfisting her way to a stoppage.

Winner and NEW NEF Women’s Amateur Strawweight Champion by TKO (Unanswered Strikes) in 1:32 of Round 1: Hilarie Rose


Catchweight (150 lbs.)

John Raio (First Class MMA) (2-8-0)
Zenon Herrera (Smog Fight Team) (0-5-0)

Round 1: Raio goes for the legs, Herrera sprawls well, but Raio just plows him over. At least Herrera is able to get guard. Raio is landing some body shots, but not much of note. Raio starts throwing big, looping haymakers, without much more success. Raio is bleeding, but it is hard to say what caused the wound. He keeps controlling the fight, staying fairly busy on the top, and remains there until the end of the round.

Round 2: Same start as the previous round, but this time Herrera is able to sweep to get top position. After a few minutes, Raio is able to fight his way out, and lays on top of Herrera. The punches look weak now. Herrera gets full guard. Raio doesn’t seem to be doing any damage at all. Raio punches his way into side control, and transitions into a guillotine, but can’t finish the job before then round is over.

Round 3: Raio kicks to start, but Herrera snatches his leg and pulls him down. Raio sweeps into Herrera’s guard, and after a break, stands and escapes into side control. He transitions to a guillotine, sinks it in deep, and gets the tap.

Winner by Submission (Guillotine Choke) in 2:32 of Round 3: John Raio

Catchweight (130 lbs.)

Paul Gorman (The Academy) (10-9-0)
James Blair (American Top Team) (5-1-0)

Round 1: The men circle one another with Gorman taking the center. Each man seems to respect the other. Blair is getting a couple of light leg kicks, and then drops his guard to try to get Gorman to open up. Blair keeps his guard down now, and his leg kicks start to add up. Gorman times it right and gets a nice cross when Blair goes in for a leg kick. After some strike exchanges, Gorman slips, but nothing comes of it. Blair is tying together some punch/leg kick combos but isn’t hitting anything major. Gorman goes for a roundhouse to the head, and slips again, but again, Blair does not capitalize.

Round 2: They trade leg kicks, until Gorman lands a couple of hooks, keeping Blair on the run. Blair catches a kick and takes Gorman down, but Blair opts to get up and kicks at Gorman’s legs while he is still grounded. He returns to Gorman’s guard. Gorman tries for an armbar but Blair escapes. The two men throw plenty of shots but can’t land flush enough to damage each other. They clinch against the cage. Blair takes a shot, and immediately drops his guard and taunts. Gorman lands some solid punches, and a big knee, and Blair is bleeding and gets checked on by the doctor. When the fight restarts, Blair is just eating punches and kicks. He tries to shoot but Gorman keeps it on the feet.

Round 3: A little positioning, and Gorman backs Blair against the cage with some shots. Blair circles away and they go back to landing intermittent strikes. A clinch against the cage, and Gorman scores off the break with a nice combo ending with a roundhouse. They are throwing technical strikes but without much strategy at this point. Blair’s punches look very weak now, and he is bleeding once again. Gorman is landing some good shots, but they end up clinched against the cage again. Blair fights hard for the takedown. Gorman gets full guard. Gorman with elbows from the bottom and pushes Blair off with his feet. They are back on their feet throwing again. Blair catches the leg and gets another takedown, but Gorman counters in the exact same way as before.

Winner by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28): Paul Gorman



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